Sunday, 9 October 2016

Documents Recently Deposited at the Essex Record Office

The Essex Society for Archaeology and History has placed the following items of its property on permanent loan at the Essex Record Office.  In doing so this enables the public access these documents for the first time ever.  These are the first fruits of work carried out by the Library and Archives Committee in recent times, and follows a long history of depositing important Essex documents for safe keeping.
(27)  Agreement for the Custody of Records. A14458. Ref ERO D/Z 183 addl. 27.5.2016. Records of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History being the Grant of Arms to the Society.  Deposited by A. Corder-Birch, President.
(28) Agreement for the Custody of Records. A14508. Records of ESAH deposited 19.7.2016.  Box 1. S/LIB/9/8 ‘Papers read by Sperling: Gainsborough’s Countryside; Hedingham Castle; Holy Trinity Church, Long Melford (3 parts)’.  S/LIB/9/9 ‘Sperling Correspondence’ contains letter from TDS Bayley related to returning books; papers related to Symonds and extended family pedigree and research [1930s]; letter related to bells at Debden Rectory, Saffron Walden, 1932; postcard of Debden Church; black and white photograph Debden Church.  S/LIB/9/16 ‘Pedigrees etc of Charles Partridge (1927)’ contains letter concerning research queries with pedigrees for various families.  S/LIB/9/17 ‘Sperling Index of Essex Churches’ containing brief details of history of church. Also loose handwritten notes and map of Essex with villages underlined.  S/LIB/9/20.  ‘Family Pedigrees – compiled by Sperling’.  S/LIB/9/19.  Notebook of handwritten notes taken from the Parish Book of Holy Trinity, Colchester (D/P 323/8/1).  S/LIB/9/18 ‘Sperling MSS – To be preserved, Heraldic Correspondence between the Rev HL Elliot and CFDS [Sperling], 1907-1918’ contains letters related to research written to Sperling from various authors mainly Henry Elliot of Gosfield Vicarage, Halstead, 1902-1919.  S/LIB/9/10-15. Bundle of handwritten notebooks which appear to include research notes taken from parish records, 6 volumes.  S/LIB/9/26. ‘The Will of Christopher Urswick died 1522’ handwritten copy by unknown author.  S/LIB/9/40 Typed copy of ‘Book of the Half-Yearly Visitations of The Archdeacons of Colchester’ with pencil annotations covering 1587 and 1588. Taken from original Visitations book, D/ACV1.  S/LIB/9/29 ‘Miscellaneous Unrelated Items’ contains Colchester rail, motor bus and motor coach time table, 1936; letter related to right of way at Thorrington, 1939; letter related to use of Frating Memorial Hall as Polling Station, 1939; pamphlet ‘Sunday Gas Work, Carbonizing on the Lord’s Day, Can it be diminished?’, 1879; ‘Junior and Senior Teachers World and Schoolmistress’, May 1940; flyer issued by Ministry of Supply related to collection of old iron [1940s].  S/LIB/9/30 Photograph album with unlabelled and undated black and white photographs showing pets, men in uniform, nuns, children, nurses [c1910s].  S/LIB/9/39 Handwritten extracts from ‘Guide to Heraldry and Genealogy’ by George Gatfield.  S/LIB/9/32 ‘Index to list of Essex entries in the De Banco Rolls (from 1273 – in National Archives), Handwritten list of names and places with page number.  S/LIB/9/35 ‘Essex Brasses’ contains handwritten list of locations in Essex and nationwide entitled ‘Montagu Benton’s papers. Donated by British Museum on behalf of Mr Percy Thompson whose [brass] rubbings they are’, [1974].   S/LIB/9/36 ‘Little Parndon: Notes on Parish Records’ contains handwritten notes.  S/LIB/9/37 ‘Session Rolls’ contains typed extracts covering 1536 to 1565.  Box 2. S/LIB/9/1 ‘Sperling Notabilia Quodam I’ contains indexed handwritten notes by CFD Sperling dated 1892 related to various Essex and nationwide churches, houses and Halls, such as Stansted Hall, Dynes Hall and Alphamstone Church. Includes cuttings, rubbings, photographs and sketches. 1 volume.  S/LIB/9/3 ‘Sperling Notabilia Quodam III 1894’ contains indexed handwritten notes by CFD Sperling related to various Essex and nationwide churches, houses, and Halls. Includes cuttings, photographs and sketches. 1 volume.  S/LIB/9/4 ‘Sperling MS Notes IV 1895’ contains indexed handwritten notes by CFD Sperling related to various Essex and nationwide churches, houses and Halls. Includes cuttings, photographs, letters (1901-1913) and sketches. 1 volume.  S/LIB/9/33 ‘Student’s notebook on archaeology ‘Settlements and Societies’, handwritten notes by unknown author.  S/LIB/9/44 ‘Manor of Dedham Hall, Rental Ladyday 1762’. Notebook containing handwritten transcription.  Box 3. S/LIB/9/5 ‘Sperling Notes 1898-1902’. Indexed volume V including various Essex and nationwide locations, contains cuttings, sketches, rubbings and photographs.  S/LIB/9/6 ‘Sperling. Essex churches, 1902-1910. Indexed volume VI including various locations, contains cuttings, sketches and rubbings.  S/LIB/9/31 ‘Philip Laver, Miscellaneous papers and notes’ contains letters and handwritten notes related to research, 1920-1925.  Box 4. S/LIB/9/28 ‘Notes and gleanings – Glascock, 1882-1925’ relates to locations in Essex and Hertfordshire and contains handwritten notes, sketches and cutting.  S/LIB/9/27 Volume ‘The Development of Armour and Costume from the XIVth [14th] century to the XVIIth [17th] century as illustrated in the memorial brasses of Essex by AC Edwards’.  S/LIB/9/45 ‘King Cole and his Kingdom, TS Draft’, unpublished volume written by RJ Appleby.  S/LIB/9/41 ‘[Essex] book plates’ collected for the Essex Archaeological Society by PG Laver during the 1920s and 1930s. Includes handwritten list and small volume of contents with nine packets of bookplates and one packet of letterheads.  S/LIB/9/34 ‘Transcription Cambridge University Library Add MS6149’ contains handwritten notes by unknown author.  S/LIB/9/38 ‘Minchen’s Farm, Great Dunmow’ contains handwritten notes, letters (1912-1918), pedigrees and photographs related to the Glasscock family and Minchens Farm.  S/LIB/9/42 ‘Wax Seals’. Seven seals with handwritten list.  S/LIB/9/46 ‘Particulars of sale of property’ contains Budds Farm, Highwood near Chelmsford, 1930; ‘The Roses’, Station Road, Tolleshunt D’Arcy, 1964; 82 Broomfield Road, Chelmsford, 1955; Grey Goose Farm, Stifford Clays, 1973; The Elms Estate (Broomfield), 1937; Valuable Freehold Building Land, Tiptree, Essex, 1964; Benyon Estates near Romford, Hornchurch, Dagenham & the Thames-Side Industrial Areas, 1937; Also photocopy of Manning Farm & The Cedars or Dairy Farm, Frating, 1921; The Manor, Tendring, 1923.  Box 5.  S/LIB/9/47 Letter and extracts from parish registers related to birth defects in Colchester St Peter, 1687 (ERO D/P 178/1/2); Colchester St Mary Walls, 1742 (D/P 246/1/5); and, Colchester St Mary Walls, 1738 (D/P 246/1/5).  S/SEC/4/1 ‘Parish Register Enquiry and Replies 1858’ contains material that appears to have been sent to Rev EL Cutts including handwritten extracts from Navestock registers with related letter from possible author, William Stubbs, letters concerning research with related papers including transcriptions of parish register, 1858-1869.  S/LIB/9/50 Removed from box labelled ‘Parish Register Transcripts and Indexes’ includes transcriptions of Essex Parish registers and monumental transcriptions with related letters.  Box 6. S/LIB/9/51 ‘Some Essex Closing Rings, Photographs by Fred Brand and SE Lloyd 1935’ which also includes sketches. 

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