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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Parish Records of Little Parndon (3)

Parish Records of Little Parndon: extracts from early Parish Registers [ERO D/P 34], Briefs, Overseers Account Book (1759-1800)[ERO D/P 34/12/1], “matters relating to [th]e manner and Parish” 1688.

“Parish Register Book II. [now ERO D/P 34/1/2]
[ … ]
[Page 9 – same book]
“Sep 6 1703. Thomas Orbell Serveyor for Marriages and Windows & C at White Lyon in Kings streete by Guildhall.”
On a page further on in Book.
Matters pertaineing to [th]e Manner and Parish of Little Parindon in Essex 1688: An Dom 1697 (the date appears where been inserted later)
The names of [th]e tenants …”
[This Register may be found through Essex Ancestors.]
[Page 10]
“On another page are entered
‘The names and title of all persons dwelling or residing in the parish of little Parindon in Essex Jan 3 1695’ with the ‘duties upon birth’ ‘Rates upon buryall’ ‘tax upon marryages’ and ‘yearly payments for men unmarryed’.
“An account of Briefs begun Anno 1720
St Olaves Church near York Charge £10 3 9 & upwards
signd  J Butler 16 Nov 1719
Read Decemb 4 1720.  Collected … 0. 2. 0
Ingmanthorpe in Norton under Cannock in Cou Ebor and Stafford. Loss by fire £1133.
Signd  J Butler Jan 1 1719
Read March 12 1720.  Collected … 0. 2. 0
[Page 12]
“Novemb 10th 1693
Memorand. that this day after many debates it was firmley agreed betweene Mr William Burrell Rector of Much Parindon and Henry Wotton Rector of little Parindon for their lives that Mr Wotton paying to Mr Burrell every Christmas ten shillings of good English mony [th]e said Mr Burrell shall fully discharge [th]e whole Estate of Parindon Parke with every part of it from all claims or demands for any dues on any manner of tythes belonging to greate Parindon: wch Estate was lately divided betweene the Lord Ratcleift and Michael Martyn but at this time is wholy in [th]e holding of the said Lord Ratcleift: and formerly held by Mr William Gore: -
Witnesse our hands [th]e day above written
   Wm Burrell
   Henry Wotton
Signed in [th]e presence of
Novem. 10  }  John Ribble
1693            }  James Malam

“Nov [th]e 10th 93  Received then of Mr Henry Wotton [th]e sum of thirteen shillings and four pence wch is in full for all Tithes due to me out of [th]e above mentioned estate to Michaelmas 92 … Wm Burrell

Memorand[um] that the Parson of greate Parindon shall every yeare invite the Parson of little Parindon to dinner and his wife at Christmas and then the parson of little Parindon shall bringe the mony.

[Page 13]
“March 6 1687. The High Constables warrant to Little Parendon. …”
[Page 14]
“Oct 12 1678. The voluntary contribution of the Inhabitants of little Parendon in [th]e county of Essex whose names are under written toward [th]e building of the church of St Pauls in London.

I Wil[liam] Gore doe promise to give towards the building of [th]e church of St Paul in London the sum of ten pounds to be payd by forty shillings p[er] yeare. The first payment I now pay down.
Witness my hand Wil[liam] Gore.
                                                                £ s d
Madam Gore his wife has given …. 1. 0. 0
Madam Henshaw widow ………... 0. 10.0
Mrs Jane Browne …………………….. 0. 2. 6
Mr Wotton Rector ……………………. 0. 5. 0
Francis Rickard Farmer ……………. 0. 1. 0
John Ingram Farmer ………………… 0. 1. 0
Edward Westley ………………………. 0. 0. 6
Natheneal Grayling …………………. 0. 0. 6
Jonathon Ward Miller ……………… 0. 0. 6
John Dane, Fran Rickerd and Joane Rickerd .. 0. 0. 6

Henry Wotton. Rector
Fra Rickard Churchwarden
Jonathon Ward constable

[Page 15]
“April 16 1682.
Collected in this Parish for [th]e poore Protestants fled out of France. {…}”

“The trophey mony at [th]e rate of one foarth part of £70000: per month in greate Parindon comes to for a yeare £1-13-6½
For little Parindon the same tax is 0-12-0.

Note on Throphy Money or Throphy Tax.  And written single sheet of paper.
“Troness, Tronis, or Throphy Money of Throphy Tax – A duty of fourpence in the pound paid annually by housekeepers or their landlords, for the drums, colours (trophies) etc of the companies or regiments of militia. (Dr Scott’s Bailey’s Dictionary.)”

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