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Thursday, 18 December 2014

ESAH Archives: S/LIB/9/18

Essex Society for Archaeology and History

Research Papers

This class of books and papers do not relate directly to the history of the Society but have been deposited by members or their beneficiaries.  The index is being made publicly available for the first time.  We welcome enquiries from members of the Society.

Envelope titled “SPERLING MSS – To be preserved.  Heraldic Correspondence between the Rev H L Elliot and CFDS, 1907 – 1918.

Revd Henry L Elliot, Vicar of Gosfield (1831 – 1920), was an expert in heraldry. Contained in this envelope is a bundle of letters from him to Mr C F D Sperling. Both were regular contributors to the Society’s Transactions.

Bundle of letters. All from Elliot to Sperling, except where stated.
1.       Letter dated 14.8.1902.  “I return your letter of ‘Nuces’ with such remarks as occurs to me. Bartlow Church has not been visited by me …”
2.       Postcard dated 18.8.1902. Sir Edw Greve of Little Sampford. (Sperling was living at Brandon, Coventry).
3.       Letter dated 24.8.1902.  “The impaled shield over the effigy on the Altar Tomb of Newton, Suff has a very important bearing on the question as to what is intended to be represented on the Font at Bulmer”
4.       Letter dated 11.11.1902.  “I have not identified the coat at Gt Oakley about which you write. The crest seems very similar to that of Astley, and borne also by the family of Astle.”
5.       Letter dated 8.10.1903. “The working out of the Gilbert Pedigree is not completed”. Speaks of work and family.
6.       Postcard dated 1.12.1904.  Newman Hall. Quendon or Eastwood? (Sperling was living at Herefield, Stoke, Coventry)
7.       Letter dated 5.6.1905. “I have not given special attention to the pedigree of Fortescue of Faulkborn. It is entered in my book, as on the other side.  Please let me keep your sketch pedigree of Montgomery & Spice”.
8.       Letter dated 13.11.1905. “Can you tell me what Royal Badges are displayed on the tomb, or Chapel, of Arthur Tudor, P. of Wales, in Worcester Cathedral?”
9.       Letter dated 17.11.1905. “Many thanks for your notes on the badges on the south side of Prince Arthur Tudor’s Chantry Chapel”.
10.   Letter dated 12.12.1905.  “The coats you mention were not seen by me when I was at Markshall. There were some in the windows of the entrance hall – Wentworth coats – which I recorded”.
11.   Postcard dated 29.1.1906. Question about “flat stone” in Bradwell Church near Braintree”.
12.   Letter dated 12.10.1906. “I am glad that you have taken steps to have your armorials recorded at the Heralds’ College … possibly granted to Otto Sperling the Professor of Botany seems quite justifiable”.
13.   Letter dated 23.11.1906. “I return your cutting re the Warwick Badges … No doubt the Bear, and the Ragged Staff, were two distinct badges”.
14.   Letter dated 18.2.1907. Request re how Lusignam coat came into “Elizabeth Widville, the wife of Edw IV” came to the coat.
15.   Letter dated 28.3.1907. “At Margaretting Church there is a mural monument to Joh, son & h of William Tanfield & Elizabeth his wife dau & coh of Thomas Clovile of Copfold Hall, Margaretting. He d. 6 Oct 1625”.
16.   Sheet of paper with notes on Dorothy Alleyn of Woodham Mortimer, d. 21.4.1584, a brass escutcheon at Hatfield Peverel.
17.   Sheet of paper with notes on “carved oak shield from Bouchier Hall, Tollesbury”.
18.   Postcard dated 21.6.1907.  Request for “printed matter relating to the Pedigree of Sparrow of Gestingthorpe & Stambourne”. (Sperling had recently moved from Harefield to Broom House, Kenilworth)
19.   Letter dated 27.6.1907.  Thanks for details of Sparrow family.
20.   Postcard dated 22.8.1907. “Very many thanks for the pedigree of Jacqueline de Luxhambourg”
21.   Postcard dated 26.1.1909. Regrets unable to provide “information as to the manner in which Bower Hall passed to Sir Stephen Anderson, Bart. I have had an attack of pneumonia, which has kept me in the hands of the Doctor for the last month”
22.   Postcard dated 11.8.1909. “I have entered the crest of Wale, on the L Bardfield panel”.
23.   Letter dated 5.10.1910. “Very many thanks for sending me the sketch of the Badges of Queen Catherine of Aragon, from Compton Wingate”
24.   Letter dated 3.1.1911. Discussion of the term “Quetus est”.
25.   Postcard dated 30.3.1911.  “The Armes pretensed of the Borowe Town of Maldon”
26.   Postcard dated 3.4.1911.  “Many thanks for your PostCard. Sir Gilbert Dethick was ‘Norray King of Arms’ temp Henry VIII”
27.   Letter dated 6.4.1911. “Very many thanks for your extract from Bysshes Visitation re Arms of the Borough of Maldon”
28.   Postcard dated 13.4.1911. Further discussion on Borough of Maldon arms.
29.   Postcard dated 22.4.1912. “S Window of Wethersfield”
30.   Letter dated 23.3.1913.  “Arms of Sayer … Sir George Sayer of Aldham”
31.   Postcard dated 24.9.1915. “I want to learn the maiden name of the wife of Sir James Marriot who, before July 1803, was the owner of the Twinstead Hall Estate. (Sperling was living at Beresford House, Leamington)
32.   Letter dated 25.9.1915. “Many thanks for the copy of Grant of Arms & Crest, 1610, to Peter Tryon.  … Esther Chambers …. If her husband was James Marriot the matter is cleared up”.
33.   Letter dated 10.8.1917.  “Arms of White, of Hutton, Essex”
34.   Letter (fringed in black) dated 8.9.1917. “Do you know of any examples of the Bouchier Knot, besides those I mention below?”
35.   Letter (fringed in black) dated 14.12.1917. “Many thanks … about family of Wright of Warborough, Hants, & Hutton, Essex”.
36.   Postcard dated 13.7.1918. “What is the meaning of ‘Solus ad legem servions’?” (Sperling had moved from Beresford House, Holly Walk, Leamington to The Hall, Holton-le-Wood, Lincoln)
37.   Letter dated 31.7.1918. “I want to know whether the whistle was ever used as a decoration, & an emblem of authority, by any officials who were not connected with the navy”.
38.   Postcard dated 7.8.1918.  “whistle was also used by the French Admiral as a badge of his office in 1513” (Addressed to Beresford House, Leamington)
39.   Letter dated 12.8.1918.  “I have been in communication with Mr Carr Laughton, the Librarian to the Admiralty”. He adds “I have been making several alterations & additions (in MS only) to my paper of 1884 on the Badges at Castle Hedingham Church.”
40.   Letter dated 16.8.1918. “The statement that Howard wore his two whistles in the sea-fight off Brest is news to me”
41.   Letter dated 22.10.1918. “I have today, given instructions to Wiles & Son of Colchester to set up the type … to add the facts which you have collected.”
42.   Letter dated 30.10.1918.  Help requested to decipher a letter from Sir William St John Hope.
43.   Letter dated 4.11.1918. re De Vere family
44.   Letter dated 19.3.1919 with envelope.  “I thank you very much for having taken the trouble to read my pamphlet” on the De Veres “and for the suggestions, & criticisms you make”.
45.   Letter dated 24.3.1919 with envelope. Pyne and “Larder on a brass at North Weald Church to William Larder, who d. 25 Aug 1606”.


Loose document: Letter from O W Tancock to Mr Sperling regarding parish registers. 

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