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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

ESAH Archives: S/LIB/9/41

Essex Society for Archaeology and History

Research Papers

This class of books and papers do not relate directly to the history of the Society but have been deposited by members or their beneficiaries.  The index is being made publicly available for the first time.  We welcome enquiries from members of the Society.

Essex Bookplates, collected for the Essex Archaeological Society by P G Laver during the 1920s and 1930s

Small book containing an index of the collection
10 small packets of book plates
Two sheets of paper, written late 1970s?, providing a list of the majority of the collection (transcribed below with quantity).

15 – Gerald Henry Rendell
1 – Mallord W Turner, and description of Arms
10 – Revd. Jos. Round
16 – Anna Christiana Round
1 – C Berain
1 – Philip Bayles
1 – John William Bridges
1 – C Cox
1 – William Carr
1 – Revd. W Carr M.A.
5 – Revd. William Carr (“Please return this book when read”)
2 – Peter Despaignol
10 – Freeland
1 – E & L Carrick Freeman
3 – Rt Gambier Esq
1 – William Lee Esq of Hartwell, Bucks
1 – Hilkiah Bedford Hall
2 – Revd. D Haynes
2 – James John & Sophia Holroyd – White Hall
1 – Henry Bradshaw Isherwood
1 – Robt Woodgate
1 – William Henry Hallett F.L.S.
1 – Robert George Wyndham Herbert Ickleton
1 – Henry St John’s, Kaffraria
1 – Frederick Page Keeling
1 – William Kilborn
1 – Arthur Swann Howard Lowe
1 – Theophilus Metcalfe
1 – Arms of the Revd Mowbray Pinckney Mason
1 – John Orde
1 – W W Page
1 – William Page Thomas Phillips
1 – Edward Bainbridge Penfold
1 – Tho, Parslow
1 – John Sparke Aul. Trin. Cant.
1 – Horace Ralph Spearman
1 – Charles Sandys
3 – Rev W M Tucker
1 – William Daniell Watson
1 – Charles Western
1 – Bradford Wilmer
6 – Sam Wegg Esq
1 – Sam Wegg Esq (different design)
4 – F A Waite
1 – John Culliford Goodden
1 – No name.  Spe Labor Levis
1 – I.H.N. ?  Mens Hominis Alitur Discendo Reddite Cuique Suum
1 – No name.  Fac Et Spera
1 – No name.  Hinc Lucem et Pocola Sacra
1 – No name.  Respice Finem
1 – No name.  Verum Atque Decens.
1 – No name.  Verum Atque Decens. (different design)
1 – No name.  Servabo Fidern
1 – No name.  Faire Sans Dire
1 – No name.  Pictatis Amator
2 – Collegii Sti Augustini apvd Cantaurienses Liber
1 – King’s School, Canterbury
1 – U B Mattocks. Bkseller. Colchester
9 – Barlow
1 – Chard School Somerset
1 – Charles V Mitford
1 – No name. Small – arms
1 – Robert Viney Bkseller. Cannon Alley against N Door of St Pauls London
1 – I R Kirby

Charles Clark, Totham
Henry Calloway
S Read Bookbinder Colchester
W Totham Binder North Hill Colchester
T A Abdy
Sr Wm Abdy Bart Chobham Place
I R Abdy Esq  Albyns
Jane Braybrooke
Edward Capel Cure
W I Casberd–Boteler
W B Daniels of Little Waltham
Front page from book 2 marks Samuel Clark James Deeme, Colchester.  Other side of page ‘Licensed to be published July 10 1685. Ro. L’Estrange
Essex Archaeological Society
William Warwick Hawkins, Arlesford Hall
H W Lewer F.S.A.
Henry Hafterman Esq
John Palmer
Edwd Francklin Rainham A.M.
2 – Gerald Henry Rendall
Joseph Tasker, Middleton Hall
R E Thomas
Townsend Warner
Benjamin Way
Gregory Lewis Way
John Wright
William Stych of Newbury in Parish of Barkin
Richard Tickell
Sr Richard Brown, Debden Hall
Kenrick Grantham, Stifford Com.
T W Bramston
Anthony Luther, Dodding Hall
Revd Dr Beauvoir, Dean of Bocking
Samuel Moody A.M. Rector of Dudinghurst, Essex
Rev Mr Andrew Agnew, Rector, Fobbing
Right Honble Frederick Earl of Rochford
William Petre Esqr
Rever Robt Warren D.D. Rector of Charton & Stratford Bon.
Catlin Thorowgood, gent, of Dews (?) Hall
Revd Mr Dewcomen, Vicar of Braintree
Edwin Worts, Colchester. Also letter to Dr Laver and photo of William Worts
4 – Castle Society, Colchester
4 – Colchester Public Library. Ex dono G H Rendall
2 – Castle Society, Colchester (different design)
Castle Society, Colchester (same design but for Magazine of History. 14 Vols)
Gift to Colchester Library from Revd Palmer Smythies
Gift to Colchester Library from Charles Gray Esq
Borough of Colchester, Public Library, La Barte Bequest
No name. Ditat Servata Fides
Letter from R E Thomas to Dr Laver
Richard Edwin Thomas, Beeleigh Abbey
R E Thomas (different)
Richard Thomas (different)
R E Thomas (different)
John Minton Courtauld
Thos Barrett Lennard – Pour Bien Desire

from Col. Mangles to Kenneth Mabbitt

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