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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Sperling's Essex Churches (3)

CFD Sperling. Index of Essex Churches (ref to Morant)

(202) Leyton (or Low Leyton) with Leytonstone. “Rebuilt except the tower in 1821.”
(208) Manningtree “originally a hamlet or chapelry of Mistley”. “Built 1616 in place of a ruined Chapel (Morant) and since enlarged.”
(213) Markshall. “Church St Margaret almost entirely rebuilt, of modern red brick, by General P Honywood who d. 20 Feb 1785.”
(221) Mistley. “Old Church, St Mary, stood about a mile SE from the present church, near Mistley Heath, and is now in ruins. The present church was built on a new site in 1871, St Mary’s. A collection was made by Brief in aid of this church, to raise £1742, in Tollesbury 20th June 1731, when 7/6 subscribed. It was consecrated 6 June 1735, having been built on a new site at Mistley Thorn. It was much altered and rebuilt by R Rigby, after designs by Adam, in 1777, but is now disused.”
(239) Ockendon, South. “A round tower. The spire, struck by lightning, was burnt December 1638. Brief for destruction of church by fire, 1656. (East Anglian VII 145).”
(241) Ongar, High. “Tower of brick built 1858.”
(270) Romford. “The tenants of the manor of Havering dwelling in Romford were licensed 15 April 1406 to transfer the ancient Chapel of St Andrew (which was situated ½ mile from the town) to a new site on the common near the highway on the east of the town the site granted was 120 feet square and an oak there growing was granted to their use. The old chapel often having been robbed and despoiled. (Patent Rolls 7 Henry II).”
(308) Stanway. “Church, All Saints, ruinous since the Civil War.”
(312) Steeple. “Church St Lawrence & All Saints, built on a new site about 1883. Before 1537, the inhabitants of Stangate used the conventual church of the Priory of Stangate.”
(328) Theydon Bois. “Rebuilt 1850, finished January 1851, on a new site near Theydon Green, 1½ miles from the former one. The old church was pulled down in 1847, having been sold for £78. ER XVII 34.”
(361) Walton on the Naze (or le Soken). “The original church was ruinous & roof fell in 1798. New church constructed 17 July 1804 rebuilt 1873.”
(368) Wendens Ambo. “Great & Little Wenden were consolidated under this name in 1662. The church of the latter has now entirely disappeared. Tradition relates that it stood in the Vicarage garden, where skeletons have been dug up (ER IV 192).”
(384) Wix. “The greater part fell down early in 18th century, one aisle rebuilt in 1740-1744.”
(386) Woodham Ferrers “with part of Bicknacre”. “This church was damaged to the extent of £1425, and a collection was made by Brief, in Tollesbury 17 April 1713, when 2/6 was subscribed. The Tower was rebuilt by Brief in 1715, it having fallen down in 1703.”
(388) Woodham Walter. “The present church built 1562-4 by the Earl of Sussex is known as St Michaels. The former church stood 400 yards away. It was consecrated 30 April 1564 by Thomas Cole Archdeacon of Essex acting under commission of Bishop Grindal. This is probably the only known instance of a church being consecrated by other than episcopal hands (Vict His II 145).”

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Map of Essex taken from ‘Essex Almanac and County Directory, 1902’

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