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Transactions Contents: 'Series 3' Volume 37

Essex Archaeology and History: Volume 37 (2006)
Transactions of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History

Coinage and territoriality in Iron Age Essex and Suffolk:  Mark Curteis
A Late Iron Age and Roman enclosure at Great Notley:  Howard Brooks
Roman and Medieval land-use in the upper Roding valley: excavations at Frogs Hall Borrow Pit, Takeley 2002:  Trevor Ennis
Roman and early medieval bricks and tiles: can they be distinguished? :  Peter Minter, John F Porter & Pat Ryan
A medieval detached kitchen at Little Braxted Hall:  Richard Bond, John Walker & David Andrews
Education in eighteenth-century Colchester 1700-1815:  David Tomlinson
The first Parish Councils and the agricultural labourers of Essex:  Ted Woodgate
Archaeology in Essex 2005:  Richard Havis (ed.)
Church miscellany:  David Andrews (ed.)
Historic buildings notes and surveys:  David Andrews (ed.)
Shorter notes
Prehistoric and medieval activity on the gravel terrace at East Ham:  Chris Mayo
Evidence for a medieval farmstead at Takeley:  Chris Mayo
Medieval activity south of Bonnington’s Farm , Takeley:  Bruno Barber
A Swedish observer in Essex in 1748:  John McCann
Industrial housing in Essex:  Tony Crosby, Adam Garwood & Adrian Corder-Birch
Book reviews
Essex bibliography

Transactions Contents: 'Series 3' Volume 36

Essex Archaeology and History: Volume 36 (2005)
Transactions of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History

Archaeological fieldwalking in Essex 1986-2005:  Maria Medlycott
Archaeology on mid-Essex clay: investigations on the A130 by-pass:  Ruarigh Dale, David Maynard & Joyce Compton
A Bronze Age, Roman and Saxon site at Bishops Park College, Jaywick Lane, Clacton-on-Sea:  Andy Letch
A Roman cemetery at Great Dunmow:  Leonora O’Brien
The Portable Antiquities Scheme: a small selection of finds from Essex from August 2003 to December 2005:  Caroline McDonald
A geological review of some early Essex quoins:  John F Potter
A Norman Government of Essex 1066-1154:  W Raymond Powell
Excavations at Church Lane / Church Street, Dagenham:  David Bowsher
A late medieval site at Great Garlands Farm, Stanford-le-Hope, and other archaeological work on the Coryton-Mucking pipeline:   Mark Peachey & Ruarigh Dale
Archaeology in 2004:  Alison Bennett (ed.)
Church Miscellany:  D D Andrews (ed.)
Historic buildings notes and surveys:  D D Andrews (ed.)
Shorter notes
Prehistoric and medieval sites from a pipeline on the western side of the M11:  Richard Havis
A Late Iron Age and early Roman enclosure at Bulls Lodge Quarry, Boreham Airfield:  Joanne Archer & Rachel Clarke
Roman remains at Redbond Lodge, Great Dunmow:  Andrew Robertson
Medieval deposits at 73-74 High Street, Chelmsford: excavations 2000:  Nick Lavender
A ‘magnum fossatum’ at Saffron Walden: excavations at Elm Grove, Goul Lane 2001:  Trevor Ennis
Sible Hedingham, St Peter. The vestry and medieval floor discovered in it:  D D Andrews
‘Yesterday my lord of Gloucester came to Colchester … ‘:  John Ashdown-Hill
Book reviews
Essex bibliography

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Transactions Contents: 'Series 3' Volume 35

Essex Archaeology and History: Volume 35 (2004)
Transactions of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History

Late Roman buildings at Bishop’s House, Great Chesterford: excavations 1999:  Adam Garwood
Rivenhall revisited: further excavations in the churchyard of St Mary and All Saints 1999:  Rachel Clarke
Nether Hall: A fortified manor of the Wars of the Roses:  D D Andrews
Wallasea Island: the history and archaeology of a marshland landscape:  Ellen Heppell
‘All condition of life and labour’: the presence of Black people in Essex before 1950:  David Killingray
Football and footballers in Essex before the First World War: Gentlemen or scoundrels?:  Paul Rusiecki
Archaeology in Essex 2003:  Alison Bennett & Mike Roy (ed.)
Work of ECC archaeological service 2003:  Sally Gale (ed.)
Historic buildings and church notes and surveys:  D D Andrews (ed.)
Shorter notes
Flintwork from Mill Farm, Brightlingsea:  R N E Barton
A rare discoidal flint knife from the Blackwater estuary:  H Martingell & R Larner
A prehistoric site at Hall Farm, Little Bentley:  N J Lavender & M Germany
A Middle Iron Age red hill at Tollesbury Creek, Tollesbury:  M Germany
A131 Great Leighs by-pass archaeological investigations 1993-2002:  N J Lavender
Brinson revisited: emergency ditch recording at Roman Great Chesterford:  M Peachy
Excavations at Mark Hall School, Harlow:  Andrew Robertson
Recent finds from Essex reported to Colchester Museums 2001-2002:  Philip J Wise
A medieval ceramic culinary mould from Mill Green, near Ingatestone:  Helen Walker
The death of Edward V – new evidence from Colchester:  John Ashdown-Hill  (view online: http://cat.essex.ac.uk/reports/EAS-report-0002.pdf )
Late medieval and post-medieval remains at the former St John’s ambulance shop, Park Street, Thaxted:  Mike Roy
Finds from a well behind 2 High Street, Kelvedon:  Helen Walker
A tower at Fingringhoe:  John McCann
Book reviews
Obituary: Herbert Hope Lockwood:  Kenneth Neale

Transactions Contents: 'Series 3' Volume 34

Essex Archaeology and History: Volume 34 (2003)
Transactions of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History

Two Late Bronze Age hoards from south-east Essex:  Ken Crowe
A Late Bronze Age site at Springfield Park, Chelmsford:  Andrew Manning & Chris Moore
A Late Iron Age settlement at Cressing:  John Hope
Late Iron Age / early Roman and early medieval activity in the Lea valley at Chingford:  Barry Bishop
Richard Lord Rich’s mansion at Rochford Hall:  D D Andrews
Excavations at St Mary Magdalen’s hospital, Brook Street, Colchester:  Carl Crossan   (view online: http://cat.essex.ac.uk/reports/EAS-report-0076.pdf)
The place-name element ‘beorg’ and other mounds in Essex:  James Kemble
A life of true conversations?: the career of Nehemiah Rogers 1618-1660:  Maria Egan
Myth, mystery and martyrdom: Colchester 1648:  Barbara Donagen
Thomas Edward’s Essex: evaluating Gangraena:  Ann Hughes
Women in the marketplace in early modern Essex:  Amanda Flather
Treasure in heaven? The social status of Essex Clergymen 1670-1790, as revealed through their wills:  Jane Pearson
Rayner Taylor (1747-1825), Chelmsford’s first organist:  Olive Baldwin & Thelma Wilson
Historic building conservation in Essex:  Peter Richards
Shorter notes
A shafthole adze from Starlings Green, Clavering:  Hazel Martingell
Archaeology in Essex 2002:  Alison Bennett (ed.)
Work of the ECC archaeological service 2002:  Sally Gale (ed.)
Church miscellany:  D D Andrews (ed.)
Historic buildings notes and surveys:  D D Andrews (ed.)
Book reviews
Essex bibliography
American theses on the history of Essex

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Transactions Contents: 'Series 3' Volume 33

Essex Archaeology and History: Volume 33 (2002)
Transactions of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History

Obituary: Frank Sainsbury B.E.M., A.L.A. (1915-2001)
Jousting at windmills.  The Essex Cropmark Enclosures Project:  N Brown & M Germany
A Bronze Age and Saxon occupation site at Frog Hall Farm, Fingringhoe:  H Brooks
The north-western town defences of Kelvedon.  Excavations of an Iron Age and Roman site on land to the rear of Lawson Villas, Kelvedon:  T Ennis & S Foreman
Excavations at 97-99 High Street, Braintree:  A Pearson
A Roman site behind Flacks Hotel, 103-5 High Street, Braintree:  S Hickling
A Roman site at Marlborough Road, Braintree:  Maria Medlycott
A Roman agricultural landscape at the Old Golf Course site, Mill Hill, Braintree:  R Humphrey
A late Iron Age and Romano-British farmstead at Ship Lane, Aveley:  S Foreman & D Maynard
Barkingwic?  Saxon and medieval features adjacent to Barking Abbey: G Hull
A moated manor at Low Hall, Walthamstow:  I Blair
Saffron Walden: the topography of the southern half of the town and marketplace:  D D Andrews, C Mundy & Helen Walker
Cloth seals and other metal-detecting finds from Saffron Walden:  T Carter, G Egan & Maria Medlycott
Maidens’ garlands.  An Essex example of ancient church folklore:  Gareth Spriggs, J A Spriggs & Sarah Spriggs
An 18th-centiury assemblage from a well in Castle Hedingham:  Helen Walker, Pat Ryan & D D Andrews
Charity and the economy of the poor in an Essex parish: Canewdon in the early modern period:  K Crowe
Combination and control: cultural politics in the management of Friendly Societies in 19th-century Essex and Suffolk:  D Appleby
The Brooks maltings (Dalgety site), Mistley:  Amber Patrick
Kier Hardie in West Ham: ‘A constituency with a past’:  W R Powell
Shorter notes:
A Roman stone mould from Colchester:  Caroline McDonald & P Wise
A Roman pottery group from Canvey Island:  J Hedges & T S Martin
Contour survey of Mount Bures Castle:  Rachel Clarke
Late 17th-century apothecary vessels from 108-110 The Grove, Stratford:  J Leary & C Jarrett
Recent finds from Essex reported to Colchester Museums, 1998-2000:  P Wise
Archaeology in Essex 2001:  ed Alison Burnett
Historic buildings notes and surveys: ed D D Andrews
Church miscellany:  ed D D Andrews
Work of the Essex County Council Archaeological Services:  ed Sally Gale
Book reviews
Essex bibliography

Transactions Contents: 'Series 3' Volume 32

Essex Archaeology and History: Volume 32 (2001)
Transactions of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History

Our triple Jubilee: the Essex Archaeological Society 1852-2002:  W R Powell
Prehistoric settlement and burials at Elms Farm, Heybridge:  M Atkinson & S Preston
Beaker burial, Late Iron Age and Roman features: observation and excavation at Elm Park, Ardleigh, 1994-1996:  Howard Brooks
The Bronze Age enclosure at Springfield Lyons in its landscape context:  Nigel Brown
Excavation of an Iron Age and Roman site at The Star and Fleece Hotel, Kelvedon:  David Fell & Ron Humphrey
St Mary and All Saints Church, Rivenhall. An analysis of the historic fabric:  A Letch
Joan de Bohun, Countess of Hereford, Essex and Northampton, c.1370-1419: family land and social networks:  Jennifer Ward
Helions Farm, Helions Bumpstead:  Trevor Ennis
A medieval octagonal chimney stack: evidence from Pleshey and Writtle:  N P Wickendon
Fieldwalking at Crondon Park, Stock:  Mark Germany
The desmesne lands and parks of Sir Henry Maynard in 1594:  J M Hunter
The precinct and buildings of Tilty Abbey:  Jackie Hall & David Stracham
Unnecessary persons? Maimed soldiers and war widows in Essex 1642-1662:  David Appleby
Ladies’ boarding schools in Essex c.1791-1861. Two case studies – Billericay and Maldon:  Fiona Bengtsen
‘A Venture of Faith’: the building of a school in Stow Maries:  Beryl A Board
Shorter notes
Two unusual flaked flint axes:  Hazel Martingell
A field axe or adze from Cressing:  Edward Biddulph
Excavations at Great Chesterford churchyard:  D Gadd
A Roman site at Saffron Walden:  D Fell & R Humphrey
A Roman site at Radwinter:  R Havis
An Ipswich-type Ware vessel from Althorne Creek:  Helen Walker
Chiswick Hall moated site, Chrishall:  Jon Murray
On dating from clay pipe stems found in Maldon:  Bill Clark
The Harwich Crane:  D D Andrews & B J Crouch
Archaeology in Essex 2000:  A Bennett (ed.)
Historic buildings notes and surveys:  D D Andrews (ed.)
Church miscellany:  D D Andrews (ed.)
The work of the Essex County Council Archaeology Service, 2000:  Sally Gale (ed).
Book reviews
Essex bibliography

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Transactions Contents: 'Series 3' Volume 31

Essex Archaeology and History: Volume 31 (2000)
Transactions of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History

A Late Bronze Age hoard from High Easter:  M J Cuddleford & P R Sealey
Excavations on the Hatfield Heath to Matching Tye rising main, north-west Essex:  E B A Guttman
Prehistoric, Roman and post-medieval material from Harlow: investigations at Church Langley 1989-1994:  M Medlycott
Late Iron Age and Roman sites at Grenville Road and College Road, Braintree:  A Garwood & N J Lavender
Excavations at 79 Hythe Hill, Colchester 1994-1995:  Howard Brooks
A Saxon inter-tidal timber fish weir in Collins Creek in the Blackwater estuary:  R L Hall & C P Clarke
The medieval manors of Maldon:  W R Powell
St Thomas Becket’s sisters and other studies:  The late J Horace Round, revised and completed by W R Powell
Church dedications in Colchester archdeaconry:  Janet Cooper
‘The Master of Little Braxted in his prime’: Ernest Geldart and Essex 1873-1900:  James Bettley
Work of the Essex County Council Archaeology Service, 1999:  Sally Gale (ed.)
Archaeology in Essex 1999:  A Bennett
Historic Buildings Notes and Surveys 1999:  D D Andrews (ed.)
Church Miscellany 1999:  D D Andrews (ed.)
Shorter Notes
A flint axe from Bradfield:  Philip Wise
Late Bronze Age activity at South Ockendon:  Helenka Jurglewicz & David Maynard
Marshland-inland relationships in Roman Essex sheep, salt-licks and seasonal salters:  P M Barford
Possible Saxon burials at Hatfield Peverel:  Katherine Reidy & David Maynard
A medieval oven at Grays, Thurrock: excavations at the Stifford County primary school, Parker Road 1995-1996:  Damien Bowen & Stuart Gibson
The probable site of Pleshey Old Church located:  M J Cuddleford & Peter Cott
Medieval remains at Parsonage Farm, Wimbish:  D A G Gadd
Martello Tower ‘C’, Lion Point, Jaywick:  Dave Went
Book Reviews
Essex Bibliography

Transactions Contents: 'Series 3' Volume 30

Essex Archaeology and History: Volume 30 (1999)
Transactions of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History
Bronze Age and medieval sites at Springfield, Chelmsford: excavations near the A12 Boreham Interchange, 1993:   N J Lavender
The Carmelite Friary at Maldon: excavations 1990-91:   Raphael M J Isserlin
What use are ‘Manorial Descents’?  The case of Stebbing, 1066-1545:  W R Powell
Medieval timber buildings in Chipping Ongar: excavation of the south side of Pleasance car park, 1995:  R Clarke
Woodham Walter Hall – in site and setting:  P M Ryan
Work of the Essex County Council Archaeology Section, 1998:  A Bennett (ed.)
Archaeology in Essex 1998:  A Bennett (ed.)
Historic Buildings Notes and Surveys 1998:  D D Andrews (ed.)
Church Miscellany 1998: D D Andrews (ed.)
Shorter Notes
Early Neolithic remains from Chadwell St Mary:  T Ennis & N Brown
A Late Bronze Age hoard from the Blackwater valley:  N Brown
A medieval pit group in Epping: an evaluation of the Co-op site, rear of 237-55 High Street, Epping:  Adam Garwood
Moat Cottage, The Street, Pleshey: excavations 1988:  C P Clarke & N J Lavender
The archaeology of ‘Kiln-‘ and ‘Mill-field’:  James Kemble
Book Reviews
Essex Bibliography

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Roger Chamberlayn of Colchester Castle: Transactions 'New Series' Volume 16 Part 1

Roger Chamberlayn of Colchester Castle, written by W Gurney Benham, published in 1921

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Book Review: Supermarine Spitfire

Supermarine Spitfire. Dr Alfred Price. Ian Allen Publishing. 2010. ISBN 978 1 85780 324 2.  128 pages. £19.99

This nicely presented book in landscape form is all about the Spitfire, the iconic aircraft of the Second World War.  It contains many illustrations both historic and current, but is not a coffee table book.  Dr Alfred Price not only holds a PhD in History but also has extensive experience of flying so brings to the work both knowledge and feeling for the Spitfire.  This is a technical book which accessibly takes the reader through all 24 variations of this machine – the use of the Rolls Royce Merlin and Griffon engines for example - and their pilots.  It is arranged chronologically beginning with its predecessors.  The book has few Essex references: reference to RAF Hornchurch, Rochford and North Weald in connection with the Second World War, and the latter airfield listed as the location for two of the 23 surviving airworthy craft in the UK (47 worldwide).  This is a book for those interested in military history.  

Friday, 22 February 2013

Essex Society for Archaeology and History: Morant Lecture - Friday 15 March 2013

The annual Morant Lecture will be given on Friday 15 March 2013 at 7.30pm at Chelmsford Museum.  The topic will be 'On the move, The travels of a noble household in the 14th century'.  All are welcome to the Lecture: members, prospective members and visitors.  Cost £5.  Please let us know if you are coming as this helps with catering arrangements.

The Essex Society for Archaeology and History will also have its book stall available, for the purchase of history-related material surplus to requirements of our Library, and back copies of our own Transactions - all at very attractive prices.

Colchester Castle Concert - 9 March 2013

Dear friends

I am involved in a concert soon that may be of particular interest to Essex historians.

Writtle Singers will be taking part in an evening of sacred music in Colchester Castle on Saturday 9 March;  the concert starts at 7.30pm with a reception for ticket-holders from 7pm.

In case you are unaware, Colchester castle is currently being stripped of all its museum fittings prior to refurbishment over the next year.  In this short interim period, of a month or so, between all the old fittings being removed and the new work beginning, the castle will be stripped back to its Roman walls etc  This concert is one of just a very few occasions when the public can enter the castle during this period.

It promises to be an interesting evening of music, too!  Writtle Singers' contribution includes music by Byrd, famous amongst Essex recusant catholics, of course, as well as some beautiful Tallis and Purcell and DuruflĂ©'s plainsong-based motets.   The Cavendish consort will be bringing an instrumental aspect to the evening with some beautiful baroque music.  

Do contact the box office for ticket info/bookings

Kind regards

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Transactions Contents: 'Series 3' Volume 29

Essex Archaeology and History: Volume 29 (1998)
Transactions of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History (Out of stock)

‘All’s well that ends well’: a Late Bronze Age hoard from Vange:  N Brown
Prehistoric and Romano-British activity at Stifford Clays Road, Grays: excavations at the William Edwards School 1997:  N J Lavender
A Late Iron Age and Roman site at Shillingstone Field, Great Sampford:  Adam Garwood
A Saxon building at Chadwell St Mary: excavations at Chadwell St Mary County Primary School 1996:  N J Lavender
Holy Trinity Church, Bradwell-juxta-Coggeshall: a survey of the fabric and appraisal of the Norman brickwork:  Warwick Rodwell
Peasants in Essex c.1200 – c.1340: the influence of landscape and lordship:  Jennifer C Ward
Late Medieval building remains at Saffron Walden: excavations to the rear of 33-35 High Street, Saffron Walden:  R Clarke
The uncovering and conservation of the medieval wall paintings at St James the Less, Little Tey:  Tobit Curteis
The life and times of a rural schoolmaster: Richard Stokes of Ongar Academy:  I L Williams
A revised bibliography of the publications of J H Round:  W R Powell  (available separately as an offprint)
Work of the Essex County Council Archaeology Section, 1997:  A Bennett (ed.)
Archaeology in Essex 1997:  A Bennett (ed.)
Historic Buildings Notes and Surveys 1997: D D Andrews (ed.)
Church Miscellany 1997: D D Andrews (ed.)
Shorter Notes:
A Lower Palaeolithic hand axe from Aveley:  Hazel Martingell
Late Iron Age and Roman occupation at Kirkee McMunn barracks, Colchester: D Shimmin
Survey of Plumberow Mount:  Ellen Heppel
Early Saxon finds from Chesterford:  Susan Tyler
Inter-tidal stationary fishing structures:  D Strachan
A group of metal finds from Vange:  H Major
Changing joints in spires:  Cecil Hewett
Further archaeological evidence for the late medieval cutlery industry in Thaxted: excavations at the rear of 34 Town Street:  Mark Germany & Alex Wade
Medieval occupation at Sturmer: excavations adjacent to the Sturmer barrow:  Catherine Abbott
The Essex place-names project: second interim:  James Kemble
Book Reviews
Essex Bibliography

Transactions Contents: 'Series 3' Volume 28

Essex Archaeology and History: Volume 28 (1997)
Transactions of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History

A Middle Bronze Age site at Great Wakering:  K Reidy
A prehistoric and Roman occupation and burial site at Heybridge: excavations at Langford Road 1994:  Brona Langton & Neil Holbrook
Middle Iron Age and Romano-British settlement at Great Dunmow: excavations at Buildings Farm 1993:  N J Lavender
Prehistoric and Roman material from Rainham: observation at the Rainham Football Ground 1995:  Mel P Costello
Medieval Boreham: excavations at the former Buxted Chicken factory, Boreham 1992-93:  Stuart Foreman
Medieval kitchens in Essex:  D F Stenning
Stebbing church: vestry in chapel:  D D Andrews
A previously unknown medieval earthwork in Maldon: excavation behind the Moot Hall, 93 High Street, Maldon 1991:  R M J Isserlin & P Connell
St Mary, Maldon and St Martin-le-Grand, London:  W R Powell
The age of the Cressing field boundaries:  J M Hunter
New House Farm and Hungry Hall, Cressing: the disintegration of the Cressing Temple estate or a great rebuilding?:  P M Ryan, D F Stenning, I Tyers & D D Andrews
The arrangement of monuments and seating at St Andrew’s church, Earls Colne, during the 17th and early 18th century:  Ann Dolina MacKinnon
Work of the Essex County Council Archaeology Section, 1996: A Bennett (ed.)
Archaeology in Essex 1996:  A Bennett (ed.)
Historic Buildings Notes and Surveys 1996:  D D Andrews (ed.)
Church Miscellany 1996:  D D Andrews (ed.)
Shorter Notes:
Some ‘new’ Palaeolithic flint artefacts from metropolitan Essex:  Jonathon Cotton
A dispersed Middle Bronze Age hoard from Great Bromley:  P R Sealey
A Late Bronze Age hoard from Layer Marney:  P R Sealey
Two bronze hammers from Essex:  Nick Merriman & Barbara Wood
Two Roman ceramic spouted vessels from Essex:  T S Martin
Medieval remains at The Gardens, Pleshey:  Steve Godbold
The outer bailey ditch at Rayleigh Castle; observations at Bellingham Lane, Rayleigh, 1991:  Steve Godbold
Excavations at Houchins Farm, Coggeshall 1996:  Susannah Chapman & Vic Scott
The Ingatestone lock up:  James Kemble
The Dovecote at Hedingham Castle:  John McCann
Medieval and later activity at Thorne Close Avenue Estate, Leytonstone, North London:  Chris Jarrett
Survey and recording at Takeley railway station:  H Cooper-Reade
The Essex place-names project:  James Kemble
Book Reviews
Essex Bibliography

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Transactions Contents: 'Series 3' Volume 27

Essex Archaeology and History:  Volume 27 (1996)
Transactions of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History
(Out of stock)

A small Late Iron Age earthwork enclosure to woodland at Birch Spring, Highwood, Colchester: excavations, 1994:  Steve Godbold
Late Iron Age and Roman occupation at Hatfield Peverel: excavations at Sandford Quarry:   Jo Ecclestone & Richard Havis
A Roman site at the New Source Works, Castle Hedingham excavations 1992:   N J Lavender
Excavations at Angel Yard, High Street, Colchester, 1986 & 1989:  D Shimmin & G Carter
A Late Roman and Saxon settlement at Great Waltham:   S Tyler & N P Wickenden
The Vikings in Essex 871 – 917:   Ann Williams
A medieval farm and its landscape: excavations at Stebbingford Mill, Felsted 1993:  Maria Medlycott
Further light on the design of the Great Barns at Cressing Temple:   Adrian Gibson
A geometrical designer at Cressing Temple:  Laurie Smith
The count of St Pol in Essex and Kent:  the late J R Round, revised & completed by W R Powell
The typography and social structure of a small soke in the middle ages: The Sokens, Essex:   Rosamund Faith
More Maldon Wealdens: The origin and development of the Kings Head, Maldon High Street:  D D Andrews & D F Stenning
‘Temporal Blessings’: poor women’s employment in Essex: Pamela Sharpe
The enclosure of Old Heath Common 1811-18:  Patrick Denny  (view online: http://cat.essex.ac.uk/reports/EAS-report-0003.pdf )
Work of the Essex County Council Archaeology Section 1995:  A Bennett (ed.)
Archaeology in Essex 1995:  A Bennett & P J Gilman (eds.)
Historic Buildings Notes & Surveys
Church Miscellany
Shorter Notes:
Flint axe adze from Stock Road, Ingatestone:  Louise Austin
Mesolithic flint tranchet axe adze from Chelmsford:  Louise Austin
Cropmark of a possible long mortuary enclosure north of Rose Cottage, Chadwell St Mary:  D Strachan
Palstave from Stapleford Abbotts:  N Brown
Roman and medieval metal finds from north and west Essex:  H Major
A group of finds from the vicinity of the Noah’s Ark Roman villa at Brightlingsea, Essex:  T S Martin
Some recent finds of late Anglo-Saxon metalwork from Essex:  M J Cuddeford
The origins of ancient woodland and fishpond in Pound Wood, Thundersley, Essex:  R B Delderfield & S Rippon
Fragment of mortar from Sun Street, Waltham Abbey:  P M Ryan
Two medieval finger rings from Essex:  N P Wickenden & John Cherry
The 13th / 14th-century roof at Bradwell Hall, Bradwell-on-Sea:  John Walker
Medieval and post-medieval remains from Thaxted excavations at the rear of 23 Town Street, 1992:  Maria Medlycott
Shorter Notes
Book Reviews
Essex Bibliography

Transactions Contents: 'Series 3' Volume 26

Essex Archaeology and History: Volume 26 (1995)
Transactions of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History

A Late Bronze Age enclosure at Broomfield, Chelmsford:  Mark Atkinson
Early Iron Age settlement at Southend: excavations at Fox Hall Farm, 1993:  Jo Ecclestone
Analytical field survey at two Essex ‘hill forts’: South Weald Camp and Langdon Hills:  Raphael M J Isserlin
South Weald Camp – a probable late Iron Age hill fort: excavations 1990:  Maria Medlycott, Owen Bedwin & Steve Godbold
New light on the salt industry and Red Hills of prehistoric and Roman Essex:  P R Sealey
Roman Coggeshall II: excavations at ‘The Lawns’, 1989-93:  Raphael M J Isserlin
Excavations to the rear of 1-5 Sun Street, Waltham Abbey:  N Brown
The taking of venison in the forest of Essex 1198-1207:  David Crook
Settlement and farming patterns on the mid-Essex boulder clay:  J M Hunter
The fortunes of war: the military career of John, second lord Bouchier (d. 1400):  Michael Jones
Short studies in topography and family history:  The late J Horace Round, revised by W R Powell
A detached kitchen at Great Yeldham: excavation and building study at Old Post Office cottages, 1988-89:  Carl Crossan & the late P Christie
Beyond the ‘Morant canon’ II: some Essex parish historians:  W R Powell
The life and work of Fred Chancellor 1825-1918:  Anne Holden
Work of the Archaeology Section 1994:  A Bennett (ed.)
Archaeology in Essex 1994:  P J Gilman & A Bennett (eds.)
Shorter Notes:
Late Bronze Age hoard from Stumps Cross:  Nigel Brown
Archaeological assessment at Gosbecks farm, Colchester 1994:  H Brooks, S Benfield & S Garrod  (view online: http://cat.essex.ac.uk/reports/EAS-report-0004.pdf )
A Roman rural shrine at Boreham? A re-interpretation:  Colin Wallace
Finds from Stapleford Tawney / Stanford Rivers:  Hilary Major
A supporting-arm brooch from Henham:  Susan Tyler
A Barley Barn at Cressing – a possible method of construction:  Cecil Hewett
A medieval aisled barn at Fryerning: J V H Kemble
A lost Essex hospital; the college of St Mark at Audley End: D D Andrews
St Andrew’s Church, Hatfield Peverel:  Richard Havis
A late 16th-century gentleman’s house at Littlebury, Stanford Rivers:  D D Andrews, P Ryan & D F Stenning
Archaeology along the Horndon-Barking gas pipeline: the Essex section:  Vaughan Birbeck & Ian Barnes
Book Reviews
Essex Bibliography:  A Phillips & P R Sealey

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Transactions Contents: 'Series 3' Volume 25

Essex Archaeology and History: Volume 25 (1994)
Transactions of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History

Three Bronze Age torc fragments from Woodham Walter, Essex:  N D Meeks & G L Varndell
Later Bronze Age sites at Great Baddow and settlement in the Chelmer valley, 1500-500BC:  N Brown & N J Lavender
Archaeological fieldwalking in Essex, 1985-93: interim results:  Maria Medlycott & Mark Germany
Iron Age and Roman material from Birchanger, near Bishops Stortford: excavations at Woodside Industrial Park, 1992:  Maria Medlycott
Excavations at Osborne Street, Colchester:  D Shimmin
The Othona Community site, Bradwell-on-Sea, Essex: the extra-mural settlement:  Maris Medlycott
The Liberties of the Borough of Colchester:  The late J Horace Round
The Granary at Cressing Temple: D D Andrews, Tim Robey Pat Ryan & Ian Tyers
The constructive geometry in the design of the 13th-century barns at Cressing Temple: Adrian V B Gibson
Medieval and Tudor parks in the middle Chelmer Valley:  J M Hunter
Littley Park, Great Waltham – historical survey:  J M Hunter
The buildings of Littley Park:  Brenda Watkin
The Red Lion Hotel, Colchester:  D F Stenning
A lodging range at Newland Hall, Roxwell, Essex:  John Walker
Silas Taylor of Harwich (1624-78): Naval Affairs, Espionage, and Local History:  W R Powell
Gosfield Hall: a country estate and its owners 1715-1825:  J V Beckett
A Napoleonic coastal gun battery: excavations at Bathside Bay, Harwich 1990-91:  Steve Godbold
Tithe commutation maps of Essex:  A Stuart Mason
Work of the Essex County Council Archaeology Section, 1993:  A Bennett (ed.)
Archaeology in Essex, 1993:  P J Gilman (ed.)
Shorter Notes:
Palstave from Billericay:  N Brown
Early Iron Age occupation at Saffron Walden:  J Ecclestone
Roman road at Ingatestone:  J V H Kemble
Three Saxon brooches from Pishiobury, near Harlow:  Susan Tyler
Great Bardfield church unmasked: the Norman church beneath the 14th-century embellishment:  Howard Brooks & D D Andrews
Investigations at St Michael’s church, Great Sampford 1992:  Rapheal M J Isserlin
A medieval doorway at St Andrew’s church, Sandon, Chelmsford:  Rapheal M J Isserlin
The dovecote at Berechurch Hall, Colchester:  John McCann & Kenneth Robins
Some Essex mansions and estates lost but archives saved:  F G Emmison
Book reviews
Essex bibliography
Obituary: Hilda Elizabeth Poole Grieve B.E.M., B.A., F.S.A. (Scot.), F.R.Hist.S.  1913-93

Transactions Contents: 'Series 3' Volume 24

Essex Archaeology and History: Volume 24 (1993)
Transactions of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History

A ‘principia’ at Boreham: excavations 1990:  N J Lavender
Roman Braintree: excavations 1984-90:  R Havis
Excavations at Church Street, Waltham Abbey 1976-87: urban development and prehistoric evidence:  C F Clarke, M F Gardiner & P J Huggins
The age of hedgerows on a Bocking estate:  J M Hunter
Early domestic cross-wings:  D F Stenning
King John’s hunting-lodge at Writtle:  J M Hunter
The town clerks of medieval Colchester:  Stephen Alsford
The spire of All Saints’ Church, Maldon:  Elphin Watkin
Essex history from church plate:  The late J H Round
Beyond the ‘Morant canon’:  W R Powell
The noble household as a unit of employment:  J D Williams
Essex architects 1834-1914:  James Bettley
Work of the Essex County Council Archaeology Section 1992:  A Bennett (ed.)
Archaeology in Essex 1992:  P J Gilman (ed.)
Shorter Notes:
A Late Bronze Age and a medieval site near the A12 interchange, Springfield, Chelmsford:  P T Allen & N J Lavender
The investigation of cropmarks at Church Lane, Stanway, Colchester:  J Partridge
Roman pottery from Little Baddow:  N P Wickenden
Summary of finds reported to Chelmsford and Essex Museum 1988-92:  N P Wickenden
King John’s hunting-lodge, Writtle: excavations 1991:  J Ecclestone & K Reidy
Stondon Massey: St Peter and St Paul:  D D Andrews
A Tudor outbuilding at Copped Hall, Epping:  D D Andrews
The excavation of a lift shaft at Colchester Castle:  J Partridge
The Manningtree whodunit:  D D Andrews
Book Reviews
Essex bibliography (at February 1993):  A Phillips & P Sealey

Monday, 18 February 2013

Transactions Contents: 'Series 3' Volume 23

Essex Archaeology and History: Volume 23 (1992)
Transactions of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History

Mesolithic flints from Badger Hall, South Benfleet:  Ken Crowe
Early Iron Age settlement in Maldon and the Maldon burh: excavations at Beacon Green 1987:  Owen Bedwin
Two recently-discovered Roman buildings at Colchester:  S Benfield & S Garrod  (view online: http://cat.essex.ac.uk/reports/EAS-report-0001.pdf
Two rural medieval sites at Chignall St James: excavations 1989:  Howard Brooks
A medieval sgraffito-decorated mug from Mill Green:  Beverley Nenk
Mills and ferries along the lower Lea:  K R Fairclough
The noble household as a unit of consumption: the Audley End experience 1765-97:  J D Williams
John Horace Round and Victorian Colchester: culture and politics 1880-95:  W R Powell
The work of the Essex County Council Archaeology Section 1991:  Alison Bennett (ed.)
Archaeology in Essex 1991:  P J Gilman (ed.)
Shorter Notes:
Shafthole implements from Paglesham and Rivenhall:  Hazel Martingell & Simon Brice
An Early Bronze Age axe from North Shoebury:  Ken Crowe
A tanged chisel / leatherworking knife from Sheering, and prehistoric finds from the valley of the Pincey Brook:  N Brown & R Bartlett
Later Bronze Age loomweights from Essex:  P M Barford & H J Major
A pre-Boudican bath-building at Colchester:  E W Black
A Roman-period lamp from Thaxted and its context:  Colin Wallace & Howard Brooks
Anglo-Saxon metalwork from Little Braxted:  Susan Tyler
The archaeology of the Ongar sewage scheme pipeline:  Steven Wallis
The archaeology of two mains water pipelines in north Essex:  Steven Wallis
Medieval deposits on the banks of the Cornmill Stream, Waltham Abbey:  Steven Wallis
Medieval finds from the Post Office, High Street, Maldon:  M R Eddy, H J Major & H Walker
Tilty Abbey: a note on the surviving remains:  David Andrews & P J Gilman
A late medieval barn at Bocking Hall, Bocking:  David Andrews
Observations in West Street, Coggeshall:  Steven Godbold & David Andrews
Barling Windmill:  J P F Byford, P E Giles & J R Jackson
Book Reviews
Essex Bibliography (to March 1992):  A Phillips & P Sealey

Transactions Contents: 'Series 3' Volume 22

Essex Archaeology and History: Volume 22 (1991)
Transactions of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History

Some finds of the Bronze and Iron Ages in Essex:  Paul Sealey
Asheldham Camp – an early Iron Age hill fort: excavations 1985:  Owen Bedwin
Recent archaeological observations at Great Chesterford:  Howard Brooks & Steven Wallis
Early planned landscapes in south-west Essex:  Stephen Rippon
Sir John de Coggeshale: an Essex knight of the fourteenth century:  Jennifer Ward
Lionel de Bradenham and his siege of Colchester in 1350:  W R Powell
The Golden Fleece, Brook Street, South Weald:  Paul Gilman
Wills and religious mentality in Tudor Colchester:  Laquita Higgs
An archaeological sequence at the edge of Harlow marketplace:  David Andrews
Temple Mills as an industrial site in the seventeenth century:  K R Fairclough
Dutch cottages in Essex:  M R Eddy
Modern woodwork by H & K Mabbitt in Birdbrook church:  Christine Mabbitt
The work of the Essex County Council Archaeology Section 1990:  P J Gilman (ed.)
Excavations in Essex 1990:  P J Gilman (ed.)
Shorter Notes:
An early Flandrian peat in the Lea valley:  Owen Bedwin
A Neolithic adze from Harlow (Gilston):  H Martingell
An early Iron Age jar from North Shoebury:  Nigel Brown
Middle Iron Age decorated pottery from around the Thames estuary:  Nigel Brown
Maldon landfill site: excavations 1990:  Steven Wallis
A fragmentary medieval grave cover and the site of Waltham Walter church:  S Ainsworth et. al.
Bradfield, St Lawrence’s church: Paul Barford
Medieval pottery from Castle Hedingham:  Deborah Priddy
Pentlow Hall:  David Andrews
The extended intruded cross-passage:  D F Stenning
Excavations at Fairycroft House, Saffron Walden  1990:  Howard Brooks
Book reviews
Essex bibliography, 1991:  A Phillips & P Sealey (compilers)

Sunday, 17 February 2013

ESAH Sunday Series: Squire Tufnell

The final weekly entry in this Sunday Series, taken from a Commonplace Book written by Edward Henry Lisle Reeve in 1881, which was given to a member of this Society through contract from an Essex local history blog.

Squire Tufnell of Langleys, Great Waltham

Squire Tufnell, of Langleys, is always held up as the type of a perfect country gentleman. 

Squire Tufnell was a man of large mind – quite above the petty bickerings and cavillings of the many.  He would not patronize one of the two party newspapers in the town more than the other, but told the bookseller to send him regularly four copies of each saying that “he paid no attention to any of their squabbles”.

He would watch his men on a hot day in summer making the hay in the park in front of the house.  “Don’t they seem to poise rather?” he would say, pointing to the mechanical efforts made to balance cocks of hay on the fork by turn instead of giving them the zealous shaking they required. “I must go and stimulate them”.  And then he would send out some of the home brew’d to inspire new vigour.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Book Review: By Steamer to the Essex Coast

By Steamer to the Essex Coast.  Andrew Gladwell.  Amberley. 2012.  ISBN 978 1 4456 0376 6. 128 pages, illustrated (with an additional 16 pages in colour).  £14.99

Mention the ‘Waverley’ and the ‘Royal Daffodil’ to Essex folk of a certain age and they will wax lyrically about the golden age of the pleasure steamers which departed from Southend Pier for London or France.  This book taps into this nostalgia with an illustrated history since the 1820s, highlighting the heyday of the 1920s and 1930s, through to the present day.  “The evocative mix of sea air, polished brass, watching the Thames landmarks pass by, a walk along the pier and fish and chips and ice cream at Southend is still as popular as ever!”  The book is illustrated with contemporary photographs, posters and postcards of London and Essex resorts.  There are views aplenty of a raised Tower Bridge with steamers passing through (‘Royal Sovereign’ on pages 27 and 29; ‘Queen of The Channel’ (1963), page 31; ‘Queen of The South (1967), page 41) and of the same vessel (‘Medway Queen’, pages 84-87).  The scenes of Southend, the mention of a Rossi Ice Cream, the Pier through all its fires, the Peter Pan Playground will stir the timeless memories of all Essex people and visitors.

Friday, 15 February 2013

AHRC Anglo-Scottish Migration Project

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing from the University of Manchester regarding a project that is currently taking place in the Department of History. The project, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, is entitled ‘Anglo-Scottish Migration and the Making of Great Britain, 1603-1762’.
The primary aim of the project is to bring together people interested in migration between Scotland and England in this period, to assess how well (or not) Scots integrated into English society. It is our hope to enlist the expertise of members of local history societies and genealogical societies who would like to share their research and ideas.
There are two aspects of the project in particular that might interest your members. The first is that we are working to develop an interactive database (a wiki) with genealogical information of Scots who made their way to England in the 17th and 18th centuries. This will eventually be open access, however to ensure its ease of use and functionality we are initially adding the information ourselves. We would very much like to encourage members of local history and genealogical societies to send us information regarding Scots they have come across in their research, an in particular the types of sources in which they appear. This will greatly help us get the database up and running and will provide an invaluable resource for the future.
A second opportunity for your society to be involved would be to undertake a preliminary study of the role Scots played in your local communities between 1603 and 1762. If a member of your society is interested in doing this, we will be hosting a conference in 2014 to bring representatives of local genealogical and historical societies and academics from across the UK together to discuss the subject and to brainstorm how such research can contribute to all of our research interests.
We would ask that you communicate this twofold invitation to your members and encourage them to contact us if they would like more information. They can write to me at scott.spurlock@manchester.ac.uk. There is also additional information on our project website, which can be found here: http://www.angloscottishmigration.humanities.manchester.ac.uk
Many thanks for publicising our project to your members and we hope to hear from some of them soon.
With all good wishes,
Dr R. Scott Spurlock, FRHistS  FSA Scot
Research Associate in British/Scottish History
University of Manchester

ESAH Forum: Historical Association - Essex branch. Programme changes

Members of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History may be interested to know that there have been a couple of programme changes to the Historical Association's programme since publication of the Winter 2012 Newsletter.

Details are as follows:

Historical Association, Essex Branch

Programme  2012-2013


Talks on Saturdays, 2.30pm, The Link, Trinity Methodist Church, Rainsford Road, Chelmsford, CM1 2XB.
Free parking at the Church or in the County Council car-park opposite.
Visitors and prospective members warmly welcomed - a £2 donation requested.

Note changes for April and May from original programme

2013  9 March           Paula Kitching, freelance historian and educational consultant for the London Jewish Cultural Centre and the Royal British Legion:
Nazism and the Race War

13 April           Professor Jackie Eales, president of the Historical Association, professor of Early Modern History, Canterbury Christ Church University:
‘The Campden Wonder of 1662: the Murder and Miraculous
Deliverance of William Harrison’

11 May            Dr. Paul Rusiecki, historian of 20th-century Essex:
                        'Tree after tree, we fell them one by one’ : The Inter-war Struggle to Preserve the Essex Countryside

Essex Society for Archaeology and History: Newsletter Winter 2012

Members of the Essex Society for Archaeology receive a Newsletter three times a year. In the latest, Winter 2012, edition, the President, Mark Davies, writes about the leading antiquarian county historian Philip Morant. Other items include an essay on William Byrd (published elsewhere on this blog) and a number of shorter notes:
- Threshing for thatching straw
- Essex birds in 1999
- The shipwreck of Greensted's stained glass
- Crinkle crankle walls
- Creation of new Essex landscape
- Warreners' lodges
- Book Reviews
- Historical Assocation, Essex branch 2013

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Transactions Contents: 'Series 3' Volume 21

Essex Archaeology and History: Volume 21 (1990)
Transactions of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History

Obituary: K R Mabbitt
Caesar’s second invasion of Britain, Cassivellaunus and the Trinobantes:  E W Black
Salvage recording of Iron Age and Roman remains at Ickleton Road, Great Chesterford:  Carl Crossan, Martyn Smoothy & Colin Wallace
Late Iron Age and Roman Billericay: excavations 1987:  David Rudling
Domesday Book and feudal topography:  W R Powell
Harwich: its archaeological potential as revealed in excavations at George Street and Church Street:  David Andrews, Brian Milton & Helen Walker
Pottery from a late medieval kiln dump at 77 High Road, Rayleigh:  Helen Walker
Bailiffs and burgesses in Colchester 1400-1525:  T H Britnell
Wealth and family in early 16th-century Colchester:  Jennifer Ward
The work of the Essex County Council Archaeology Section 1989:  P J Gilman (ed.)
Excavations in Essex 1989:  P J Gilman (ed.)
Archaeological Notes:
A Neolithic Axe from Southend:  Ken Crowe
A shafthole adze from Blackmore:  N J Merriman
British chariotry and territorial oppida:  E W Black
A Roman site at Henham:  R Havis & M Medlycott
A supporting arm brooch from Springfield:  Susan Tyler
Asheldham church revisited:  David Andrews & M Smoothy
The site of the medieval hospital at Brook Street, Brentwood:  Steve Godbold
A seal from an imported French textile:  Geoff Egan
Book reviews
Essex bibliography 1990:  P Hills & A Phillips (compilers)

Transactions Contents: 'Series 3' Volume 20

Essex Archaeology and History: Volume 20 (1989)
Transactions of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History

A Roman rural site at Rayne, Essex: excavations 1987:  M D Smoothy
A valiant constable of Colchester Castle AD 1155:  C L Sinclair Williams
The textile industry in the late 12th and 13th century Essex: a study based on occupational names in charter sources:  Michael Gervers
An Essex Dunwich: the lost church of Little Holland Hall:  David Andrews & Howard Brooks
The hospital of St Leonard’s at Newport:  David Andrews & Bernard Nurse
Early brick chimney stacks:  D F Stenning
Wealden houses and urban topography at the lower end of Maldon High Street: David Andrews & D F Stenning
A late medieval cutlery manufacturing site at Weaverhead Lane, Thaxted:  David Andrews
Ashmans, Woodham Walter: a post-medieval house and its setting:  P M Ryan, M R Eddy & P J Gilman
The Witham hoard of 17th century tokens and George Robinson the issuer:  R H Thompson & Janet Gyford
Antiquarians in conflict: Philip Morant versus Richard Gough: W Raymond Powell
The work of the Essex County Council Archaeology Section 1988:  A Bennett & P J Gilman (eds.)
Excavations in Essex 1988:  P J Gilman (ed.)
Archaeological Notes:
Red Hills and New Hall Farm, Little Wigborough:  M R Eddy
Woodham Walter:  C R Wallace
Moulded stone from Little Coggeshall Abbey:  Stuart Rose
A post-medieval folding-knife from Metropolitan Essex:  David Gainster
Addendum to Volume 19:  Shirley Durgan
Book reviews:
Bibliography of Essex archaeology and history 1987-88:  P Hills, A Phillips & P R Sealey (compilers)