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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Parish Registers (2)

Taken from the archives of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History: S/SEC/4/1, dated 1858

6.   Note records of Proclamation of Marriage in Market-places; and of secular marriages performed by magistrates, and other laymen, during the Commonwealth.

The Revd. Frederick Spurrell, of Faulkbourne Rectory says “the earliest marriage by ‘lycense’ is 1618.  From 1653 to 1658 six entries of ‘Contract of matrimony between --- & --- was published three Lord’s days, viz --- -- & --.’ From 1675 to 1708 numerous marriages of both parties from neighbouring Parishes, as if Faulkbourne was a peculiarly Favourable place for marriage.”
“Jany the 8 1653.
“Memorand. that Richard Strutt of Faulborn Hall in the County of Essex, being elected by the chief inhabitants of that parish to be Register thereof, for marriages & Burialls, according to an Act of Parliament made the 24th of August 1653, was approved of sworn Register by me Arthur Barnadiston Esq are of the Justices of the Peace of the County aforesaid in witness whereof I have subscribed my hand the day & year above written. A Barnadiston.”

At Little Horkesley:
“During the Commonwealth the registers are carefully kept (the writing however is not quite so good).  It would seem that about this time Little Horkesley was a favourite place for marriages as a majority of the entries are of persons from other parishes.”

The Register at Brdbrook includes the following entry at the end of 1655:

“The Registering of names after [th]e usual manner ceasing from this time ill [th]e year 1659. Those who desire to find [th]e names of any baptised married or buried are to inquire till this time of Mr Thomas Hickman of Bumpsted … “

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