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Sunday, 15 February 2015

The Will of John Brewood, of Great Horkesley (1500)

BREWOOD, JOHN. - 3 June, 15 Hen. VII (1500) . Of Mekill Horkisley, in the co. of Essex , gent . (Testament). To be buried in t he n orth side of the "sepulture of Alyce, late my wif, by the same wall there, in the chappell of our lady on the north syde in the church of Mekill Horkisley aforesaid."[1]  To the high altar of the same church, for tithes forgotten, 6s. 8d.
A vestment, with a cope of the same sewte, to the value of xli, to be given and delivered to the church of our lady of St Nede (St Neots), in the countie of Huntyngdon, for the welfare of th e souls of John Bullok and Kateryn his wif, and Robert Bullok and Alice his wif, and of all their friends' soules. Also I woll as where as (sic) the parish church of our lady in Ely is claymed iiijs rent by yere out of my place in Ely, I woll it be payd peasibly from hensforth wtoute any delay.  And xxs to be given to the said church of Ely for my fader and moder and me.  Also I woll that the church of the Trinite in Ely have xxs for tithes forgotten by me aforetyme.  And also if there be made a new c harnell at the said church of the Trinytie, I woll there be paid therto, xs.  Also I woll that the chur ch of Hokele {Hockley} hav e a psauter booke wt an ympner noted or xxs for it, which was dewe by oone Sir Robert Wedryngsett, late archedekyn of Ely."
Residue to my wife, Margaret. Executors: my wife; Sir William Fyndern, knight. Supervisor: John Yaxle, serjeant-at-law. Witnesses: Robert Rokewod, of Colchester, gent.; Edward Warde; John Neuton; Richard Parke; John Bukton, William Moriell; John Squyer.
(Last Will -- made 4 June, 15 Hen. VII ).  The feoffees of my lands in Mekill Horkisley and Lykyll Horkisley "to make an estate to find xj marcs by yere, for to have a good and well disposed preest syngyng in perpetuytie … in the chapell of our·lady in the parish church of Mekyll Horkisley, and ij tymes in the weke in another chapell of our lady lying by the high weyside that I of late made."[2]  My wife to have the appointment of the said priest during her life.
Proved 1500, by Margaret, widow of testator, and admin. granted to Richard King and Thomas Baker. (F. 18a)

{Taken from ‘Essex Wills at Canterbury’, by Revd. G M Benton, Transactions of the Essex Archaeological Society, Volume 21, Part 2.}

[1] The north chapel of Great Horlesley church dates from the fourteenth century.  Its dedication, I believe, was previously unknown.
[2] This building, now a cottage, still survives and stands 1 mile south-east of the church.  The founder's name was hitherto unknown.   It has been descdbed by Mr. H. Laver ('Trans. E.A.S., vol. vi. (n.s.), pp.281-83), who states that the lands of the endowment are now a portion of the Breewood Hall estate. Agnes Bounde, by will dated 1 April, 1 508 (P.C.C., Bennett 8), bequeathed ''to the chapel of Horkisley Cawsey two steyned clothes with images in theym.”

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