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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Transactions Indexes to 'Old' Series & 'New' Series

The Essex Society for Archaeology and History has now published online for the first time the Contents list of its entire output of Transactions since the early days of the Essex Archaeological Society in the mid-Victorian era. The 'Old Series' and 'New Series' (Series 2) have been published on this blog, with Series 3 and Series 4 (to date) on the webpage of our Online Bookshop. 

Before embarking on the Contents List of Series 3 & 4 on this blog, mention should be made of Indexes which are available in hard copy from from our Online Bookshop.

Separate booklets are available as follows:
Old Series Volumes 1 to 5 to New Series Volumes 1 to 5
New Series Volumes 6 to 15
New Series Volume 16
New Series Volume 17
New Series Volume 18
New Series Volume 19
New Series Volume 20
New Series Volume 21
New Series Volume 22
New Series Volume 23
New Series Volume 24
New Series Volume 25 

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