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Transactions Transcriptions: 'Old Series' Volume 4

All Saints, Stock
Timber bell tower
Transactions transcriptions – Part 2

To increase our online presence, one of the goals of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History is to provide more information on the many thousands of pages of articles which have been produced over its 160 year history.  Online contents lists and indexes do not exist at the present time but other external sites have downloaded text and facsimile copies.  Although digitisation is not prefect it is better than no thing!.  So to plagiarise back our own work – now out of copyright – the following is available.

Transactions. Old Series Volume 4
Text only version
Online copy

I.               Ancient Wills (No. 5) [Thomas D’Arcy, 1486] by H W King … 1
Corrigendum  … 24 
II.             The Descent of the Manor of Horham, and of the Family of Cutts, by H. W. King ... 25 
An Abstract of the Lord Cutts, his Debts given in by his Majesty's command, March 17th , 1698 ... 42 
Pedigree of the Family of Cutts v. Cutte of Horham and Arkesden Co, Essex, by G. H. Rogers-Harrison F.S.A., Windsor Herald ... 43 
III.           The Ancestry and Descent of the Rev. Philip Morant, the Essex Historian, by G. H. Rogers-Harrison F.S.A., Windsor Herald ... 48 
IV.          Notice of a Wall Painting lately exposed in West Ham Church, with some Notes on recent alterations effected there, by the Rev. R H Clutterbuck ... 45 
V.            Report on the Excavation of a Roman House at Colchester, by Josiah Parish ... 53 
Further Report on ditto ... 67 
Errata to Ancient Wills ... 62 
VI.          On some of the Artistic Features of the Essex Cottages, by the Rev. E S Corrie ... 63 
VII.        Notes of Recent Excavations at Hadleigh Castle, by H. W. King ... 70 
VIII.      A Description of St. John's Church, Clacton Magna, by Edward C Hakewell ... 82 
IX.           Timber Work in Churches ... 89
Antiquities recently discovered in the County ... 120 
X.             On Old Houses, with reference to some Examples in the Neighbourhood, by the Rev. C Lesingham Smith M.A. … 121 
XI.           On the Brass of Sir William Fitz Ralph, c. 1323, in Pebmarsh Church, Essex, By John Piggot, Jun. ... 132 
XII.         Notes on the Polychromatic Decoration of Churches, with special reference to a Wall Painting discovered in Ingatestone Church. By John Piggot, Jun. ... 137 
XIII.       Memoir of the Roman Remains, and Discoveries made, at Fitzjohns, Great Canfield By Mrs. Maryon Wilson ... 144 
XIV.      Ancient Wills (No. 6.) [Henry, Lord Marney, Layer Marney, 1523], by H. W. King ... 147 
XV.        Ancient Wills (No. 7.) [Rev. Samuel Purcas, Ludgate, 1626 – Thaxted connection], by H. W. King ... 164 
A Sketch of the Genealogy of the Purchas Family . ... 183 
Annual General Meeting at Great Dunmow, 30th July, 1867 … 184
XVI.      Essex Families and Nomenclature in New England, by Colonel Joseph Lemuel Chester ... 189 
XVII.    Inventories of Church Goods, 6th Edw. VI., by H. W. King ... 197 
XVIII.  Report of a Lecture on Hedingham Castle, by J H Parker … 235 
XIX.       On the Plan of Hedingham Castle, as disclosed by recent Excavations, and compared with a survey made in 1592, by Lewis A. Majendie ... 240 
Key to the Plan of Excavations of Hedingham Castle … 240
XX.         Letter of Miles Corbet the Regicide, dated from the Tower of London, 18th of April, 1662, the day before his Execution, and addressed to his Son, John Corbet, by H. W. King ... 244 
XXI.       Ornamental Fruit Trenchers inscribed with Posies ... 253 
XXII.     Notes on Sepulchral Remains found at Colchester … 257 
Annual General Meeting at Brentwood, 28th July, 1868 ... 269 
Special General Meeting at Hedingham Castle, 29th August, 1868 … 272 
Recent Archaeological Researches ... 276 
Antiquities recently discovered in the County ... 279 

Digitised copies of ‘Transactions’ Old Series, Volume 5, and ‘New Series’ Volumes 1 & 2 do not appear to have been published online.  

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