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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Parish Registers (1)

Taken from the archives of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History: S/SEC/4/1, dated 1858

4.   Examples of children of Puritans baptised.

At Roxwell, “puritanical names & c: Humility 1657. Humiliation (Horsnayle) 1681 (apparently son of above. Humility Horsnayle, the ‘father & son are both here written Humiliacion.) Help (Copsy) 1707.  Heven Hoppuck 1732.  Habakkuk 1735.  Henry & Sarah Broccas following an imposter wh. seems to have been prophetic called their first son in 1743, Shadrack, who was succeeded by Meshach in 1745, & the two completed by Abednego in 1747.”

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