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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Parish Registers (6)

Taken from the archives of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History: S/SEC/4/1, dated 1858

15.   Periods of great mortality, especially of the Great Plague year.

Periods of great mortality at Barking: “1593, 1603, 1625, 1665, 1666, 1729. In these years the mortality was double the average, or thereabouts: except 1603 by far the most fatal year, & in which there was more than 3 times the average.”

Only one burial is reported at Birdbrook in the Plague year – 1665.

“There was no great mortality in the Plague year” at Roxwell,”– 2 deaths described as ‘of London’ in 1665, and 3 baptisms in the same year, parent similarly described – as tho’ Londoners were taking refuge in the country.”

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