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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Online Book Shop - Bookstall at Morant Lecture - 15 March 2013

The following books will be available for sale at the Morant Lecture on 15 March 2013. For more information go to our Online Bookshop page.

Ref B10:   Antiquity: Vol. 57 No. 219 (March 1983), Vol. 57 No. 220 (July 1983), Vol. 58 No. 223 (July 1984).  Many more copies available
Ref B1:    Archaeologia Cantiana, being contributions to the history & archaeology of Kent.  Vol. 104 (1987)  Vol. 107 (1989)  
Ref B1:    Archaeological Journal: (Royal Archaeological Institute) Vols 124 (1967), 126 (1969), 127 (1970) 
Ref B1:    Barking Record: 92 (May. 1976) 
Ref B10:    Berkshire Archaeological Journal:  Vols. 62, 63, 64, 65, 66 (covering 1965/6 – 1971/2) 
Ref B10:     Catalogue.  Newsletter of Colchester Archaeological Trust: Newsletter Nos. 3 (x3), 5 (x2), 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15. 
Ref B1:     Cornish Archaeology: No. 29 (1990)   
Ref B1:     Current Archaeology: No. 41 (Chelmsford / Colchester interest), 70, 71, 72 (Colchester), 73, 74, 75, 77, 94. 
Ref B1:     History.  193. 
Ref B10:     History Today.   Jan-Dec 1966, Jan-Dec 1967, Jan 1975, Feb 1975, Mar 1975, Apr 1975, May 1975, Jun 1975
Ref B1:     Journal of Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland vol 126 (1996) 
Ref B10:     Local Population Studies 7-8, 10, 11, 13, 16. 
Ref B1:     The Suffolk Review: Vol 4 No 5 (Summer 1977) 
Ref B2:      Herefordshire Birds: 1954 (2 copies), 1975
Ref B2:     Essex Countryside:  No. 49 (Feb 1961), No. 50 (Mar 1961), No. 51 (Apr 1961), No. 53 (June 1961), No. 55 (Aug 1961), No. 56 (Sep 1961), No. 57 (Oct 1961), No. 58 (Nov 1961)  
Ref B2:     The Regulations of the City of Hereford incl the Assize of Bread and Ale 1557 (1945)    
Ref B2:     Herefordshire Coleoptera by J R le B Tomlin (1950) 
Ref B2:     Liverpool Cathedral Official Handbook (1924) 
Ref B2:     Journal of the British Archaeological Association (Sep 1891) - no cover 
Ref B2:     Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire Archaeological Proceedings (c1901)
Ref B2:    The Last Testament and Inventory of John de Veer 13th Earl of Oxford by Sir William H St Hope John (1915)
Ref B2:     Roman Leicester.  A Paper.  (1851) by J F Hollings 
Ref B2:    History of Caston, Norfolk.  Parts 1 & 3. By John S Barnes
Ref B2:   The Brasses of Norfolk Churches by Roger Greenwood & Malcolm Norris (1976) [2 copies] 
Ref B2:   The Fanshawe Family (4 booklets) 1868-1871 [reference to Barking and Dagenham] 
Ref B2:  The Wards of the City of Norwich. Their Origins and History. By the Revd. William Hudson MA (1891) 
Ref B2:    The Curfew. Its origins and history.  By L Cresswell. Gentleman’s Magazine. 
Ref B2:    British Archaeology: 37 (Sep 1998), 38 (Oct 1998), 39 (Nov 1998), 40 (Dec 1998), 41 (Feb 1999), 43 (Apr 1999), 49 (Nov 1999), 50 (Dec 1999)   

Ref B2:      Essex Journal.  Summer 1986. [Roman Coggeshall, Harlowbury excavations, etc] 
Ref B2:      Local History. 30 (April 1991) [Mee, featuring Finchingfield on cover]   
Ref B2:    The Historian. 10 (Spring 1986), 100 (Winter 2008), 102 (Summer 2009) 
Ref B2:    Trans. Newcomen Socy Vol XII 1933  (Vol 12).  "Men of Straw: An Account of Surviving Straw Handicraft by Thomas B Hennell.  (read at the Chartered Institute of Patent Agents, November 25th 1931)"  Loose pages 15-29. 

Ref: B2:   London Boy to Farmers Boy - by Eric Lascelles [1908-2001]  (2001) 
Ref: B2:  Essex Homes - Essex County Council (4th edition, 1978)  
Ref B2:  A Living Society.  Celebrating the History of Colchester and East Anglian Co-operative Society - Jonathon Meade (1999) 

Ref B3:  Essex Local History.  A Short Guide to Books & Manuscripts - compiled by Gladys A Ward for the Essex Committee of the National Register of Archives. 1950.  [approximate A5 size. 36 pages.  includes photographs of Chelmsford Manor Bye-laws 1564; Inventory of a Husbandman's Goods 1638; Aldham map 1639; Mrs Slany's Remedies 1715]
Ref B10:  Catalogue.  Newsletter of Colchester Archaeological Trust: Nos 2-20 inclusive
Ref B3:  Aisleless Apsidal Churches of Great Britain by F H Fairweather (Colchester, 1933)    2 copies
Ref B3:  Churchill and Chartwell.  Robin Fedden    (National Trust 1986)

Ref B3:  Guidebooks / booklets / pamphlets / ephemera
(Cornwall) (Tintangel)  'King Arthur' Tintagel Castle & Celtic Monastery - 34th edition (1980) 
(Devon) (Morwellham) Morwellham Quay in the Tamar Valley - Frank Booker (1983)  [Predates BBC TV location for 'Edwardian Farm']
(Essex) (Colne Engaine)  Colne Engaine. The Story of an Essex Parish. (1974)
(Essex)  (Dedham)  "Essex branch of the Council for the Protection of Rural England.  In 1973 The Duchy Barn, Dedham was opened...
(Essex) (Dedham)  The Parish Church of St Mary Church - Canon A R Johnston (1971)
(ESsex)  (Dedham)  John Constable Painting & Countryside - James Pawsey  (undated)
(Essex) (High Laver)  All Saints Church High Laver.  John Locke 1632-1704  (c1982)
(Essex) (St Osyth)  St Osyth's Priory. An account of the history of the Priory and the East Wing of the Gatehouse and its contents.   (English Life Publications, 1980)
(ESsex) (Waltham Abbey) A Walk Round Waltham Abbey. Monastery and Town. By K N Bascombe (1974)
(Herefordshire)  (Hereford)  A Walk Round Hereford Carhedral
(Hertfordshire) St Michael's Church Bishop's Stortford - Joe G Smith (1974)
(Humberside)  (Kingston-upon-Hull) Wiberforce House Hull. History & Collections 17th edition (1978)
(Kent) (Maidstone)  Maidstone. An Outline History- John |Hilton (1979)
(Kent)  (Tenterden)  The Parish Church of St Mildred Tenterden  (c1987)
(Lincolnshire)  (Lincoln)  Lincoln City & County Museum Publications No 15.  General Guide - by Arthur Smith (May 1913)
(Norfolk) (Salle)  Salle [church guide] (c1973)
(Norfolk) (Felbrigg)  Pigeons for Food.  Felbrigg Hall  - A5 card
(Norfolk) (Hingham)  Hingham in History  - by M E Lonsdale   (c1982)
(Norfolk) (Norwich)  The Assembly House, Norwich (c1982)
(Norfolk) (Thetford)  Norfolk & Norwich Archaeological Society.  Vol xvi page 39-45.  Thetford Castle Hill - communicated by W G Clarke (undated but old)
(Suffolk) (Shotley) St Mary's Church, Shotley. A Short Guide & St Mary's Church, Shotley. A Church-Crawler's Notesheet
(Wiltshire) (Salisbury)  Historic Salisbury including Stonehenge  (J Salmon) (c1985)
(Yorkshire)  (Harpham)  Roman Villa at Harpham, East Yorks - by Thomas Sheppard (undated - part of unknown publication)
(Yorkshire) (Kiburn)  Kilburn, Yorkshire [village guide]
(Yorkshire) (York)  The York Story (c1980)

Congress of Archaeological Societies in union with The Society of Antiquaries of London.  Report of the Research Committee for the year 1939  (1942)  

Congress of Archaeological Societies in union with The Society of Antiquaries of London.  Report of the 54th Congress and the reaesrch Committee for the year 1937  (1938)

Memorandum on the Ancient Monuments Acts.  Council for British Archaeology - 2nd edition revised 1954

Two Confreneces on the use of Museums in Promoting 'Nature Study' in Schools.  Saturday October 10th 1908 & Saturday February 20th 1909.  Reprinted from the Essex Naturalist Vol XVI pp31-45 July 1909  .  Published by the Essex Field Club.

Railway Police Journal.   October 1948,  October 1949,  April 1950.   

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