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Monday, 11 February 2013

Transactions Contents: 'Series 3' Volume 14

Essex Archaeology and History: Volume 14 (1982)
Transactions of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History
(162 pages)

Obituary: Mark Reginald Hull  (view online: )
Colchester Before the Romans or Who Were Our Belgae?:  Christopher Hawkes   (view online:
The Production and Distribution of Pottery and Tiles in the Territory of the Trinovantes:  Warwick Rodwell
Mersea Island: the Anglo-Saxon Causeway:  Philip Crummy, Jennifer Hillam & Carl Crossan   (view online:
Mersea Island: the 11th Century Boundaries:  Nina Crummy
The Oath Book of Colchester and the Borough Constitution, 1374-1404:  R H Britnell
Early Colchester Foundries:  Andrew Phillips
Work of the Essex County Council Archaeology Section, 1981:  Deborah Priddy (ed.)
Excavations in Essex, 1981:  Deborah Priddy (ed.)
Archaeological and Historical Notes:
A Roman Stud from Colchester Decorated and Millefiori Enamel:  Sarnia A Butcher
A Revised Dating for the Colchester Samian Kiln:  Grace Simpson
Two Gold Rings from Colchester:  Martin Hening
Current Research on Essex History and Historical Geography, 1982:  Nancy Briggs
Periodical Literature on Essex Archaeology and History, 1982:  J M Skudder
Genealogy:  John L Rayment

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