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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Revd. Philip Morant's Research

From our archives: S/SEC/4/1

Revd. Philip Morant, author of ‘History of Essex’ published in full in 1768.  This out-letter, believed to be original, was written in the course of his research.

Copy Letter in the possession of Edward Palmer Landon Esq Brentwood

Being engaged in a History of Essex (as you may see by the enclosed Proposals) of which a part is already published I am obliged to apply to Gentlemen of information in some particulars which I cannot discover otherwise And having lately finish’d the Parish of Aldham I humbly beg a favour of you to set me to right in these things.

Aldham Hou, I think, was the first Estate your late Father purchas’d in the Parish. In what year did he purchase it? & of whom?  Was it of William Glascock, the same that had Aldham Hall?

Aldham Hall was purchased of Charles Cornwallis Esq. by --- Glasock: ---- Edward Glasock had it in 1635 ---- and I find ---- Harry & ---- William mention’d as subsequent owners till 1722: that may be all the owners between those years; or at least all but one.

I have an account from a letter of your father’s when he bought Aldham Hall.  Be pleased to let me, know the name of your two sisters ---- is married to the Revd. Mr ---- How, be so good as to set down his Preferments: Is he not brother to the late Lord Chedworth?

----- the other sister is married to Michael Thirkle Esq: Did your father buy Bourchiers Hall the Wic & Hill farm of Lord Romney before the year 1724?

I have been greatly puzzled about an Estate called in Records the Manor of Abbots & said in the Inquisitions post mortem to lye in Stanway, Fordham, Copford & Lexden. It belonged formerly to Waltham Abbey then to Jobson; afterwards to the Sayers that had Bouchier’s hall.  Be pleased to let me know whether your father did not buy it of Lord Romney and when? One thing directs me to think it is that Manor of Abbots, because Mr Green your Tenant informs me that it is called Abbots Hall.

Many Estates are called in Ancient Records Manors, that are not reckoned as now; not holding Courts nor having Tenants as they formerly had, and perhaps the demesnes being parcell’d out into divers parcels.

Your answer as soon as you have an opportunity will greatly oblige.

Your most obedient humble servant
Phil. Morant

April 19 1763

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