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Sunday, 11 January 2015

ESAH Archives: S/LIB/9/29-30

Essex Society for Archaeology and History

Research Papers

This class of books and papers do not relate directly to the history of the Society but have been deposited by members or their beneficiaries.  The index is being made publicly available for the first time.  We welcome enquiries from members of the Society.

White A4 folder.  Miscellaneous unrelated items.

(1) Junior and Senior Teachers World and Schoolmistress. 22.5.1940. (2) ‘The Up-to-date Time Table. Incorporating Colchester A.B.C. Rail and Bus Time Table’. From Sept 28 1936. (3) Notice: ‘Official Scrap Iron Dumps’.  (4) Booklet. ‘Sunday Gas Work. Carbonizing on the Lord’s Day. Can it be diminished? A Question and its Answer. 1879’. (5) ‘Essex Parliamentary Elections. Harwich Division’.  Use of Frating Memorial Hall, 9.1.1939.  (6) Letter ‘Commons, Open Spaces, and Footpaths Preservation Society’ re. Thorrington Right of Way, 20.4.1939.

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