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Saturday, 10 January 2015

ESAH Archives: S/LIB/9/28

Essex Society for Archaeology and History

Research Papers

This class of books and papers do not relate directly to the history of the Society but have been deposited by members or their beneficiaries.  The index is being made publicly available for the first time.  We welcome enquiries from members of the Society.

MSS Book.  Notes and gleanings from various places in Herts and Essex
Author: J L Glasscock Jnr (covers 1882 – 1925)

The MSS book contains notes of visits to parish churches and, in particular, transcripts taken from records in the parish chest in the custody of the minister and churchwardens.  Some writing is unclear or illegible.  In 1922 J L Glasscock wrote an item for the ‘Essex Review’ on ‘Essex References from the Parish Register of Bishop Stortford, Herts, 1561-1712’.

Inside cover.  Pasted newspaper cutting on Memorials of a Warwickshire Parish (Lapworth)
“Frontispiece”.  Squeeze Composition “recipe”
Title: Notes and gleanings from various places in Herts and Essex
Folio 1.  Birchanger
Folio 2. Manuden
Folio 4. Great Hallingbury
Folio 7. Farnham
Folio 10.  Little Hadham. Co. Herts
Folio 12. Arkesden
Folio 12. Wyddial, Herts.
Folio 13. Anstey, Herts
Folio 14. Barkway, Herts
Folio 14. Little Hadham, Herts
Folio 15. Albury, Herts
Folio 19. Little Dunmow
Folio 20. Great Dunmow
Folio 21. Epping
Folio 22. Meesden, Brent and Stocking Pelham, Herts
Folio 23. Birchanger, Quenden, Rickling, Wicken Bonant [Bonhunt], Newport
Folio 24.  Sawbridgeworth, Herts
Folio 25. Thorley, Herts
Folio 27. Henham
Folio 29. Great Easton
Folio 30. Bayford, Herts
Folio 31. Theydon Garnon, Stapleford Tawney
Folio 31. Broomfield, Little Baddow, Great Easton
Folio 32. Great Hallingbury
Folio 36. Little Hallingbury
Folio 37. Takeley
Folio 37. Magdalen Laver
Folio 38. Sheering
Folio 39. Barnston
Folio 40. High Laver
Folio 40. Roxwell
Folio 41. Little Canfield
Folio 42. Leaden Roding
Folio 42. Margaret Roding
Folio 43. Little Sampford
Folio 43. Takeley
Folio 44. St Giles, Cripplegate, London
Folio 44. Kelvedon
Several blank pages.

Transcription extracts will be published separately on this blog.

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