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Monday, 11 March 2013

Feet of Fines


The calendar of Feet of Fines for Essex was launched in 1899, at first published in parts but later gathered into four volumes. The series was later extended by two more privately produced volumes.
Volume 1. 1182-1272, ed., R.E.G. Kirk (1910)
Volume 2. 1272-1326, ed., R.C. Fowler (1928)
Volume 3. 1327-1422, ed., S.C. Ratcliff (1949)
Volume 4. 1423-1547, ed., P.H. Reaney and M. Fitch (1964)
Volume 5. 1547-1580, ed., M. Fitch and F. Emmison (Leopard’s Head Press, 1991)
Volume 6. 1581-1603, ed., F.G. Emmison (Leopard’s Head Press, 1993)
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