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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Online Bookshop lists complete Series 3 of Our Transactions

From today, for the first time on the Worldwide Web, it is possible to view the complete 'Contents List' of all 40 volumes of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History's 'Transactions', published between 1960 and 2009.  The list is available by visiting our Online Bookshop.  The list, and well as the availability of these books to buy, will be of interest to all historians in the county and beyond.

Regular visitors to ESAH160, this interim blog, will be aware that we are, on almost a daily basis, publishing the 'Contents list' of Series 2, having completed 'Series 1' (or the 'New Series') over Christmas. By the end of this month our complete output, since 1868 or thereabouts, will be available with links to articles already published online or a link to enable purchases of original books.

To view the complete list of transactions available to date on ESAH160, click here.

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