Sunday, 26 May 2019

Newsletter (Spring 2019)

Newsletter No. 188, Spring 2019, has been sent to members of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History. Contents in this edition include:
- From The President
- Morant Lecture 2019
- EIAG Delivers an Updated Chelmsford Industrial Trail
- Princely Tomb Artifacts Return to Southend
- Turkish Pirate Ship off Leigh-on-Sea
- All in a Days Duty
- Setting Up Libraries in the Seventeenth Century
- SPAB, the National Trust and Eastbury Manor, Barking
- Another Troublesome Essex Rector
- Evangelical Religion in Chelmsford in 1538
- Latitude and Longitude Coordinates versus Ordnance Survey Grid References
- A Late Erroneous Inscription
- An Antiquarian's Nightmare
- William Ayloff of Hornchurch and Iron Firebacks made in Kent
- Goshams Farm, East Tilbury
- V2 Rocket Archaeology
- Ig Nobel Awards for 2018
- Wallasea Island Update
- News about the Victoria County History of Essex
- Essex Seen From Elsewhere
- Book Reviews
- Readers Letters
- Events in Essex
- We Welcome New Members  

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