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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

New Location Designated for Essex Society for Archaeology and History Library

"Watch this space" could be have been the words to describe the setting of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History's Annual General Meeting last Saturday (13 June 2015).  Members gathered in the newly extended Albert Sloman Library at the University of Essex for the first public meeting held there.  In autumn 2015 the Society’s own library will relocate to this new dedicated space on the first floor.  Members sat in the area to be fitted out as a Reading Room and saw the room behind glass panels which would house the collection of books amassed over the Society's 163 year history.  It is considered to be one of the most important archaeological libraries in the region.  

Work nears completion on extended
Albert Sloman Library (rear)
The University generously allowed the Essex Society for Archaeology and History to place intact its Library there in 2000 when expansion of the Hollytrees museum in Colchester required space to be freed up.  The University is also custodian of other important county specialist collections. The ESAH Library was housed in the basement area which the University felt was unsatisfactory.  The library building extension is a fulfillment of a long-held vision to conserve collections in a better environment.

Following the AGM members were able to view the Society's Library in its current location.

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