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Essex Archaeological Society: Members 1907/08 (2)

This week's Forum asks whether readers are related to people listed below who were members of the Essex  Society for Archaeology and History in 1907/08.  The organisation has changed much since then.  This is the second half of the paper.

Haslam, J. U., Cranbrook Gardens, Ilford.
Hasler, W Dunmow.
Hasler, Robert, Dunmow.
Hay, Rev. E. F., The Vicarage, Kelvedon.
Hayes, Rev. J. W., The Vicarage, West Thurrock, Grays.
Hetherington, Mrs., Berechurch Hall, Colchester.
Hewitt, William W., Lower Park, Dedham,
Heyworth, Mrs., The Priory, Earls Colne.
Hill, Rev. Roland Beevor, Colne Engaine Rectory, Earls Colne,
Hill, Reginald Duke, Holfield Grange, Coggeshall.
Hitchens, Rev. R. A. J., 4, North Hill, Colchester.
Hope, G. P., M.A., Havering Grange, Romford.
Hope, Miss Aline Dorothea, Havering Grange, Romford.
Houblon - see Archer-Houblon,
*Hovenden, Robert, F.S A., Heathcote, Park Hill Road, Croydon.
Howard, .David, Devon House, Buckhurst Hill, Essex,
Howard, Eliot, Ardmore, Buckhurst Hill
Howard-Flanders, W.,Tile Hall, Latchingdon ; and Herne Lodge,TunbridgeWells.
Hughes-Hughes, M. E., Leez Priory, Chelmsford.
Hughes-Hughes, Mrs., Leez Priory, Chelmsford.
Hulton, The Rev. Canon, Boreham Manor, Chelmsford.
Humphrey, A. P., Florham Hall, Thaxted,
Hunt, Reuben, Earls Collie.
*Hurnard, Samuel F., Lexden, Colchester.

*Ind, Major F. J. N , Court Place, Iffley, near Oxford.
Ingles, The Rev. Canon, The Vicarage, Witham.
*Inglis, Major James, St. Mary's, Church Street North, Colchester,
Inglis, Major Raymond, Killiecrankie, Perthshire.
Ingram, Rev. D. S., Great Oakley Rectory, Harwich.
Irvine, Miss Beatrice, Lindens, Lexden Road, Colchester.

Jacob - see St. Albans, Bishop of.
Jackson, George, Ivy Cottage, Barking.
Jarmin, A. M., East Hill, Colchester.
Jebb, Miss Camilla, 1, St. John's Villas, Palmerston Road, Buckhurst Hill.
Johnson, R., The Hope House, Little Burstead, Billericay.
Johnson—see Colchester, Bishop of.
Jones, Robert, M.D., F.S.A., Claybury, Woodford Bridge.
Joslin, Henry, Gaynes Park, Upminster.

Kennedy, W., Hillesdon, Brentwood.
Kenworthy, Rev. J. W., The Vicarage, Braintree.
#King, Sir H. Seymour, K.C.I.E., M.P., 25, Cornwall Gardens, S.W.
King, H. W. M., The Homestead, Leigh, Southend.
Kirk, Alastair, Old Fishery House, Boxmoor, Herts,
Konstam, E. M., 142, Ebury Street, S.W.

Lake, The Rev. Canon HA., Guy Harlings, Chelmsford
Lance, Mrs., Kelvedon.
Landon, Colonel Frank R , Brentwood.
Landon, H. P., Brentwood.
*#Lang, Sir R. Hamilton, K.C.M.G., The Grove, Dedham.
Lang, Lady, The Grove, Dedham.
LAVER, HENRY, F.S.A., F.L.S. (President 6, Hon. Curator), Head St , Colchester
*Laver, Philip G., Colchester.
Law, Mrs., Shalford Rectory, Braintree.
Lazell, H., 59, High Street, Colchester.
Leader, R. E„ Thorndene, Oakleigh Park, N.
*Leigh, Rev. Charles, M.A., 15, Porchester Gardens, Bayswater, W.
Lennard - see Barrett-Lennard. .
Leverett, Stebbing, Market Square, Saffron Walden.
Lewer, H. W., Priors, Loughton.
Lewis, Stuart, 25, Cranbrook Park, Ilford.
Leyton Public Library, Leyton, Essex.
Libraries—see Birmingham, Essex (U.S.A.) Institute, Leyton, Guildhall, Harvard, London, New York, Philadelphia, and Royal Institution.
Linington, G. E., Fairview, Buckhurst Hill, Essex
Livingstone, A. W., Hazeldene, Chapel Road, Epping.
#Lockwood, Col. the Right Hon. Mark, C.V.O., M.P., Bishop's Hall, Romford.
London Library, The, St. James' Square, London, S.W.
*Lowndes, Major Alan H. W., The Priory, Hatfield Broad Oak.
Lynam, Charles, F.S.A., Stoke-upon-Trent.

Maberly, Gerald C., Wethersfield, Braintree.
Mackmurdo, A. Heygate, The Ruffins, Great Totham, Witham.
Maile, W. E. D., Brook House, Dedham.
*Malden, Major Henry C., V.O., M.A., Copse Edge, Godalming, Surrey ; and 33, Egerton Gardens, S.W.
Marriage, Wilson, Dilbridge Hall, Colchester.
Marsh - see Chisenhale-Marsh.
Marsden, Rev. T., M.A., Chigwell Vicarage, Essex.
*Maude, Rev. S., Hockley Vicarage, Chelmsford.
Merriman, Colonel William, C.I.E , 1i Creffield Road, Colchester.
Meyer, H. J., The Grange, Little Laver, Ongar.
*Minet, William, M.A., F.S.A., 48, Gloucester Square, Hyde Park, W. ; and Hadham Hall, Herts.
Minos, Rev. P. Oliver, Ph.D., M.R.A.S., F.E.I.S 7, Sweet Briars Walk, Pymms Park, Upper Edmonton, N.
Moir, E. McA., Deoban, Lexden Hill, Colchester.
Monson, Philip, 19, St. James' Square, Holland Park, W.
Moro, His Grace the Duke de, Hill Hall, Theydon Mount, Epping.
Moy, Thomas, Stanway Hall, Colchester.

Nash, A. W., The Manse, Bishops Stortford.
Neame, Norman, Mistley Abbey, Manningtree.
New York Public Library, The, c/o Mr. B. F. Stevens, 4, Trafalgar Square, W.
Nichols, F. M., M.A., F.S.A., 39, Green Street, Park Lane, W.
Nichols, W. J., Lachine, Chiselhurst.
Nicholas, J. H., M.A., Green Close, Springfield Road, Chelmsford,
Nocton, NV., Longhorn Hall, Colchester.
Noel, Mrs. Conrad, Paycocks House, Coggeshall.,
Norman, The Rev. Canon, M.A., Mistley Place, Manningtree,

Oates, Mrs. W. E., Gestingthorpe Hall and 14, Evelyn Mansions, S.W.
O'Grady, Miss, Lexden, Colchester.
O'Hagan, The Lord, Pyrgo Park, Havering, Romford.
Olive, Miss, Kelvedon.
Oliver, Andrew, 5, Queen's Gardens, Lancaster Gate, W.
Otter-Barry, R. M. B., Horkesley Hall, Colchester.

Packe, Rev. W. J., M.A., Feering Rectory, Kelvedon.
Parker, Christopher W., Faulkbourne Hall, Witham.
*Parker, Charles A., Riffhams, Banbury, Chelmsford.
Parmenter, S. C., Mount House, Braintree.
Partner, Rev. R, The Manse, Felsted Chelmsford.
Patrick, George, Ivanhoe, Woodborough Road, Putney, SW
Pelly, J. G., Theydon Place, Epping.
Pertwee, W. H., Lansdowne, Chelmsford.
Pertwee, Rev. A., The Vicarage, Brightlingsea.
Philadelphia, The Library Company of, c/o Allen Son, American Agency, 28, Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, W.C.
Pierce, Rev. F. D., F.R. Hist. Soc., Wickford, Essex.
Plumptre, Rev. C. P., Woodham Ferrers Rectory, Chelmsford.
Pointing, W. J., 48, Maldon Road, Colchester.
Porteous, W. W., Belle Vue House, Saffron Walden.
Portway, Charles, The Croft, Halstead.
Potter, Frederick Charles, 26, West Street, Colchester.
Prance, Rev. L. N., M.A., F.S.A., Stapleford Tawney Rectory, Romford.
Preece, Mrs., Inglis Road, Colchester.
Price, Thomas P., Marks Hall, Coggeshall.
Pritchett, G. E., P.S.A., Oak Hall, Bishop's Stortford.
Pulteney, Miss Hargreave, Sion House, Birchanger. Essex.

Randolph-Symmons, F., Kelvedon, R.S.O.
Ransom, Miss C., Tiptree Cottage, near Kelvedon.
Ransom, Miss M., Tiptree Cottage, near Kelvedon.
Ransom, Miss S. E., Tiptree Cottage, near Kelvedon.
#Rayleigh, The Right Hon. Lord, M.A., F.R.S., Terling Place, Witham.
Reader, Francis W., Watford, Herts
Reay, Rev. T. O., Prittlewell Vicarage, Southend-on-Sea.
Reeve, Rev. E. H. L., M.A., Stondon Massey Rectory, Brentwood.
Reid, Mrs. Percy, Feeringbury Manor, Kelvedon.
Rickword, George, 38, Wellesley Road, Colchester.
Rogers, Rev. C. H., St. Albans, Westcliffe.
Rolleston, Miss, Little Laver Hall, Ongar.
Rome, William, F.S.A., F.L.S., Creeksea Place, Burnham-on-Crouch.
*#Round, Douglass, Birch Cottage, Colchester.
Round, Francis R., Avenue House, Witham.
*#Round, J. Horace, M.A., LL.D., 15, Brunswick Terrace, Brighton.
*#Round, The Right Hon. James (Treasurer), Birch Hall, Colchester.
Royal Institution, The, 21, Albemarle Street, W.
Ruggles-Brise, A. W., Spain's Hall, Finchingfield.
*Russell, Rev. A. F., M.A.. The Chantry, Chingford.

S. Albans, The Rt. Rev. the Lord Bishop of, D.D., Highams, Woodford Green.
Savill, Alfred, Ellerslie, Buckhurst Hill.
Schreiber, The Rev. A. D., Lamarsh Rectory, Bures.
Scott, Arnold, M.D., Bocking, Braintree.
Sharp, Thomas, The Hermitage, St. Andrews Road, Plaistow.
*Sheldrake, E., Farm Hill, Kelvedon.
*Sheldrake, H. J., White Barn, Kelvedon.
*Sheldrake, W., White Barn, Kelvedon.
*Shenstone, J. C., 69, Godolphin Road, Uxbridge Road, W.
Shepherd, The Rev. C. A., 43, London Road, Chelmsford.
Sherrin, George, F.R.I.B.A., Ingatestone.
Short, Walter H., Church Street North, Colchester.
Simkin, W. R., North Hill, Colchester.
*Sinclair, F. G., F.L S., Friday Hill, Chingford ; and Barrogill Castle, Thurso, N.B
Smith, E. Bertram, Pattiswick Hall, Braintree.
Smith, Miss C. Fell, 33, Chenies Street Chambers, W.C.
Smith, Vivian Hugh, Rolls Park, Chigwell.
Smith, J. Mcore, 96, Romford Road, Stratford.
Smith - see Hetiz. Smith.
Smythies, Rev. W. V., B.A., Algarkirke Hall, Boston, Lincs.
Sparling, Walter B., 20, Crouch Street, Colchester.
Spencer, Mrs., Kelvedon Hatch, Brentwood.
*Sperling, C. F. D., M.A., Oxford and Cambridge Club, Pall Mall.
Sperling, Rochfort A., Astles, Castle Hedingham.
Steele, Rev. John Thornton, The Vicarage, Saffron Walden.
Stevens—see Barking, Bishop of
*Stone, W. Eben., 15, Hawthorne Street, Cambridge, Mass., U.S.A.
Stoneham. R. T. Beredens, Great Warley, Brentwood.
*Strangman, James Pim,Clydesdale Mansions, 9,Clydesdale Road, Notting Hill,W.
Sturt, Neville, Great Horkesley, Colchester.
Suckling, Miss Constance H., 91, Burdett Avenue, Westcliff-on-Sea.
Symmons--see Randolph-Symmons.

Tabor, Henry S. Fennes, Braintree.
*Tabor, James, The Lawn, Rochford.
Tabor, John Clement, Westfield, Chelmsford,
Tabor, R. W., 1, Leys Avenue, Letchworth, Beds.
Tabrum, Burnett, Brentwood.
Tapp, W. M., LL.D., 27, South Moulton Street, W.
Taylor, Edward, Wyndcliffe, Saffron Walden.
*Taylor, Thomas J., The Braes, South Nutfield, Surrey.
Taylor, Vero W., Castle Hedingham.
Tench, Mrs. Montague, Dunmow.
*Thomson, Humphrey Ringler, The Brackens, Lymington, Hants.
Thompson, H. S. J. Oscar, How Hatch, South Weald, Brentwood.
Todhunter, Joseph, Kingsmoor House, Harlow.
Tomson, Rev, E. L., Great Yeldham.
Tooley, H., A.R.I.B.A., Buckhurst Hill.
*Tremlett, James D., Dalethorpe, Dedham.
*Tritton, J. H., Lyons Hall, Great Leighs, Chelmsford.

Unwin, J. Fisher,11, Paternoster Buildings, E.C.

Varney, Rev. T., St. Erkenwald, Beckton Road, Canning Town, E.
Veasey, Mrs., Overhall, Colne Engaine, Earls Colne, R.S.O.
Vickers, James Muschamp, Waltham House, Chelmsford.

*Wagner, Henry, F.S.A., 13, Half Moon Street, Piccadilly.
Wahab, Edward, Goldings Hill House, Loughton.
*Wall, R. Howard, Brook House, Chigwell.
Wallace, Miss Woodditton, Maldon Road, Colchester.
Waller, Geoffrey F., R.N., Loughton, Essex.
WALLER, W. C., M.A., E.S.A. (Vice-Treasurer), Loughton.
Wallis, Mrs. H., North End House, Warley, Brentwood.
*Ward, Alexander, Lockers, Billericay.
Warner, Stephen, 22, John Street, Bedford Row, W.C.
Watkins, The Venerable Archdeacon Oscar D., Holyweil Vicarage, Oxford.
Watling, H. Stewart, Kingsway House, Dovercourt.
Way, Herbert William Lewis, Spencer Grange, Halstead, Essex.
*Wells, H. C., Broomfield Lodge, Chelmsford.
White, The Rev. W. 13., St. John's, Palm Road, Romford.
Whytehead, Rev. R. Y. Lawford Rectory, Manningtree.
*Wiles, W. G., 41, St. John Street, Colchester.
Wiles, Miss, 26, Trinity Street, Colchester.
Williams, H. E. High Street, Colchester.
Williment, Robert, The Trees, Brentwood.
Wilmer, Horace, CE., St. Alban's Crescent, Woodford Green.
Wilmott, Rev. E. W , All Saints' Parsonage, Witham.
Wilson, Thomas, B.A., Rivers Lodge, Harpenden, Herts.
Wilson, Sir Alexander, The Views, Rickling, Newport, Essex.
Wilson, William, Heath Cottage, Wickham Bishops, Witham. W
inch, John Miller, Lindenhurst, Wellesley Road, Colchester.
Wire, A. P., 168, Birbeck Road, Leytonstone.
Wormesley, Alfred, 2a, Pembroke Road, Kensington.
*Worrin, Hastings, Priory Lodge, Little Dunmow.
*Wythes, Ernest J., Copped Hall, Epping.

Young, Colonel H. Howlett, I.C.S., To, Inglis Road, Colchester.

Honorary Members.
(Elected annually under the provisions of Rule III.)
Brabrook, Sir E. W., F.S.A., M.R.S.L., 178, Bedford Hill, Balham, S.W.
Johnston, Andrew, Woodford Green.
Paris, Thomas Clifton, M.A., Court of Probate, Hereford.
Smith, J. C. Challenor, c/o Mr. Reedman, So, Oxford Terrace, W.

Annual Subscription, 10/6 ; Life Composition, £5 5s.
Subscriptions are due January 1st, and should be paid to the Society's Bankers, BARCLAY AND COMPANY, LIMITED, Colchester; or to the Vice-Treasurer, W. C. WALLER, Esq., F.S.A., Lough ton, Essex.

Persons desirous of joining the Society are requested to communicate with the Honorary Secretary.
Should any errors, omissions of honorary distinctions, etc , be found in the List of Members, it is requested that notice thereof be given to the Hon. Sec., the Rev. T. H. CURLING, 11, Rawstorn Road; or to the Vice-Treasurer, as above.

Contributions of objects and documents illustrative of the History and Archaeology of the county are solicited for the Museum, to be addressed to "The Essex Archaeological Society, the Museum, Colchester."

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