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A series of Colchester postcards: to inspire a visit to the 'oldest recorded town in England'.

St Botolphs Priory

Albert Cottage, Mountnessing, Brentwood, Essex.
Aug 19 07

Thanks very much for the letter received by this evening’s post.  I shall write tomorrow if I do not get time this evening so you may expect a letter Wednesday morning.
Love &c

Colchester Abbey Gateway

Mountnessing, Essex.
Aug 21 07

Will you thank Susy very much for postcard received this morning from Swansea. I am very sorry that the Bangor Ladies’ Choir did not win and am sure that their performance was nothing to be ashamed of.
Before the Dissolution of the Monastries, Colchester Abbey was one of the most important in the Kingdom with a mitred abbot at its head who sat in the House of Lords the same as the Bishops.  Don’t you think that the gateway of the Abbey is grand.  My last card showed the ruins of S. Botolphs Priory which was a distinct foundation from the abbey over a mile away.
Love best wishes. W

Colchester R Colne

Mountnessing, Essex
Aug 22 07

The collapse of the Promenade at the rear of the Eisteddfed Pavilion was a nasty accident.
I am glad to see from this morning’s paper that none from Bangor or any that I know were hurt. Was Susy anywhere near at the time?  I was rather apprehensive when I saw stop-press notice of the accident in yesterday evening’s paper.
Love &c

Colchester Lexden Church

Mountnessing, Brentwood, Essex
Aug 23 07

Letter received by this evening’s post.
House is full of children & an uproarious children’s party is in progress.
Humour – good.
Will send a letter tomorrow morning.
Weather is cloudy.
Love & best wishes. W.

Colchester, Stockwell Street

Mountnessing, Brentwood
Aug 26 07

Many thanks for N.W. Chronicle which I received by his morning’s post. I was pleased to see that North Wales was well represented in the literary successes at the National Eisteddfod and among them I noticed the name of the Bishop’s Chaplain (Rev W Williams).  No one would think from a casual acquaintance that he had so  much in him.
Would you like a day in London in a few days before coming here?  I believe I can arrange it if you like.  Let me know as early as you can so that I can make arrangements.  Love & C. W.

Colchester, North Hill

Albert Cottage, Mountnessing, Brentwood
Aug 27 07

This view shows the road leading down to the R Colne & the railway Stn. You will be able to realise from it that the hill on which Colchester is built is very steep, hence its strength as a military centre from former times. The church, to whose tower the Clock is attached, is S. Peter’s Church, which is the reputed oldest church in the town.  In the time of the Roman occupation Colchester was one their most important cities, more important in some respects than London. The city was the see of the ancient British Church & its bishop attended the Council of Arles (AD 395 I believe).
Received letter this evening.  Am disappointed.  Shall write to-night or tomorrow morning.
Love & c. W

Colchester, High Street & Town Hall

Aug 29th 1907

The weather has been splendid since Monday and the sun has been hot. I think it is showing what it can do so as to be sure of giving you fine weather when you come.  I hope that will be very soon now.  I expect it is hot in the workroom today if you are having similar weather to what we are.
I was wondering this morning if you were up betimes & attended the Prayer time before going to work.  If you had done so I hope you won’t feel too good for the rest of the day. I wonder if Mr Griffiths is the better for the situation. I shall expect to hear when I see you that never before were the sermons so good & consequently that the hearers were never in a more Christian mood.
That is the measure of a good sermon, isn’t it?
Love & best wishes.  W.

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