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Friday, 3 April 2015

Parish Registers (4)

Taken from the archives of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History: S/SEC/4/1, dated 1858

10.   Burials in Woollen

In a full return for Barking, many such entries are reported: “The earliest is;
“1678. Aug 26 … Abraham Robinson was buried in woollen whereof Margaret Newell made Affidavit before Tho. Colman Esq one of the Majesties justices of ye yeare for ye County of Essex.
“The following is an entey of a burial in linen.
“1684. Ap. 22 … Mr Edward Halley of London, Merchant, was thered & buryed in linen, & £2.10 pd to this parish for ye use of ye poor.
“The latest instance is,
“1684. Dec 22.  Henry Fox buryed in woollen as Tho. Wetherheade made affidavit before Jn. Tho. Faythawe”.

At Faulkbourne burials in woollen are recorded between 1690 and 1719.

At Hutton the Register says, “A True and Exact Register (According to the statute for burying in woollen) of all such burialls as have happened, since the beginning of August 1678 in the Parish of Hutton.”

Entries for burial in wool only appear in the Stifford register between “Sep 20 1720 to Sep 1724”.

“From 1678 to 1812 there is a regular series of Affidavit received of burying in woollen” at Tendring.

“Most of the Thorrington Register book the burials in Woollen began in 1678 & continued until 1692.  The Frating Register book no entries are made as to burials in Woollen.”

At Wickham Bishops burials in woollen were recorded between 1678 and 1789.

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