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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Transactions Contents: 'Series 4' Volume 1

Transactions of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History:  Fourth Series.  Volume 1 (2010)

Assessing the contribution of commercial archaeology to the study of Roman Essex, 1990-2004:  Neil Holbrook
Excavation of a Roman landscape and prehistoric features at Elsenham Quarry, Elsenham:  Stephen Hammond & Steve Preston
Roman Billericay: excavations by the Billericay Archaeological and Historical Society 1970-1977:  M Medlycott, the late S Weller & P Benians
Roman settlement, pottery production, and a cemetery in the Beam Valley, Dagenham:  Edward Biddulph, Kate Brady, Ben M Ford & Paul Murray
A new perspective on the coinages of early Roman sites in Essex:  Mark Curteis
Roman and post-medieval archaeology at Pierrefitte Way, Braintree:  Andrew A S Newton
Carved in stone: a late Iron Age and Roman cemetery and evidence of a Saxon minister, excavations near St Nicholas Church, Great Wakering 1998 and 2000:   Ruarigh Dale, the late David Maynard, Susan Tyler and Tom Vaughan
Ripple Road, Barking: environmental evidence for Thames-side Medieval parklands or open gardens:   Michael J Allen, Cornelius Barton, A J Chapham & Rob Scaife
The fifteenth-century building accounts of the Duchy of Lancaster in Essex:  Pat Ryan
Waltham Forest: a Cambridge manuscript:  Richard Morris
Robert Rich, 2nd Earl of Warwick and the government of Essex 1619-1629:  Christopher Thomson
Wivenhoe House: a tale of two lost 18th century mansions and the sea-captains who built them:  Pat Marsden  (view online: )
The accounts of Augustus Veley: a peripatetic master teaching French, 1808 to 1814:  David Tomlinson
The Essex workhouse master 1760-1837:  Jane Pearson
Rev. John Howard Marsden: rector of Great Oakley and first Disney professor of archaeology at Cambridge University:  Michael Leach
Seymour Street brickworks, Chelmsford: archaeological investigations 2001:  E M Heppell, A Letch, M Peachey & P Ryan
Archaeology in Essex 2009: Phillippa Sparrow
Shorter notes:
An upper Palaeolithic flint knife from Othona:  Hazel Martingell
Saxon skeleton at Bradwell on Sea:  M Medlycott & E M Heppell
Figures of St John from late medieval processional crosses found in Essex:  Phillip Wise
Book reviews
Essex Bibliography:  Andrew Phillips & Paul Sealey

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