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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Welcome to ESAH160

The 'Essex Society for Archaeology and History', one of the County’s oldest societies, turns 160 this year.  Founded in 1852 in Colchester the Essex Archaeological Society, as it was originally known, continues to this day arranging excursions / visits for its members and producing annually its Transactions, titled ‘Essex Archaeology and History’.  

The Society is in the process of updating its online presence.  We have a website which will be developed over the next year or so.  In the meantime we have launched this interim blog site with the objective of sharing news of our Society and anything of historical or archaeological interest in our fair county of Essex.  

My name is Andrew Smith, Library Committee Secretary to the ESAH, and I have been running a local history blog (in Blackmore) for five years.  From comments and feedback received, and the sharing of new information, it is clear that this is a worthwhile medium.  So, whether you are a member of the ESAH or not we would welcome your comments, feedback and any history or heritage news you have.

Why am I a member of ESAH?
  As an amateur enthusiast it is good to meet like-minded people who are professional or keen historians, archaeologists, researchers etc.  I have found membership very interesting indeed.  The Society’s objectives are:
-          To promote and encourage the study of the archaeology and history of the historic county of Essex.
-          In furtherance of the above, to publish the results of such studies in its journal and to disseminate information on matters relating to archaeology and history in Essex through appropriate media.
-          To organise conferences, lectures and visits for the benefit of members of the Society and interested members of the public; to educate the wider community in the archaeological heritage of Essex; to co-operate with other bodies on matters of common interest and concern
-          To provide library facilities for Society members and approved members of the public.

For information about the Society itself and membership – we are always looking for new members – go to the website:

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