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Monday, 1 December 2014

ESAH Archives: S/LIB/9/1

Essex Society for Archaeology and History

Research Papers

This class of books and papers do not relate directly to the history of the Society but have been deposited by members or their beneficiaries.  The index is being made publicly available for the first time.  We welcome enquiries from members of the Society.

S/LIB/9/1-25: Sperling Papers
A series of book MSS in which C F D Sperling makes notes of churches observing, in particular, monuments and memorials.

Hardback MSS book.  CFD Sperling. “Notabilia Quadam[1]” I (1892)

With bookplate EAS. Presented by J J Holdsworth

Alphamstone, Essex … 24
    Loose sheets between f24: (1) three rubbings ‘This Chancel was repaired with new timber work by one Nicholas de Gryne parson anno 1578’ (2) Alphamstone Restoration Fund List of Subscribers up to August 1st (3) newspaper announcement of death of Revd H K Anketell, 1909 (4) ‘Lines on the restoration of the chancel &c of Alphamstone Church, Bures, Colchester’ poetry piece by W M Earee, Rector (5) ‘Thoughts on the Re-opening of the Chancel, November 4 1903’ by the late Rev W Earee (6) letter Oct 1902 from Alphamstone Rectory: “I write to you, a member of EAS, to ask [for help in restoration] (7) appeal letter Mar 1903 from Rectory (8) appeal letter dated 9 June 1905 from Rector (9) sheets from Hedingham Ruridecanal Magazine Aug 1905, Oct 1905, Dec 1905 mainly concerning Rectors of Alphamstone
Ashen, Essex … 50
    Includes two sketches of ‘c1440. Brass in Ashen Church’ and, f51, same from Essex Review.
Barringtons Fee [Pebmarsh] … 38
Bigg Pedigree … 44
Burton Hall, Loughborough, Leics … 14
    Includes f14 five sketches of glass decoration, f15 sketch of glass ‘The Descent from the Cross’, f16 three sketches of glass decoration
Brighton (St Nicholas ch), Sussex … 13
    Includes photograph of interior
Churchyards … 10
Church way … 12
Canterbury (St Martins), Kent … 23
    Includes picture of font
Castle Hedingham, Essex … 56, 60
Coggeshall Family … 62
Crewkerne, Somerset … 81
    Includes sketch ‘Thomas Golde Esq. 1526 Crewkerne’
Chillington, Somerset … 84
Childerditch, Essex … 89
Chichester Cathedral, Sussex … 11
    Includes three photographs of interior
Colne Engaine Brass, Essex … 89
Dynes Hall, Great Maplestead, Essex … 19
   Includes f19 six watercolour sketches of ‘In the Bathing-house window XVIth century painted glass; sketch of ‘tobacco pipe of white clay [1620-1640] found at Dynes Hall. Feb 1891’; sketch of ‘carved oak mantelpiece in Library’; f20, rubbings of four ‘Nuremburg tokens found at Dynes Hall’.
Eden Pedigree … 39
    Loose sheets between f39 relating to Eden pedigree
Empshott, Hants … 3
Essex houses, dates of … 27
    Includes two photographs ‘Stansted Hall, Halstead (1893).  Loose photographs between f27 Four photographs of ‘Stanstead Hall, Halstead, Essex, 1909’
Essex monumental effigies … 42
Fonts … 42
Greatham, Hants … 1
Gosfield Hall, Essex … 18
Guyon Book plate … 21
Gestingthorpe, Essex … 32
Halstead, Essex … 25, 26, 40, 52, 63, 64, 66
    f25.  Arms on a house at Halstead.  Blue Bridge House
    f26. William Holman d.1730
    f40.  Halstead Parish Registers (temp Commonwealth)
    f64-68. Halstead Parish Registers
Hinton St George, Somerset … 74
    Includes sketch of altar tomb
Jekyll Pedigree … 49, 51
Lake dwellings … 21
Lamarsh, Essex … 26, 43
Lights in churches … 28, 29
Morant … 63
Morley … 63
    Between f63, two sheets Morley Pedigree
Pebmarsh, Essex … 33
Parish Registers … 40, 55, 85
    f40, f41. Halstead
    f41. All Saints, Sudbury
    f55. Cotton, Suffolk
    f56-59. Castle Hedingham
Parliamentarians … 90
Ridgewell, Essex … 22, 53, 70
    Between f54, loose sheet Nevile pedigree ‘from Ridgewell Parish Registers’
Selbourne, Hants … 5
Shoreham, New, Sussex … 6
    Includes at f6, two photos of church, exterior and font; and f7 ‘S Ambulatory of Choir (looking E)’, sketch of ‘Piscina, N transcept’
Shoreham, Old, Sussex … 8
    Includes photos of ‘Old Shoreham (from SW)’ and door of ‘Climping, Sussex’
Sible Hedingham, Essex … 30
Sheriffs of Essex … 34
Salisbury Cathedral, Wilts … 72
    Between f72, note on Seymour excutcheon
South Petherton, Somerset … 79
Stoke sub Hamden, Somerset … 82
    Includes, f82, three sketches, and f83, sketch
Stew ponds … 54
Tilbury & Ovington, Essex … 69
Toppesfield, Essex … 45
    Includes, f47, brass rubbing of ‘Four sons of John & Agnes Crachrode’ and sketch of ‘brass figures of John Crachrode & Agnes his wife, 1534’; f48, two sketches of ‘Stained glass c1500 in east window of south aisle’.
Warnsford Place, Sevenhampton near Highworth, Wilts … 67

Missing volume

[1] “Things worthy of note”

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