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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Transactions Contents: 'Series 3' Volume 27

Essex Archaeology and History:  Volume 27 (1996)
Transactions of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History
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A small Late Iron Age earthwork enclosure to woodland at Birch Spring, Highwood, Colchester: excavations, 1994:  Steve Godbold
Late Iron Age and Roman occupation at Hatfield Peverel: excavations at Sandford Quarry:   Jo Ecclestone & Richard Havis
A Roman site at the New Source Works, Castle Hedingham excavations 1992:   N J Lavender
Excavations at Angel Yard, High Street, Colchester, 1986 & 1989:  D Shimmin & G Carter
A Late Roman and Saxon settlement at Great Waltham:   S Tyler & N P Wickenden
The Vikings in Essex 871 – 917:   Ann Williams
A medieval farm and its landscape: excavations at Stebbingford Mill, Felsted 1993:  Maria Medlycott
Further light on the design of the Great Barns at Cressing Temple:   Adrian Gibson
A geometrical designer at Cressing Temple:  Laurie Smith
The count of St Pol in Essex and Kent:  the late J R Round, revised & completed by W R Powell
The typography and social structure of a small soke in the middle ages: The Sokens, Essex:   Rosamund Faith
More Maldon Wealdens: The origin and development of the Kings Head, Maldon High Street:  D D Andrews & D F Stenning
‘Temporal Blessings’: poor women’s employment in Essex: Pamela Sharpe
The enclosure of Old Heath Common 1811-18:  Patrick Denny  (view online: )
Work of the Essex County Council Archaeology Section 1995:  A Bennett (ed.)
Archaeology in Essex 1995:  A Bennett & P J Gilman (eds.)
Historic Buildings Notes & Surveys
Church Miscellany
Shorter Notes:
Flint axe adze from Stock Road, Ingatestone:  Louise Austin
Mesolithic flint tranchet axe adze from Chelmsford:  Louise Austin
Cropmark of a possible long mortuary enclosure north of Rose Cottage, Chadwell St Mary:  D Strachan
Palstave from Stapleford Abbotts:  N Brown
Roman and medieval metal finds from north and west Essex:  H Major
A group of finds from the vicinity of the Noah’s Ark Roman villa at Brightlingsea, Essex:  T S Martin
Some recent finds of late Anglo-Saxon metalwork from Essex:  M J Cuddeford
The origins of ancient woodland and fishpond in Pound Wood, Thundersley, Essex:  R B Delderfield & S Rippon
Fragment of mortar from Sun Street, Waltham Abbey:  P M Ryan
Two medieval finger rings from Essex:  N P Wickenden & John Cherry
The 13th / 14th-century roof at Bradwell Hall, Bradwell-on-Sea:  John Walker
Medieval and post-medieval remains from Thaxted excavations at the rear of 23 Town Street, 1992:  Maria Medlycott
Shorter Notes
Book Reviews
Essex Bibliography

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