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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Transactions Contents: 'New Series' Volume 4

Transactions ‘New Series. Volume 4

Volume IV, Part I

I.                    Report on the Discovery of an Ancient Burial Place in the Parish of Shudy Camps, upon the Essex Border.  By D Gurteen Junr. … 1 (view online:
II.                  On the Identification of Assanduna with Ashdon.  By Rev H B Sweet DD Rector of Ashdon … 5  (view online:
III.                The Preservation of Parish Records.  By the Rev Cecil Deedes MA … 11 (view online:  ) 
IV.                On the Recent Discovery of Celtic Urns at [Water Lane,] Colchester [1889].  By Henry Laver FSA FLS … 18 (view online: )  
V.                  Some Remarks upon English Ecclesiastical Seals of the Official Class. By G E Pritchett FSA … 21 (view online:  ) 
VI.                The Bells of Essex.  By J A Sparvel-Bayly FSA … 26 (view online:
VII.              The Church Bells of Essex.  By Rev Cecil Deedes MA … 34 (view online:
VIII.            In Memoriam. John Charles Lett Stahlschmidt … 40

General Meeting at Colchester Castle 28th February 1889 … 46 (view online:
General Meeting at Bartlow 24th May 1889 … 49 (view online:
Annual General Meeting at Epping. 16thAugust 1889 … 50 (view online:
Report Read at the Annual General Meeting at Epping, 16th August 1889 … 55 (view online:  )
Summary of Proceedings at Council Meetings … 57
Donations to the Society … 58

Volume IV, Part II

IX.                On some Ancient Boulders scattered in the District of the Colnes.  By the Rev H T Armfield MA FSA Rector of Colne Engaine … 61
X.                  Notes on Travels of Cosmo through England in 1669.  By I C Gould … 70
XI.                Description of Gold Signet Ring found at Layer Marney.  By Henry Laver FSA FSL … 81
XII.              Witham Essex.  By Lieut-Col W J Lucas … 84
XIII.            St Mary’s Church, Elsenham, Essex.  By G E Pritchett FSA … 120

Quarterly Meeting at Burnham, 15th October 1889 … 125
Quarterly Meeting at East Tilbury, 22nd May 1890 … 138
Annual General Meeting at Harwich, 28th August 1890 … 143
Quarterly Meeting at Elsenham, 31st October 1890 … 147
Quarterly Meeting at Colchester, 14th March 1891 … 149
Report read at the Annual General Meeting at Harwich, 28th August 1890 … 152
Report read at the Annual General Meeting at Kelvedon, 6th August 1891 … 154
Summary of Proceedings at Council Meetings … 156
Donations to the Society … 159

Volume IV, Part III

XIV.            Destruction of Church Monuments in Essex. By H W King … 161
XV.              Rayleigh Mount: A British Oppidum.  By Henry Laver FSA … 172
XVI.            The Lawless Court of the Honour of Rayleigh.  By H W King … 179
XVII.          Remarks upon the Ancient Cemetery in Chigwell Parish.  By I C Gould … 196
XVIII.        Description of a Roman Oven or Kiln Discovered at South Shoebury.  By H W King … 202
XIX.            The Siege of Colchester … 205

Quarterly General Meeting at Rochford, 26th May 1891 … 219
Annual General Meeting at Kelvedon, 6th August 1891 … 220
Quarterly General Meeting held at Bures on Friday October the 9th 1891 … 221
General Meeting at Colchester Castle, 29th February 1892 … 222
Donations to the Society … 226

Volume IV, Part IV

XX.              Layer Marney Church.  By the Rev H J Boys MA … 227
XXI.            Notes on the Tombs and Memorial Tablets on the Parish Church, Hatfield Broad Oak.  By the Rev F W Galpin MA FLS … 235
XXII.          The Essex Dialect and the Influence of the New World.  By the Rev H T Armfield MA FLS … 245
XXIII.        St Michael’s Church, Braintree, Essex.  By the Rev J W Kenworthy … 254
XXIV.        Notes of Hedingham Castle and Church and of a Sculptured Pillar of Stone.  By C F Hayward FSA FRIBA … 278
XXV.          Early Consecration Crosses in St Leonard’s Church, Southminster. By G F Prichett FSA … 284
XXVI.        The Lawless Court of the Honour of Rayleigh: Addendum.  By H W King … 286

Quarterly General Meeting at Manuden, 31st May 1892 … 288
Quarterly General Meeting at Grays Thurrock, 23rd August 1892 … 291
Quarterly General Meeting at Braintree, 27th October 1892 … 297
Annual General Meeting held at Colchester Castle, 9th March 1893 … 298
Quarterly General Meeting at Castle Hedingham, 25th May 1893 … 301
Report … 305
Donations … 306

Memoir of the late Henry William King, of Leigh.  By Walter Crouch FZS &c … 307

The Register of Admissions to the Royal Grammar School of Colchester

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