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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Glasscock's Notes and Gleanings (2)

MSS Book.  Notes and gleanings from various places in Herts and Essex
Author: J L Glasscock Jnr (covers 1882 – 1925)

[Folio 2] Manuden. June 27th 1883
By permission of the Vicar the Revd J B Foster I inspected the contents of his Parish Chest.
I found no Churchwardens accts and no Overseers accts.
The Parish register is in good preservation, the first volume has been rebound – It commences in 1561. I looked through all years to about 1730 & made the following extracts.
[Folio 3] Manuden.
(I). The Church is dedicated to St Mary the Virgin.
(II). There are five Bells – no Sanctus, Priest or other small Bell.
(III). 1st Bell. Diamr. 2ft 3in. ”J Mears of London fecit 1831”
2nd [Bell]. [Diamr] 2ft 6in. “J Mears of London fecit 1831”
3rd [Bell]. [Diamr] 2’9” “Miles Graye made me 1620”
4th [Bell]. [Diamr] 3’0” “Miles Graye made me 1620”
5th [Bell]. [Diamr] 3’4” “Cast by John Warner & sons London 1865”
The 5th Bell was recast from an old one which was broken – The first and second also were probably recast from old ones as I am informed that there have always been 5 bells in the Church.
(V). No old Parish accts – Did not see any notice of Bells in Register.
(VI). No subscriptions on wall relating to the Bells.
(VII) (c) The 5th bell is rung as a gleaning bell during Harvest at 9am and at 5pm
(d) The 5th bell is tolled for the death of an adult and the 1st Bell for the death of a child, the sex is denoted by 3 times 3 for a man & 3 times 2 for a woman, the tolling takes place 24 hrs after the death.
(e) The present custom is to toll at funerals
(f) The Bell is rung at 9am and 2pm on Sundays to denote that Service is to be held in the Church morning & afternoon. The Bells are not rung but chimed for Service – No Sermon Bell.
(h) The Bells are rung on 29th May, 28th of June, 5th November, and Christmas Day – The Ringers are allowed £1.0.0. per an. for this – but they supplement this by a collection at Xmas.
(i) Wedding peals are rung when requested and paid for.
(k) In Lent Advent the Bells are chimed for service as on Sundays.
(IX). No endorsement for Bells.

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