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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Transactions Transcriptions: 'New Series' Volume 6

Royal Coat of Arms, Theydon Bois

Transactions transcriptions – Part 4

To increase our online presence, one of the goals of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History is to provide more information on the many thousands of pages of articles which have been produced over its 160 year history.  Online contents lists and indexes do not exist at the present time but other external sites have downloaded text.  Although digitisation is not prefect it is better than no thing!.  So to plagiarise back our own work – now out of copyright – the following is available.

Transactions. n.s. (Series 2) Volume 6.
Text version
digitised copy

VOL- VI., 
Volume VI, Part I
I. Hornchurch Priory. By J. Horace Round, M.A. … 1 
II. Roman Pottery Kiln, Shoeburyness, By H. Laver, F.S.A. … 13 
III. Gryme’s Dyke, or the Outward Trench of Wyldenhey. By Henry Laver, F.S.A. … 17 
IV. On the Custom of Setting up Royal Arms in Churches. By C. F. D. Sperling, M.A. … 22 
V. Fitz Lewes, of West Horndon, and the Brasses at Ingrave. By the Rev. H. L. Elliot, M.A. …  28 
VI. Essex Field Names. Part II. - The Hundreds of Beacontree, Chafford, and Barstable with the Liberty of Havering.  Collected and arranged by William Chapman Waller, M.A., F.S.A. … 60 
Archaeological Notes … 85 
A Colchester Chantry.  By J H Round
Wills Proved at Waltham.  By William Chapman Waller
Early Essex Clergy.  By William Chapman Waller
Parish Registers: A Proposal.  By William Chapman Waller
Harlow [supposed earthwork near the Railway Station].  By G.F.B.
Gryme’s Dyke.  By H Laver
General Meeting at Colchester y 19th March, 1896 … 88 
Report for 1895 … 90 
Donations to the Society … 92 
Volume VI, Part II
VII. Roman Clasp Knives. By Henry Laver, F.S.A … 95 
VIII. Shoebury Camp. By Henry Laver. F.S.A. … 97 
IX. Some Essex Manuscripts: Being an account of those belonging to W. S. Chisenhale-Marsh Esq., of Gaynes Park. Part II. By William Chapman Waller, M.A. … 101
X. Ancient Wills. No. 2 [Ralph Busby, Vicar of Great Baddow, proved 1492; Sir John Newys, Vicar of Tillingham, 1490; William Woode, Rector of Bocking, 1472; John Parkyne, Vicar of Althorne, proved 1505]. By H. C. Maldon, M.A. … 122 
XI Some Additions to Newcourts Repertorium. Vol. IL Being Notes made by J. C. Challenor Smith  … 126 
XII. On Some Interesting Essex Brasses. By Miller Christy and W. W. Porteous … 146
Archaeological Notes … 171
Essex Court Rolls.  By J H Round
Flemish Refugees in Essex.  By J H Round
Roman Burials in Colchester.  By Henry Laver, F.S.A.
Founder’s Hoard at Hatfield Broad Oak.  By Henry Laver
Founder’s Hoard at Southchurch. By Henry Laver
Remains of Roman Buildings at West Mersea.  By Henry Laver
Hawkwood Family [Toppesfield].  By C F D Sperling
General Meeting at Finchingfield and Excursion in the Neighbourhood on May 25th, 1896 [The churches of Shalford, Wethersfield, Finchingfield, Great and Little Bardfield, and Spain’s Hall, Finchingfield] … 176 
General Meeting at Southchurch, the Skoeburys, the Wakerings, and Barling held on 23rd July, 1896 … 195 
General Meeting at Hornchurch Upminster, and the Ockendons, on 12th September, 1896  … 199 
Volume VI, Part III
XIII. Some Essex Family Correspondence in the Seventeenth Century [Luckyn, Birch Hall]. By J. H. Round, M.A. … 207 
XIV. Discovery of Late-Celtic Pottery at Shoebury. By Henry Laver, F.S.A … 222 
XV. Great Canfield Mount. By the Rev. E. A. Downman … 225 
XVI. Some Additions to Newcourts Repertorium. Vol, II, Being Notes made by J. C, Challenor Smith … 228 
XVII. Essex Field Names. Part III - The Hundreds of Rochford, Dengie, and Thurstable. Collected and arranged by William Chapman Waller, M.A., F.S.A. … 258 
Archaeological Note: Inventories of Church Goods, Essex.  By C F D Sperling … 278 
General Meeting of the Essex Archaelogical Society held at Colchester Castle, on Tuesday, the 23rd March, 1897 … 279 
Special Meeting at Mersea, 13th May, 1897 [Roman building at West Mersea Hall] … 284 
Report for 1896 … 286
Donations to the Society … 287 
Volume VI, Part IV
XVIII. Othona and the Count of the Saxon Shore, By the Rev. Canon Raven, D.D., F.S.A … 291 
XIX. Some Additions to Newcourt’s Repertorium, Vol, II, Being Notes made by J. C. Challenor Smith … 298 
XX. The History of the Church of Hatfield Regis or Broad Oak, with some Account of the Priory Buildings, By the Rev. F. W. Galpin, M.A., F.L.S., Vicar … 327 
Archaeological Notes … 346 
Early Essex Clergy.  By J H Round
Churchyard Fence, Wickham Bishops.  By Henry C. Malden
The Bell at Colchester Castle.  By J. J. Raven, D.D., F.S.A.
Gestingthorpe.  By William Chapman Waller
The Portreeve of Colchester.  By J H Round
General Meeting held at Asheldham and Bradwell-on-Sea, on 8th July, 1897 [Asheldham Camp, Bradwell-on Sea Church and Chapel] … 350 
General Meeting held at Elsenham, Horham Hall, Thaxted, and Newport on 7th September, 1897 … 355
General Meeting held at Takeley, Great Canfield, and Hatfield Broad Oak, on 12th October, 1897 … 360

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