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ESAH Archives: S/LIB/9/20

Essex Society for Archaeology and History

Research Papers

This class of books and papers do not relate directly to the history of the Society but have been deposited by members or their beneficiaries.  The index is being made publicly available for the first time.  We welcome enquiries from members of the Society.

Black binder.  Loose leaves comprising Family Pedigrees. 

In Sperling’s handwriting

1.       John Peryent  (Harl. MSS 1546)  /  Chris Coe of Gestingthorpe (Vis Surrey 1623)
2.       Hams Peche of Birdbrook, 1243 / Geoffrey Peche of Latchingdon, 1243 / Hugh de Ginges of Buttsbury / John de Sanford / William de Dedham, 1196 / Baldwin Fitz- / William FitzOsbert
3.       Fearicus de Burnham / Gilbert Perdryz / Hugh de Gredington / Ralph FitzSimmon
4.       William de Mariany [Marney] d. 1220
5.       Sir Bartholomew Cathorpe [Gestingthorpe] (Marklin’s Brasses of England p42)
6.       John Hiende citizen of London & Katherine his wife, Stanford le Hope / William Wateville of Hempstead / Richard de Rivers
7.       Henry de Borton of Hanningfield, 1212 / Richard de Raymes, 1054 / Ralph de Baton of South Hanningfield
8.       Ailett, 1624-37.  (Great Totham Register)
9.       Aylett, 1646-56. (Great Totham Register)
10.   Thomas de Plundery & William Gareway of North Benfleet
11.   Richard Breame d. 6 Oct 1546 of East Ham
12.   Roger de Merkeshall of Markshall, 1229 / Roger de Bavent, 1234 / Henry de Kemesce of Tilbury / Peter de Borham of Borham / Recsia de Cokfield, widow 1243 / Stephen le Blund
13.   Robert Mantell
14.   Ainulf de Kemesce
15.   Hams de Marcy of Stondon Massey d. ante 1243 / Warin de Plessets of Great Waltham / Gervase de Welles / Robert de Sutton of Laindon / Henry de Crainaville / Robert Brieynon
16.   Ralph FitzBrian of Steeple, Essex [Founder of Stansgate Priory ante 1121] (TEAS XIV 225)
17.   Sir John Hende Lord Mayor of London 1391 & 1406 (purchased Manor of Bradwell) d. 1.8.1418
18.   Martin Carter of Redfanns, Shalford, Essex (see Morant II, 411, TEAS VIII 67)
19.   John Grigge of Hempstead, Essex d. 1332
20.   Robert Mordaunt, MP for Bedford
21.   Stephen de Beauchamp, Sherriff of Essex, d.1185 of Henny, Twinsted and Lamarsh
22.   Geoffrey de Mandeville, Earl of Essex
23.   Count Gilbert of Brioune, murdered 1040
24.   Sir Odywell de Borenton
25.   Nicholas Barrington d. 27 Sep 20 H VII
26.   Sir Ralph de Berners of Berners Roding and Barnston, d. 1297
27.   Richard de la Rokele d. 13.12.1222, of South Ockendon
28.   Sir Thomas de Coggeshall
29.   Robert FitzErnold of North Ockendon
30.   Richard de Belhous of Ramsden Bellhouse
31.   Sir John Hardel
32.   William de Bigod, youngest son of Hugh Bigod, Earl of Norfolk (Morant I 246) or of Roger Bigod, Earl of Norfolk (Morant I 257)
33.   John Bardfield of Shenfields in Margaretting, d.1514
34.   Alwin Durward (Doreward)
35.   Richard Freshwater of Heybridge buried 25.9.1570
36.   Osbert Dagworth of Bradwell juxta Coggeshall and of Pebmarsh, d. 46 H III
37.   Alice da. of Aubery de Vere 10th Earl of Oxford (FitzLewis) (TEAS VI 28)
38.   Gernon Pedigree (TEAS VI 101)
39.   John Green of Witham
40.   William Latham
41.   Robert Lathom of North Ockendon d.1510
42.   Sir William Marney of Layer Marney
43.   Geoffrey de Mandeville (Black Notley)
44.   Sir Thomas Montgomery K.B. of Faulkbourne d. 27.6.1449 (built Faulkbourne Hall c1439)
45.   Hubert de Montchensy of Edwardston, Suffolk
46.   Richard de Sackville (Domesday tenant of Great Braxted), 1086
47.   Sir John Say d.1478 of Liston
48.   John Sammers of Great Totham, Gent
49.   John Sammes of Langford
50.   William Skrene Serjeant in Law
51.   Sir William Sulyard of Eye, Suffolk (later Runwell)
52.   Robert de Swynborne (bought manor of Little Horkesley, 1324)
53.   Hereulf de Tany / Peter de Tany Sheriff, 1236
54.   William de Tregoz of Blunts Hll, Witham & of Tolleshunt Tregoz, 1130 (TEAS VIII 330)
55.   William Tendring, of Little Birch, d.1580
56.   Peter de Valognes Sheriff of Essex (temp Domesday) of Benington, Herts
57.   Warin Waldegrave
58.   Sir William de Walton (or Wauton) of Willingale Doe, 1302
59.   Robert de Watevill of Hempstead & Panfield (Domesday tenant)
60.   Sir Richard de Cockfield of Whatfield, Suffolk, d. 1275
61.   Thomas Hampden of Theydon Mount, d.21 Aug 1486
62.   John Branche of London, Draper
63.   Richard Luther (alias Hewett) of Stapleford Tawney, d.5 May 1619
64.   John Barley d.1445 of Albury, Herts
65.   John Barlee of Clavering
66.   William Mildmay of Springfield Barns, Essex

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