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The Will of Robert Barker, of Colchester (1503)

Will of Robert Barker, of Colchester (1503)

BARKER, ROBERT. - 26 August, 1503.  Of Colchester, clothmaker.  To be buried at St. James in Colchester, as nigh as may be to the burying place of my wife, Maryon Barker.  To the necessary work of the cathedral church of St. Powle {St Paul}, 12d.  To the high altar of the church of St. James in Colchester, 3s. 4d.  To the Grey Freres {Grey Friars} in Colchester, for a  trentall, 10s.  To the Almes house of St. Anne in Colchester, 1 pair of blankets and 1 pair of sheets, after·my decease.

To my son, Richard Barker, all my tenements in Estrete {East Street} in Colchester, that sometime were Glassekok's, and afterwards William Flyngaunt's, "on condition that there shall be made a convenyent gutter in the ground for to cover the water from the sesterne of the said place unto the sesterne that I now dwelle in (sic), and for to have a gate into the pasture to drye woll and to teyntour[1] his owen clothes (cloths) whan it standyth voyed." And I will that the said pla ce shall be made clear with my own proper goods unto the behoof of the said Richard, my son.

To my son, Thomas Barker, my place where I now dwell in, with 2 tenements that sometime were Ives, called the Maydens bede, and 2 tenements in Mawdelyn lane {Magdalen Lane}, the one was sometime Bowers, and afterwards Edons, and the other was sometime Edons.

To Maryon Clere, my daughter, "a grete maser and a middill maser."  To Nicholas Clere, her son, 40s.

Residue of lands, etc., to be sol d to pay my d ebts.  Executors: my sons, Richard and Thomas Barker; "and I will and charge them with the will of my moder-in-law, Agnes Horne, to see it truly performed."  Witnesses: Sir John Lowthe, parson of St. James's[2]; John Wade; Thomas Wesden.

Proved  5 October , 1503, before Master Roger Chirch.     (F . 253a; also P.C .C., Blnmyr 29.)

{Taken from ‘Essex Wills at Canterbury’, by Revd. G M Benton, Transactions of the Essex Archaeological Society, Volume 21, Part 2.}

[1] = tenter, to stretch cloth on a frame for drying.
[2] John Lauth (sic Newcourt) was rector of St James’s from 1494 until his death, in 1505.

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