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Friday, 4 January 2013

Transactions Contents: 'New Series' Volume 13

Transactions ‘New Series. Volume 13

Volume XIII, Part I
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I.                    Our Diamond Jubilee.  By W C Waller, F.S.A. … 1
II.                  Books bearing on Essex History.  By J H Round, M.A., L.L.D. … 12
III.                Tilbury Fort.  By George Biddell … 25
IV.                Essex Churches: Frating, Great Bentley, Great Bromley, Little Bromley.  By Frederic Chancellor, F.R.I.B.A. … 29
V.                  The Monumental Brasses of Colchester.  By Miller Christy, W W Porteous & E Bertram Smith … 38
VI.                The Church of St Clement, West Thurrock.   By Alfred W Chapman, F.S.A. … 53

Archaeological Notes … 61
On two ancient Ivory Bells recently found in Essex.  By Guy Maynard & Miller Christy
The Black Friars of Chelmsford.  By R C Fowler
The Manor of Sudbury in West Ham.   By R C Fowler
Essex Fines.  By W C Waller
Ilford.  By W C Waller
Epping.  By W C Waller
French Huguenots in Essex.  By George Rickword
Essex Puritans.  By George Rickword
All Saints’, Colchester.  By Arthur Weddell
Some Field Names in the Parishes of Latchingdon and Snoreham.  By W Howard-Flanders

In Memoriam:  Edward Arthur Fitch, C.A., J.P. … 69
Quarterly Meeting and Excursion, Thursday, 11th July, 1912 … 70
Quarterly Meeting and Excursion, Thursday, 12th September, 1912 … 72
List of recently elected Members of the Society … 72

Volume XIII, Part II
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VII.              John Doreward’s Chantry, Bocking.   By J H Round, M.A. L.L.D. … 73
VIII.            Manorial Customs in West Mersea and Fingringhoe.   By W Gurney Benham … 79
IX.                Lionel de Bradenham and Colchester.  By J H Round, M.A., L.L.D. … 86 (view online: )
X.                  A Rent-Roll of Sir Henry Marney of Layer Marney.   By George Rickword, F.R.Hist.S. … 92
XI.                The Colchester Town Ditch.  By A M Jarmin … 107  (view online: )
XII.              Friday Hill [Chingford] and Boothbys.   By William Chapman Waller, F.S.A. … 113  (view online: )
XIII.            The Opening of the Romano-British Barrow on Mersea Island.   By S Hazeldine Warren, F.G.S. … 116 (view online: Part 1 ; Part 2 ; Plates A & B from Vol XIII Part III )

Essex Deeds.  By George Rickword
Plessingho.  By W C Waller
Brightlingsea and Sandwich.   By R C Fowler
Some additions to Newcourt’s Repetorium.  By C F D Sperling

In Memoriam: Lewis Newcomen Prance, M.A., F.S.A. … 146 (view online: )
General Meeting of the Essex Archaeological Society, held at Colchester Castle on Thursday, 29th April 1913 … 147 (view online: )
Quarterly Meeting and Excursion, Tuesday 27th May, 1913 … 149 (view online: )
Quarterly Meeting and Excursion, Thursday, 26th June, 1913 … 150 (view online: )
Donations to the Society … 153
Balance Sheet, 1912 … 156

Volume XIII, Part III
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XIV.            Embezzled Church Goods of Essex.  By Edward Percival Dickin, M.D. … 157
XV.              Briefs at Tollesbury, 1707-1731.  By the Rev Andrew Clark, L.L.D. … 172
XVI.            The Token Coinage of Essex in the Seventeenth Century.  By William Gilbert, F.R.N.S. … 184
XVII.          The Augustinian Priory of Little Leez and the Mansion of Leez Priory.  By A W Clapham, F.S.A. … 200
XVIII.        On the Opening of a Mound at Chadwell St Mary.  By Miller Christy & Francis W Reader … 218  (view online: )
XIX.            The Opening of Plumberow Mount, in Hockley.  By E B Francis … 224 (view online: )
XX.              White Notley Hall and Church.  By Wykeham Chancellor, M.A. … 238

Archaeological Notes … 247:
A Contemporary Description of two Waltham Seals.  By R C Fowler
Upminster.  By W C Waller
Pearmain.   By W C Waller
Essex Fines.   By W C Waller
Lollardy in Colchester.   By George Rickword
Collections and Briefs in the Parish Church of St Laurence, Reading.   By John Avery

Quarterly Meeting and Excursion, Thursday 25th September 1913 … 251
Council Meeting of the Society held at Liverpool Street Hotel on Thursday, 23rd October, 1913 … 252

Volume XIII, Part IV
Out of Stock

I.                    Bequests relating to Essex, with Additional Notes.   By A Bennett Bamford, V.D. … 253  (view online in 5 parts: )
II.                  The Token Coinage of Essex in the Seventeenth Century (continued).  By William Gilbert, F.R.N.S. … 267
III.                White Notley Hall.  By J H Round, M.A. L.L.D. … 281
IV.                The Augustinian Priory Church of Little Dunmow.   By Alfred W Clapham, F.S.A. … 285 (view online: )
V.                  On Certain Carvings in Saffron Walden Church.   By the Rev G Montagu Benton, B.A. … 293
VI.                Layer Marney Tower.   By Wykeham Chancellor, M.A. … 300 (view online: )

Manorial Customs in West Mersea, etc.  By W Gurney Benham
Brass of Agnes Woodthorpe, St Peter’s Church, Colchester.   By G Montagu Benton
Friday Hill.  By William Chapman Waller
Church Goods in Essex.  By William Chapman Waller

In Memoriam: E N Mason;  A P Wire … 312 (view online: )
General Meeting of the Essex Archaeological Society, held at the Shire Hall, Chelmsford, on Friday, 24th April, 1914 … 313 (view online: )
Quarterly Meeting and Excursion, Monday 8th June 1914 … 315 (view online: )
Donations to the Society … 318

Balance Sheet, 1913 … 320

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