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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Transactions Contents: 'Series 3' Volume 13

Essex Archaeology and History: Volume 13 (1981)
Transactions of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History
(80 pages)

Obituary: Kenneth Charles Newton
Leet Jurisdiction in Essex Manor Courts during the Elizabethan Period:  Kenneth C Newton & Marjorie K McIntosh
Essex Markets before 1350:  R H Britnell
Vertical Friendship: An 18th-century Case Study:  J D Williams
Work of the Essex County Council Archaeology Section, 1980:  M R Eddy & D Priddy (ed.)
Excavations in Essex, 1980:  M R Eddy (ed.)
Archaeological and Historical Notes:
A ‘Belgic’ Cremation Burial found at West Mersea:  Isobel Thompson  (view online:
Finds from a Probable Site of a Roman Villa at Dawes Heath, Thundersley, Essex:  P J Drury, W J Rodwell & N P Wickenden
Excavation of a Buried Wooden Structure at Foulness:  R W Crump
Current Research on Essex History and Historical Geography, 1981:  Nancy Briggs
Periodical Literature on Essex Archaeology and History, 1981:  J M Skudder
Genealogy:  Jo-Ann Buck
Book Review

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