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Friday, 2 January 2015

Layer-de-la-Haye Wills: Transactions 'n.s.' Volume 21 Part 2

Transactions of the Essex Archaeological Society, ‘New Series’, Volume 21 Part 2 (1934)

Archaeological Notes
Layer-de-la-Haye Wills. - All the pre-Reformation wills relating to Layer-de-la-Haye that could be found, and also those of certain neighbouring parishes, have recently been searched in the vain hope of r ecovering the lost dedication of the church.

Many of these wills proved to be very bald, though some contain items of interest which deserve to be recorded.  The following abstracts are confined to Layer-de-la-Haye, and include the names of all testators connected with the parish whose wills have been consulted.  One post-Reformation Will, that of Constance Tey (1574), has been added.  Unless otherwise stated the references are to Registers in the Archdeaconry Court of Colchester.

WILLIAM TEY. – 22 May, 1500.  Late of Layer de la Hay, esquire. (Latin.)  I bequeath my body to ecclesiastical burial, where God will.  To the works of the parish churches of Layer de la Hay and Aldeham, 13s. 4d. each; of Copford and Easthorp, 6s.8d.; to Bryche {Birch}, 13s. 4d.; of Goutherst, 40s.  To the high altars of Layer Bryton {Layer Breton} and of Goutherst, 6s. 8d. each. Two priests to celebrate for me in the University of Cambridge. To my poor tenants and neighbours in Essex, 20s. in money, and 20s. more in the most necessary woollen garments.
I make my wife, Elizabeth, and son, Thomas, exceutors; and Alexander Colepepir esq., and Henry Darell, gentlemen, supervisors.
(English.)  My wife to have her appointed jointure; my son, Thomas, all my other lands, that come to me by descent, at his lawful age.  My wife to have the profits of all my purchased lands, till my younger sons come to full age, for the bringing up of my younger children; the residue to be applied to the marriage of my daughters.  I give my wife, for her life, an annual rent of 10 marks out of the manor of Aldeham, co. Essex.
Proved 26 October, 1500, by the executrix named. (P.C.C., Blamyr 16.)

RICHARD DAVY, the elder. – 23 March 1503[-04]. Of Layre de la Haye. (Clerke 75.)

THOMAS HARVY – 1510.  Of Leyre de la Hay.  To the chutrchwardens, my croft called Welcroft, to keep my obit yearly for evermore.  Tenements called Wardes in Leyre de la Hay and towns adjoining, late of the tenure of John Harvy, to be sold. Witness: Sir Roger Church, curate.[1] (Clerke 177.)

THOMAS LITILBURY. – 19 February, 1510[-11]. Of Leyre de la Hay. (Clerke 204.)

RICHARD DUKE, the elder. – 13 January, 1511[-12].  Of Leyre de la Haye. To the high altar of Moche Brich {Great Birch} 12d., and of Litill Brich {Little Birch}, 4d.  “To the werke of Saynt Powle in London,” 12d. To Richard, my son, and Joan, my younger daughter, “my shepe as they goo at Mersey, the mowntnes of a C wt su’what moo, evynly to be departed,[2] to eche of them a like in some & valur’.”  To Margaret, my wife, my houseshold, with part of the swine and part of the “polen” (poultry).
Tenement, with 2 crofts of land, called Mustowyhowse[3]; tenements called Spycers, and the “tille kelne”, and Bakers croft; tenantries called Eylond and Porters. 8l shall be delivered to the churchwardens to buy a plot of land, to remain with the churchwardens for ever, to keep my obit. (Clerke 192.)

WILLIAM TAYLOUR. – 10 January 1512[-13].  Of Leyre de la Haye.  My house called Austens.  (Clerke 209.)

WILLIAM MAYNARD. – 3 April 1513.  Of Leyre de la Haye. Tenement called Fanners in the parish of Much Totham {Great Totham}. “I will that my belfather’s (grandfather’s) will be fulfilled and kepte in the church of Moche Totham.” Witness: Sir Roger Churche. (Clerke 210.)

ROBERT PODDE. – 8 October, 1518. Of Leyre de la Haye. (Francys 85.)

RICHARD WODE. – 10 December, 1518. Of Leyre de la Haye. Witness: Sir Richard White, curate of the said town[4].  (Francys 89.)

JOHN SCARLET. – 4 September, 1521.  Of Leire de la Haye. (Francys 118.)

MARGARET DUKE. – 15 January, 1521[-22].  Of Leyre de la Haye. To Powles Pardon, 12d.  Toward the mending of the “Rodelowght,” 4l; toward the painting of the same, 53s. 4d. (Francys 124b.)

MARGARET WODE. – 1 June, 1522.  Of Leyre de la Haye, widow. (Francys 131b.)

CONSTAUNCE TEY. – 15 January, 1574[-75].  Of Layer de la Heye, gentlewoman, late of the wife of John Tey, of Laier aforesaid, esquire, decd.  I give my body to be buried in the earth, near unto the place where my said late husband lieth buried.  I give 4l. to the engraving and working of a stone to be laid upon my said husba nd and me, and 40s. to be distributed among the poor of the said parish; to the poor of the parishes of Copfourde, Markesteye and Aldham, 20s.
To my eldest son, Thomas Tey, esquire, one book of gold and 20l.  To Elinor Tey, his wife, a chain of gold.  To William Tey, my son, 20l. and a pot with a cover· and foot, silver and gilt; to Parnell, his wife, my best gown and a kirtle of worsted.  To Edmonde Tey, my son, 60l. in 6 months.  To Henrie Tey, my son, 60l. at his age of 24.  To my daughter, Elizabeth, 10l. at 22 or marriage , and my lease of the vicarage of Laier.
To my daughter, Jane Tey, £80 within one half-year.  If she die before the day of her marriage, 40l. of the same shall be repaid to my executor towards the performance of my will, to the poor of Laier, and to the eldest child of my son, William, as is hereafter expressed.  If she die unmarried, 20l. shall remain to the use of the poor of Laier for a continual stock, and 20l. to the eldest child of my son, William, then living. And if my daughter, Elizabeth, die unmarried, 40l. shall be given to the poor and to the said child as above.  These legacies to be paid only in the event of the death of either of my said daughters unmarried.
All my stuff and implements, named and not praised in an inventory made between me and my said son, Thomas Tey, shall remain in the manor-house of Layer de la Haye “as perpetuall lomes, ymplementes and necessaries for the same.”
I ordain my said son, Thomas, my executor, he giving bonds to Mr Edmonde Pirton, esq., Mr Doctor Pennye, and my son, William Tey, for the performance of this will.
(signed) Custauns Tey
Witness: per me Wm Teyrum (sic).
Proved 4 November 1575, by the proctor of the executor named.  (P.C.C. Pyckering 40.)

The extracts below are from wills relating to adjoining parishes.

JOHN RUKHILL. – 24 September, 1508. Of Briche Parva {Little Birch}.  To be buried with permission of my curate, in the churchyard of Layer de la Hay, to the high altar of which church, for tithes omitted, I bequeath 20d.  To the painting (picture) of the crucifix and in the rood-loft there, 4d.: for the setting up and maintenance of a wax-light of 1lb to burn before the said painting (pictura) and others hereafter to be set up, as is usual with the other lights in the said church, 6s.8d. In Latin. (Clerke 144b.)

WILLIAM BULLOCKE. – 31 May 1549. Of Lier Breton {Layer Breton}.  The lease of Burnedowne Lewmans Hecks and Hanke in Laer Delahay and Much Byrch {Great Birch} and Much Wighborow {Great Wigborough}.  The witnesses include Stephen Caterall, of Laer Delahay, clerk.[5]  (Comm Ct Lond – Essex and Herts: filed will.) {Now held at the Essex Record Office and available online on Essex Ancestors: ref. ERO D/ABW 3/154}


[1] Not recorded by Newcourt, but as the church was merely a curacy his list is very imperfect.
[2] = to the amount of one hundred with somewhat more, evenly to be divided.
[3] I sent this place-name to Dr Reaney, who states that he has no doubt it marks the site of the Hundred-Moot. He had a note of such a place in Layer, but this suggests that it was on or near Duke’s Farm, and not on the Peldon boundary, as he had thought possible.
[4] Not recorded in Newcourt.
[5] Not recorded in Newcourt. He was at Layer until his death, in 1567, see Trans EAS vol vii (N.S.) p41.

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