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Sunday, 11 January 2015

ESAH Archives: S/LIB/9/31

Essex Society for Archaeology and History

Research Papers

This class of books and papers do not relate directly to the history of the Society but have been deposited by members or their beneficiaries.  The index is being made publicly available for the first time.  We welcome enquiries from members of the Society.

Envelope: “P. LAVER. Misc Papers & Notes”

Philip Laver was a leading light in the Society during the early to mid twentieth century.  As the title suggests this contains a number of unrelated items.

1.       Letter from H Wilmer, Brede, Sussex, to Philip, dated 21 Oct 1928. Re. Northgate: “We ought to take powers to extend our excavation so as to cover the line of the Private Road”
2.       Letter from E Williams, Hove, to Dr Laver, dated 25.6.25, with four sheets. Documents offered for sale plus, “The Rev M Benton has probably told you of the Shelley Manor Rolls I Have disposed”.
3.       Freeman of Dedham. Marriage Settlement Dated 22nd Sept 1769. Marriage settlement. Dated 10th May 1746. (Transcript below)
4.       Note re Rev GM Benton
5.       Letter from A Clapham, SW1, to Laver dated 11.4.22. “More or less complete examples of pargetting”.  Mention of “the Wivenhoe house”.
6.       Receipt for £8.16.0 interest from Marshall, Son & Bulgin, dated 6/7.10.1925
7.       Scrap of paper, reverse special excursion 21.6.22 to Cambridge University, listing “Clocks Tall”
8.       Letter from R C Fowler, Wickham Bishops, to Laver, dated 15 Sept 1922. Encloses proof of note, presumably “On an Earthwork to the NE of Colchester”
9.       Scrap of paper beginning “Item = a footcray”
10.   Scrap of paper beginning “Glazelights Greenstead Colchester”
11.   Letter from Thos H King, Tulse Hill, 5 pages, to Sir, dated 26 May 1922. Wiseman family pedigree
12.   Postcard from Geo Biddell, Teddington, dated 16 Dec 1920. “Photos of the Prittlewell chimney piece … and of a portion of the panelling in the Waltham Abbey Room … can be obtained … price 3/- each”
13.   Letter from Bertram Hutton, Loders Vicarage, Bridport, dated 13.1.21. Identification of bats.
14.   Folded sheet of paper beginning “1785” but indecipherable
15.   Scrap of paper beginning “Major Bahs Drawing”
16.   Scrap of paper beginning “Morant II 2. Chelmsford called Shire town”
17.   Letter from unnamed of RCHM, undated. Amusing letter “Wyre’s notes need a thorough examination, especially regarding North Hill & Long Wyre Street … for your revision … article under our joint names on the town-plan of Colchester for the Roman Journal”
18.   Folded sheet of paper beginning “In the Who’s Who of the Colchester Court Rolls published 1921 … is an attempt at the derivation of the origin of the name Beche”
19.   Letter from Juliana F Round, 86 High St Colchester to Mr Laver, dated 27.6.1921. “The road in front of these houses is being made up, the pavement widened & the cobbles the gutter side have been removed. … I thought I might ask if the Antiquarian in the Town would consider the question before the Cobbles go? East Lodge & the Gate House is such a special one one feels it should have special consideration”
20.   Note with embossed crest TGW illegible
21.   Letter from W A Ferguson (Rector), Wivenhoe to Dr Laver, dated 11.11.1922.  “Do you remember the old house in Wivenhoe with the pargetting which you looked over with me some months ago? It is now for sale & they are asking £100”
22.   Letter from Reginald A Smith, British Museum, dated 1 Oct 1920. “Return to you two specimens … lead weight … pottery”
23.   Letter from Juliana F Round, 86 High St Colchester to Mr Laver, dated 12.2.1921. Query regarding house history
24.   Letter from Ralph Griffin Soc of Antiquaries of London, dated 10.6.1921, inviting P Laver to become “Local Secretary for Essex”
25.   Three sheets of paper regarding 2nd Troop Yeomanry Cavalry
26.   Letter from H Burdon, Leyton dated 29.9.1920. Offer for sale of numerous “Old Parchment Deeds of Essex”
27.   Scrap of paper: “Braintree. Wm Guyon born 18 May 1721”
28.   Scrap of paper beginning “Janet Soloalock ob 11 Jan 1667”
29.   Scrap of paper “A K Glover 56 N Hill 1825”
30.   Scrap of paper on reverse of envelope beginning “grant to Wm de Maldon”
31.   Folded sheet of paper. “a find of considerable importance … drain … Roman road”
32.   Scrap of paper beginning “1534 Wm Jay rect”
33.   Letter from Howard Ellison and Morton, representing the Edward Harrison Trust, dated 26.5.1922. “We are paying £200 off the £1000 mortgage on our office and we shall be glad to know your views as to its investment”
34.   Letter from H Wilmer, Brede, Sussex, dated 16.10.1923. social letter
35.   Note on back of envelope dated 16.10.23. illegible
36.   Letter from Philip R H Elliott, King’s School Canterbury, 2 sheets, to my dear uncle, dated 21.1.1920. “William Lee”
37.   Scrap of paper beginning “the king held 840ac as in Colch (Domesday)”
38.   Scrap of paper beginning “VCH II 126”
39.   Three pages of notes on Colchester Castle
40.   Scrap of paper beginning “45 Sep 3”
41.   Scrap of paper beginning “Stort Roydon
42.   Scrap of paper beginning “Morant Water Mills”
43.   Scrap of paper beginning “Blackwater Heybridge”
44.   Scrap of paper beginning “Stour Henny”
45.   Scrap of paper with Laver’s address and note
46.   Letter from Thos H King, Tulse Hill, to Sir dated 4.6.1922. Wiseman pedigree
47.   Notes headed ‘Prospectus’ tied in pink string. 5 pages written several blank sheets. “The Roman Pottery in Colchester Castle Museum by Thomas May”
48.   Note on back of envelope beginning “Rivenhall”
49.   Reprint from “The Railway Gazette July 21 1922”. “A Railway Engineer’s Experiences in China. A paper read by Mr H Wilmer … late Chief Engineer of the Great Eastern Railway”
50.   Letter from C Victor Day, Sir Isaac’s Walk Colchester to Laver undated. “Deed of settlement. 1722. … Thomas Baylis Gentleman”
51.   Letter from Town Clerk to Sir, dated 7 July 1921. Gift to the museum of “Silver pennies of Canute, Ethelred and Edward the Confessor, Struck at Colchester”
52.   Folded sheet of paper beginning “Slip 1. Crouch Ditch”
53.   Folded sheet of paper. Perhaps references to items in Museum. “Colch Vase”
54.   Scrap of paper beginning “Dr Laver”
55.   Letter from J W Hoyes, Walcot Cres Loughton, to Dr Laver, undated. “I am publishing 1000 copies of a little pamphlet on Wyvenhoe and district from the earliest times”
56.   Two pages of notes on Colchester
57.   Letter from Mary J Stubbin, Richmond Sq, to Mr Laver, dated 23.4.? recollections of Colchester
58.   Scrap of paper beginning “Walter”
59.   Draft of letter beginning “Dear Mark Downe”
60.   Notes on back of envelope “extraction of cataract” refers to church monuments
61.   Letter from Wm Jarmin, 15 East Hill, to Dr Laver, dated 14.7.1922. “Crouche Ditch”
62.   Postcard from GFB [Beaumont], The Lawn Coggeshall, postmarked 17.8.1922.  “Nathaniel Mann” (Transcript below)
63.   Letter from Thos H King, Tulse Hill, dated 4 July 1922. Wiseman pedigree.
64.   Scrap of paper beginning “Col early Mayor’s Court Rolls 1298-1307”
65.   Letter from Harold Collins, Borough Engineer’s Surveyor’s Office, Town Hall to Dr Laver dated 27.7.1925. “I thank you for your letter re skull. As far as I can ascertain the approximate depth at which this was obtained was about 8 feet and it was lying in alluvial deposit”
66.   Folded piece of paper regarding Brazier family
67.   Scrap of paper beginning “S Osyth”
68.   Typed Letter from Edgar Bouch (?), Mon Abri, Braintree, to Dr Laver, dated 23.7.1925. regarding roads
69.   Two typed circulars. One dated July 1922, the other January 1920. Jan 1920 circular begins “The many friends of Miller Christy FLS will learn with deep regret that, owing to the war, the very successful business … came to grief”. Continues “… suffering from a severe breakdown … practically without means … Tudor house he built, his books, collections etc have all had to be sold.” Seeks contributions. Authors include T H Curling, Hon Sec EAS. The July 1922 repeats the appeal.

[Item 3]
Freeman of Dedham
Marriage Settlement. Dated 22nd Sept 1769.

Betwn John Freeman of Dedham Esq / eldest son & heir of John Freeman late of Dedham Gent decd & Frances his wife sometime Frances Sadler spinster of 1st pt Sarah Freeman of Dedham Spinster (only child & heir of Nicholas Freeman late of Dedham & before that of Ardleigh Gent & Dorcas his wife (sometime Dorcas Boys Spr) both decd of 2nd pt & Chas Gray of Colchester Esq & John Bull of Inworth orwise Inford Essex Clerk of 3rd pt.

Marriage Settlement. Dated 10th May 1746

Betwn Nicholas Freeman of Ardleigh Gent 1st pt James Boys the Jnr of Messing Essex Clerk & Robert Baines of Dedham Gent 2nd pt of James Boys of Durces (?) Essex Esq & Dorcas Boys his eldest daur of 3rd pt

[Item 62]
9 April 1692.  Nathaniel Mann of Colchester Chirurgeon & Elizabeth his wife (eldest daughter of Joseph Drywood of Great Coggeshall Gent) were parties to a settlement of a house near the Market Hill Coggeshall

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