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Monday, 6 April 2015

Parish Registers (7)

Taken from the archives of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History: S/SEC/4/1, dated 1858

16.   Biographical Notices, or remarks upon deceased persons.

At Hutton:
“1659. A man child of Frances & Jone Drury still born, was buried the fifth day of Feberary.
“1687. William an Indian slave taken from about Bombay in the East Indies, was baptised the twenty fifth day of September, he not remembering the name of his parents took to himself the sirname of Bombay, and at his baptism received the Christian name of Williams.
“1702. Bap by a Dissenting Minister Henry Prior, the son of John and Anna Hunt April ye 17th.”

At Purleigh:
“May 6 1714.  Elizabeth Homes, a vagabond wandring woman, were sick & weak was by ye Overseers of Norton shot out of a tumbrell at ye round bush in our Parish, & there had perished had not our Overseer Jn. Laver fetched her into his barn & laid her in a bed, & fed her with nourishing things for a fortnight, & yn she died & was buried in ye Churchyard, & was carried token grave be ye Churchwardens & Overseers of ye poor of this Parish & affidavit was made. She was a gentlewoman of some note, born at ye West Indies. She said her father was governor of an Island there & yt her husband & child was drowned a getting a board ye ship at wh she was discharged”
“November 9th 1717.  William Dummerboough a single man was buried being a very rotten youth.”

At Tendring:
“A man found murdered in the fields of Tendring was buried Aug 14 1704.
“1737.  An infant with 10 fingers & 12 toes.”

Several travellers are recorded at Roxwell.  In addition:
“1745. Jan 31. Fryday. A person found dead on Radley Green on Wednesday the 29th Jany guesed to be between 30 & 40 yrs old.”

At East Hanningfield it is noted that “a Burial Tax of Threepence first noticed Nov 7 1790 also Baptisms May 23 1790, but not mentioned, when the Word Pauper is written. It ceased in September 1794.”

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