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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Essex Wills at Canterbury

Essex Wills at Canterbury abstraced by Revd. G M Benton

Baker (or Barker), Robert, of Mucking (1559)
Balle, William, of Colchester (1503)
Barker, Robert, of Colchester clothmaker (1503)
Boode, Henry, of Burnham (1500)
Botelier, John, of Broomfield (1499)
Breton, John, of Colchester (1500)
Brewood, John, of Great Horkesley (1500)
Butler, Richard, of White Colne (1500)
Chapman, John, of Coggeshall (1503)
Claryon, William, of Bocking (1503)
Clere, Nicholas, of Colchester (1500)
Cokke, Henry, of Saffron Walden (1499)
Cowburne (or Colbourne), John, parson of Cranham (1559)
Downyng, Geffrey, of Beauchamp St Paul (1503)
Est, alias Carter, John, of Great Sampford (1559)
Frende, Richard, of Prittlewell (1500)
Hale, John, of Finchingfield (1500)
Lawrense, William, of Boxted (1500)
Love, Henry, of Moulsham, Chelmsford (1503)
Massell, Thomas, of Great Parndon (1559)
Moore (or Moor), Nicholas, of ‘Colne Comitis’ (1497)
Myller, alias Brandon, William, of Prittlewell (1559)
Philippe, William, of Bosham ? (1497)
Pyke, John, of Great Shoebury (1486)
Reve, William, of Bulmer (1503)
Sandwich, John de, Rector of Dengie (1293)
Semar, Thomas, of Saffron Walden (1499)
Short, William, of Twinstead (1503)
Siggiswyk, Sir Peter, of Blackmore (1503)
Smyth, John, of Bulmer (1501)
Smyth, William, of Liston (1503)
Southchurch, Richard de (1293)
Tendryng, William, of Colchester (1499)
Tyall, John, of Colchester draper (1500)
Veer, Sir George, knt., of Earls Colne (1500)
Veer, Matilda de, Countess of Oxford, of Earls Colne (1366)
Wanor, Richard, of Barking (1500)
Wartyng (or Waytyng), Thomas, Chaplain at Pleshey (1501)
Watts (or Watson), Thomas, Vicar of Beauchamp St Paul (1500)
Whityng, Paul, Chaplain of Clavering (1500)

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