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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Essex Society for Archaeology and History. Annual General Meeting to be held Saturday 13 June 2015, 2pm, at University of Essex

                                                ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
NOTICE  is given that the Annual General Meeting of the Society will be held to 2.00pm on Saturday 13 June 2015 at the Albert Sloman Library, University of Essex.

1)       Apologies for absence
2)       Minutes of the 2014 Annual General Meeting (to be tabled)
3)       Matters arising
4)       Annual Report for 2014
5)       Accounts & Balance Sheet (full accounts to be tabled; a summary is enclosed)
6)       To vote on the proposition that the amended constitution  being presented to this AGM  2015 be adopted
7)       Election of Examiner of Accounts; Mr P Evans has been proposed.
8)       The Publication & Research Fund
9)       The Essex Place-names Project
10)   The Industrial Archaeology Group
11)   Election of President
12)   Election of Vice-Presidents; Mr D Buckley, Mr S Newens, Mr A B Phillips, Dr J. Ward, Dr M Leach have been proposed.
13)   Election of the six members of Council of Management in accordance with Clause D.1 c of the new constitution. The following have been proposed Mr H M Stutchfield, Dr C C Thornton, Mr G M Davies.  Further nominations will be announced at the AGM
14)   Election of the ex-officio members of Council of Management
15)   Election of  the Curator; Mr P Wise has been proposed
16)   Any other business
After the meeting there will be an opportunity to visit the Library and a tea will be available, price £5.  Please book in the usual way for instructions and a location map.  Copies of the 2014 AGM minutes, and the full accounts and balance sheet, can be obtained in advance from the Hon. Secretary, 26 Mountview Crescent, St. Lawrence, Southminster, CM0 7NT. (email:
The following ex-officio members are proposed by the Council for election to the Council of Management:                                                                                       President                                Mr A. Corder-Birch
Secretary                               Mr J Hayward
Treasurer                               Mr W M Abbott
EIAG Chairman                  Mr A Crosby

The other officers for the Society are as follows
Editor                                   Vacant
Deputy Editor                       Miss H Walker
Librarian                              Dr J Pearson
Deputy Librarian                 Mr A Smith
Membership Secretary       Mrs T Hunter
Programme Secretary         Mr P Sainsbury
Excursion Secretary            Dr G Gould
Newsletter Editor                
P & R Fund Secretary         Dr C Thornton
The new Council will co-opt some of these officers onto the Council of Management.


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