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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Glasscock's Notes and Gleanings (3)

MSS Book.  Notes and gleanings from various places in Herts and Essex

Author: J L Glasscock Jnr (covers 1882 – 1925)

[Folio 4] Great Hallingbury
Augt 11th 1883 –
The church is dedicated to St Giles.  There are five Bells, no Priest, Sanctus, or other small Bell.
[Bells described, including Coat of Arms on 3rd bell]
Item. I took a squeeze of the above from which I made plaster casts to send to Mr North.
[Folio 5]
During Harvest the 3rd Bell is rung as a gleaning bell at 8am and 6pm
(d) The Passing Bell is rung 24hrs after death but the sex is not denoted.
(e) No ringing at Funerals
(h) Bells are rung on Easter Sunday Whitsunday & Xmas Day.
Oct 3rd 1883.
I saw today by the courtesy of Revd Oswald the Parish Registers & Churchwardens accts of Gt Hallingbury. The Register commences in 1537 the first part appears to be bound in what appears to be an old missal – I looked through the greater portion of the Register but had not time to make any extracts.  I noticed however one or two singular entries relating to suicides bastard children, & death by frost &c.  Item To look through this again and make extracts.
The Churchwardens Accts are in a paper Book covered with Parchment the earliest account is 1526 – The entries as a rule are similar to those in the Stortford accounts & the writing is also similar. I had not time to go through the whole, I looked through the earlier ones carefully & made the following extracts, I should however have liked if I had the time to examine the remainder more minutely. […]

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