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Items Deposited at Essex Record Office by the Essex Society for Archaeology and History

Essex Society for Archaeology and History
Items deposited on permanent loan at Essex Record Office
ERO A14827

MS draft with printed version of the balance sheet for the year ending 31 Dec 1913.

Balance Sheets and. Statements of accounts for the calendar years 1961-65, 1968-57 and 1959-70.

Bank pass book, pp36, Round Green & Co., Jan 1876 - Oct 1893.

Bank pass book, pp43, Gurneys, Round, Green & Co. (later. Barclays), Nov 1893 - Jun 1901.

Bank pass book, pp8 used, Barclays Bank, referring to Library Fund., Apr 1938 - Nov 1949.

Deposit pass book, pp3 used, Barclays Bank Colchester, May 1960 - Mar 1962.

MS cash book, p162 used, used by Josiah Parrish whilst Collector for the Society Jul 1870-Dec 1892.

MS account book, pp38 used, Jan 1921-Dec 1927.

MS cash book, pp35 used, details of day to day income and expenditure 1934-40, details for the last year are incomplete.

MS ledger, pp36 used, General Fund account Jan 1949-Jan 1961.

MS account ledger, pp46, details of financial transactions Jan 1961-Dec 1965.

MS ledger, pp52, details of financial transactions Jan 1966- Dec 1969.

MS notebook in the hand of H Lewer containing:
pp3, list of subscribers to the Chancellor Memorial Screen Fund, closed 14 Dec 1918.
pp12, list of subscribers for, and details of expenditure on, 1923 Library Catalogue, with 3 related letters (loose), Jul 1922-Oct 1923.
pp1 minutes of the Library Catalogue Committee, Jul 17 and Oct 2 1922.

MS ledger, pp36 used, containing names of subscribers to:
Church Plate of Essex Oct 1923-May 1925.
General Index to Vols vi-xv of the Transactions Jan 1926- May 1927
A G Wright Testimonial Fund Jan-Mar 1927
Hollytrees Excavation Fund Nov 1927-Aug 1928
Library Appeal Fund Dec 1929-Mar 1930
Hollytrees Excavation Report Fund Mar-Nov 1931
Library Fund 1937
Colne Cartulary, not dated
Essex Record Society Jul-Sept 1931
Witham Excavation Fund May 1935.
Curling Testimonial, not dated

Part of MS cash book, pp22, Library Endowment Fund Accounts Jul 1938-Dec 1961; Trust Fund May 1938-Jun 1939.

Correspondence, balance sheets and bank pass book relating to the finances of the 'Elizabethan Feast' held with the Friends of Historic Essex, May-Dec 1961

Balance Sheet, correspondence, bank pass book and other papers relating; to the Benton Memorial Fund, and the erection of an oak door in the South Chapel of Fingringhoe Church. Mar 1962 - Mar 1969.

Correspondence and papers relating to a grant to the Archaeological Research Group Colchester towards the cost of the excavation of the Roman villa at Great Tey. May - Sept 1966.

MS book, pp75 used, lists of members' names and addresses arranged alphabetically, with details of subscriptions paid, resignations, deaths etc. 1866-83.

MS book, pp65 used, containing alphabetically arranged lists of members of the Society, with details of Subscriptions paid, resignations, deaths etc. 1884-97.

MS notebook, pp36, containing printed lists of members as on 31 Dec 1891, 1892, 1893 and 1895, with MS and TS amendments and additions to 1896.

Bound MS ledger, pp95 used, containing lists of members' names and addresses arranged alphabetically, with dates of election, subscriptions paid, resignations, deaths etc. 1905-1927.

MS exercise book, pp7, containing notes on changes in the membership, diary of Society activities, and copies of letters written by Rev T H Curling as Honorary Secretary, 1902-15.

MS book, pp56 used, containing lists of members arranged by year by election, and losses through resignation and death 1925-54.

Large MS ledger, pp269, labelled 'Essex Archaeological Society Register of Members'. Contains names and addresses of members arranged alphabetically with details of subscriptions paid, resignations, deaths etc. 1927-41.

Bound TS, pp40, list of members revised to Oct 1932.

MS ledger, labelled 'Essex Archaeological Society Register of Members', pp410, containing details of members (arranged alphabetically) - subscriptions paid, resignations, deaths etc. 1941-9, and including related loose letters.

MS cash book, pp143, listing members in order of paying subscriptions 1942-52, including notes on amounts paid etc.

74 MS letters of Nov 1909.-Jan 1917 addressed to W C Waller, Vice Treasurer, by various correspondents on aspects of the Society's business and its financial implications, The majority are from Rev T C Curling, Honorary Secretary. Together with copies of 5 out-letters and 1 in-letter, Jan-May 1910, correspondence between R Miller Christy and Fred Spalding &. Son Photographers, regarding the photographs of Killegrews for the illustration of a Transactions paper.

‘Stubs’ of official receipts for items given to the Society Jan 1894 - May 1897, 102 in all. Mainly for the Library, but other items as well.

'Stubs' of official receipts for items given to the Society Jun 1897 – Mar 1900, 101 in all. Mainly for the Library, but other items as well.

Book of 105 'stubs’ of official receipts for items donated to the Society, mainly to the Library, Mar 1917 - Jan 1921..

‘Stubs’ of 197 official receipts for books and manuscripts donated to the Society, 6 Feb 1921 - Oct. 1924.

'Stubs' of 196 official receipts for books and manuscripts donated to the Society, Oct 1924 - Feb 1927.

'Stubs' of 202 official receipts for books and manuscripts given to the Society, Mar 1927 - Jun 1934.

‘Stubs' of c190 receipts for books and manuscripts donated to the Society, with notes of further donations on the last 11 pages, Apr 1934 - Mar 1947.

Bound book of printed forms of acknowledgement for items presented to the Society, ordered at the Council Meeting at Thaxted 28 Jul 1864. Extant 30 copies of receipts for items donated to the Library 8 Apr 1965 - 15 Nov 1971.

MS accession book, pp200, containing details of exchange periodicals, arranged in alphabetical sections, in use Oct 1923 - Dec 1940.

MS exercise book, pp16, accession register, chiefly of exchange publications, Feb 1941 - Jun 1954.

MS exercise book, pp20, Library book accession register Jul 1954 - Jan 1965.

Index of library acquisitions 1963-1994

Index of library acquisitions (Journals) 1994-2000

Library accessions & cash book 1972-2000

MS book pp58 used containing 'List of Donations to the Essex Archaeological Society as recorded in Vols. 1 to 5 First Series and Vols. 1 to 9 Second Series of the Transactions (Apr 1853 - May 1905). Extracted by Henry Laver FSA. December 1st 1908'.

Three MS lists of books compiled from old accession books, comprising donations to the Society Mar 1855 – Mar 1893, and books presented to the Corporation Museum, Aug 1846-Feb 1898, compiled by A G Wright, the latter in Nov 1908.

Printed book accession register, pp5 used, containing details of books donated to the Society Mar 1853 – Mar 1890, copied from issues of the Transactions to Vol V New Series by P G Laver, c-1930. Included loose are stubs of 22 receipts for books and other items donated to the Society Jun 1865- Aug 1886.

Printed Catalogue of Books, Pamphlets, Periodicals, MSS and Scraps Collection in the Library of The Essex Archaeological Society, compiled by W H Dalton 1895. Colchester:

Bound, indexed book, containing the 1895 Library Catalogue, cut into slips and pasted in on relevant pages, with gaps for expansion.  One or two marginal pencil notes only.

MS list of ‘Books, papers & c. handed to Mr G F Beaumont to the Curator of the Society’s Museum’, Apr 1905 (? or 3).

Bound MS notebook, pp29 plus index, pp27, containing a list of all books and manuscripts given to the Society’s Library, and recorded in the Transactions, New Series Vol. XIII to XIX, compiled by C R Smallwood, no date.

Two interleaved copies of the printed Catalogue of Books, Pamphlets, Periodicals, Manuscripts & Scrap Collections in the Library of the Essex Archaeological Society, 1923, pp32.  Also (2) Archives added to EAS collection after publication of 1923 catalogue: compiled from Transactions lists (1923-1945), pp4.

MS list, pp6, in P G Laver’s handwriting, of accessions to the Library - to an unspecified date after the publication of the 1923 Catalogue. MS list, pp1, of books sent, to the Society by Miss King, 8 Feb 1894.

Bound MS book, pp11 used, listing the contents of 112 parcels of books from the Library stored at a house in West Mersea, and removed to Colchester in Mar 1941, after the death of P G Laver,

MS exercise book, pp40, containing a list by Rev M Benton of MSS, books, and engravings from the estate of Wykeham Chancellor, removed to Holly Trees Apr 1946.

Collection of MS and TS slips and lists representing various catalogues or partial catalogues of the EAS Library and manuscripts, many (but not all) in the handwriting of P G Laver. 6 bundles and folders.

MS exercise book, used, containing two lists of antiquarian books, one the property of the EAS, and the other the Corporation of Colchester. Not dated; presumably relates to the Library in the Castle, c1880.

Collection of MS and TS slips, 1980s.

List of Library furniture and related items, with notes of its source and value to Feb 1963; TS, pp3, 'Specification for internal painting walls and repairs' Jan 1963, with 2 plans of EAS Library and other rooms as existing Feb 1963, with proposed arrangement of bookshelves on 2nd floor of Hollytrees, and elevations of bookshelves in Library 1.

Invoice for supply of steel shelving and cabinet, Sept 1963 and Nov 1964.

Bound MS notebook, pp9 used, containing details of volumes of exchange periodicals bound 1927-Jul 1935, including (loose) 10 items of related correspondence, and details of prices charged for the work.

Duplicate book, pp19 used, record of books sent for binding Nov 1966-Oct 1970.

Bibliographic extract report 1993 (Computer alphabetical printout)

Society Visitor's Book, pp1 only used, containing 10 names, Sept 1929-Sept 1931.

Bound volume of application forms for the use of books in the Society's Library, 27 used, May 1931-Mar 1934. Both stubs and submitted slips retained.

MS register, pp25 used, of admissions to the Library Mar 1965-Dec 1974.

Bound MS book, pp21 used, containing a record of books borrowed from the Library Apr 1908 – Apr 1930.

Bound MS book, pp88 used, containing a record of books borrowed from the Library Oct 1929 - Jun 1956.

MS exercise book, p120, Library Borrowing Register Apr 1956 - Feb 1961.

MS book, pp46, Library Borrowing Register Jun 1960 - Jan 1970.

Exercise book; lending list of library books 1970-1986

Borrowers’ register 1986-2000

Folder of correspondence, list, and notes handed over by John Sims on relinquishing the Honorary Librarianship in 1974. Includes (1) Library Permits List 1965 – 71; (2) Boyd’s Marriage Index; (3) Correspondence relating to Oxoniensia; (4) Correspondence relating to Archdeaconry transcripts; (5) Exchange Publications; (6) Letters regarding deposit to material at ERO, 1973/74 (removed and filed under S/ARC/3/1); (7) Brass Rubbings on loan from Essex Archaeological Society, 10.4.1967; (8) Inventory of Stock Room.

7 folders of correspondence and notes, of Peter Boyden as Honorary Librarian May 1974 - Jun 1980, c250 items. Accessions to ERO removed.  Folder A.  May to Dec 1974. Includes a letter from the Museum, 29.8.74, acknowledging receipt to the Girling collection; letters from Stephen Freeth regarding the EAS collection of brass rubbings.  Folder B. 1975.  Includes letter from K Newton, County Archivist, 12.2.1975, “The Ellis Armorial (temp acc. 959) … I should … be happy to retain it on a more permanent basis.  It would seem sensible that the Chancellor papers should come here … The Laver papers would seem an appropriate deposit in our Colchester branch.”  Letter K Newton, 16.7.1975, “microfilming ERO [parish register] transcripts.” Numerous strongly worded letters from Mr Whitehead objecting to making copies of same, and responses.  Folder C. 1976. Includes letter from Stephen Freeth, 24.1.1976, re exhibition of EAS brasses at Harlow Museum.  Folder D. 1977.  Includes letters re Bocking United Charities – Holmes & Hill, 21.3.1977, “to ascertain whereabouts of old deeds”.  Folder E. 1978. Includes TS sheet on EAS Library contents by PBB, 21.8.1978.  “Manuscripts. Most of the Society’s collection is on loan at ERO. … Brass Rubbings. … Photographs. “A collection of prints, lantern slides and negatives covering churches, historic buildings, artefacts, and excavations chiefly in Essex”.  Folder F. 1979.  Includes letter from Chelmsford Excavation Committee, undated, re Morant Club Papers on “castle bailey ditch, on the site of the War Memorial in Colchester” in 1922.  Letter from Stan Newens, House of Commons, 21.9.1979, acknowledging receipt of Vol. 8 of Transactions.  Programme for ‘Seminar on the life and work of John Horace Round (1854-1928). Saturday 29 September 1979’. Folder G. Jan to May 1980.  

Buff folder. Librarian’s correspondence – Andrew Phillips.  Accessions to ERO removed. Comprises (1) valuation of library stock for insurance 1995; (2) photocopy NL April 1990 p10-11; (3) letters regarding exchange publications – several; (4) Millatt Gift; (5) Annual Report for 1995; (6) Exchange Publications addresses 1985; (7) and 1.1.04; (8) and 31.12.04; (9) Colchester BC re. Hereford Mappa Mundi, 29.1.2000; (10) Oxford University Archives re Botanic Garden plan c1834, 14.3.03; (11) Periodicals in the Colchester and Essex Museum Roman History Library; (12) Chester Archaeological Society, 7.12.01; (13) Letter to Mrs Brittain re books donated, 18.12.02; (14) Essex Field Club re illustrations in Field Systems, 31.8.05; (15) Notes for explorers of family trees, especially C18 and later, compiled by John Bensusan-Butt; (16) photocopy of ‘A Catalogue of Books on Archaeology and Natural History presented to the Colchester Museum, by the Rev Henry Jenkins, B.D., F.G.S., Rector of Stanway, A.D. 1870’; (17) Note on Probert MSS; (18)  correspondence with Castle Bookshop, 8.1.86; (19) correspondence re the sale of antiquarian books by the public library, 10.7.84; (20) leak in Hollytrees Museum roof; (21) Report on co-operation between the Libraries of the Colchester Museum and ESAH, Dr Paul R Sealey, 16.6.94; (22) Sale of transactions and EAH, 31.7.99 – now superseded; (23) Essex Union List of Serials (EULOS): holdings for ESAH, 10.2.05; (24) yellow card; (25) Letter from Ken Neale re Milbournes; (26) label: G Ryder & Co Ltd; (27) Letter regarding Appleby MSS (28) list of maps etc; (29) papers relating to ‘EAS Library Water Damage’, 1985; (30) Library Fund, 1998; (31) EULOS January 1995, with print out; (32) black plastic folder relating to A.B.D. Doncaster valuation of Library; (33) envelope re. King and Pitsea Church; (34) two ESAH car stickers. (B) Spiral bound book. EULOS Essex Union List of Serials. No 34 Autumn 1988. Essex Libraries.

Correspondence between Librarian and Tony Doncaster (Castle bookshop), 1980s. Includes ‘Valuation by the late Tony Doncaster, March 1985. Books and sundry comments’

Sale catalogue Bloomsbury book auction 1995 + invoice + correspondence; ? relates to T Doncaster not ESAH

Blue folder. Librarian’s correspondence – Andrew Phillips.  Accessions to ERO removed.  Comprises (1) Computer print out of Exchange Publications, 21.9.99; (2) Association of Industrial Archaeologists, price list; (3) Note: Jane Wilson, bookbinder; (4) Items placed in storeroom by “Ray”, 23.1.96; (5) East of London Family History Society: permission to transcribe Frogleys manuscript, 28.2.99; (6) Letter Paul Buxton about Castle House, Ongar, 6.2.94; (7) Victoria County History: permission to use photographs, 26.8.93; (8) Harsnett Brass Rubbing: confirmation from ERO that it holds copy loaned by Society, 21.10.92; (9) Books offered to Library, 28.2.91; (10)  also, 24.7.90; (11) regarding photograph taken at Castle in 1907, 5.2.89; (12) Braintree DC re Britannia vol 15, 18.8.87; (13) VCH loan of material, 1.8.88; (14) Abberton and Langenhoe Parish Council on unknown whereabouts of Vestry Minutes to 1893 for the parish, 25.8.87; (15) Landesamt fur Archaologie, re exchange publications, undated; (16) Contents lists from Transactions; (17) Colchester Archaeological Reports: scheme of publication as envisaged in early 1985; (18) Sale of surplus publications.

Buff folder. Librarian’s correspondence – Andrew Phillips. Includes: (1) list of books pp8 for sale; (2) sale of old stock, EAS Newsletter April 1990; (3) correspondence with kindred organisations, particularly exchange publications; (4) Millatt Gift; (5) Hereford Mappa Mundi photograph, 26.1.2000; (6) photocopy: “A Catalogue of Books on Archaeology and Natural History’ presented to the Colchester Museum by the Rev. Henry Jenkins, B.D., F.G.S., Rector of Stanway, A.D. 1870; (7) Report on cooperation between the Libraries of the Colchester Museum and the ESAH; (8) EULOS 10.2.2005; (9) List of maps etc.

Orange folder.  Items curated by Boyden.  Accessions to ERO removed.  Comprises: (1) Preliminary checklists of material not on open shelves, 1986 – now obsolete; (2) Publicity for the Society through Essex Libraries; (3)  Issue of the latest volume of Transactions to Newly Joined Members; (4) Essex Archaeological and Historical Congress; (5) Library and Records Committee responsibilities, September 1984; (6) List of early books removed to the stock room with temporary shelf numbers – now obsolete; (7) EAS Library Notes for users; (8) EAS Student Members 1984, and Members Interests; (9) Important list of Deposits at Stanwell House, as reported to Council, 26.10.85; (10) As S/ARC/1/2; (11) Exchange Memberships, August 1985; (12) Photocopying of archaeological material for research and educational purposes, CBA; (13) brown envelope: stock of EAS transactions and sale of same, Sellers; (14) brown envelope: List finalises cataloguing of Colchester Gas Books – now at Essex Record Office; (15) Parish Register transcripts and allied material; (16) EAS Catalogue of Acts of Parliament and Bills (17) Boyden Lists Nos 2, 3, 4., as S/ARC/1/1.


MS report, pp5, with covering letter, on the Society's Library by Vincent B Redstone, compiled Nov 1918.

MS notice advising of the opening of Library 2 on 8 Mar 1965, with brief notes on the arrangement and accessibility of the collection.

Photocopies TS list, pp9, of books considered for disposal from the Library, Spring 1974.

Binder.  MS. Disposals List.  Books considered for disposal c1994

Monday, 12 February 2018

Orchards East. Essex Launch. Sunday 25 March 2018

Essex Launch 
Sunday 25th March, 10.00am — 3.30pm 
Marks Tey Village Hall, Old London Rd, Marks Tey, Colchester C06 1EJ and Crapes Fruit Farm 

Orchards East is an exciting new environmental and cultural project covering six counties in the East of England — Bedfordshire Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk. 

Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Landscape Group in the School of History at the University of East Anglia (UEA) is undertaking a three year project to research, conserve and promote the region's orchards, their legacy and their future. It builds on work by partner organisations including Suffolk Traditional Orchard Group, the East of England Apples and Orchards Project, and Essex Wildlife Trust. 

A collaborative project working with existing county orchard groups, other interested organisations and orchard owners, Orchards East hopes to stimulate interest and engage a wide range of new volunteers in all things orchard. Amongst other things the project will: 
• Survey and record the history of orchards across the region; 
• Identify surviving sites and record new orchards; 
• Research the history of fruit growing in the region; 
• Undertake surveys of the biodiversity and wildlife of orchards; 
• Help restore important old orchards and create new community orchards; 
• Simply celebrate and enjoy orchards, past, present and future! 

The launch of Orchards East in Essex will involve a morning of short presentations to explain more about the project and how to get involved. Presentations will include: 
'Orchards; what they are & where they come from' Paul Read, Chair, Suffolk Traditional Orchard Group 

`Mapping Orchards in Essex' Lorna Shaw, Essex Wildlife Trust 
`Historical orchard research, an introduction' Tom Williamson, Professor of Landscape History, UEA 
`The origins of D'Arcy Spice' Neil Wiffen, Historian and Hon. Ed Essex Journal 

`Orchards East's activities and how to get involved' Howard Jones, Orchards East Project Manager 
The morning presentations will be followed by a guided tour of the orchards at Crapes Fruit Farm. This will be led by Andrew Tann, whose family have been growing fruit at the farm for three generations, and Paul Read. 

Over lunch (please bring your own!), there will be an opportunity to talk, look at stands and displays and hopefully taste something fruity! Tea, coffee and juice provided. 

This is a FREE event but booking is required. If you would like to find out more about the project or come along to the launch, please book a place by contacting: gen@orchardseastorg.uk or visit www.orchardseast.org.uk  

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Historical Association Talk: Saturday 10 February 2018

Please could you publicise an upcoming talk?
 Female Secret Agents in the Second World War

The Essex Branch of the Historical Association will be holding a talk on Saturday 10th February, 2018 at 2.30pm at the Trinity Methodist Church, Rainsford Road, Chelmsford, CM1 2XB entitled: ‘Carve her Name with Pride: Female Secret Agents in the Second World War’ by Dr Juliette Pattinson (Head of the School of History at the University of Kent).

Dr Juliette Pattinson is a socio-cultural historian with particular expertise in the Second World War. She has published widely on partisan warfare (War in a Twilight World; Behind Enemy Lines; Secret War) and on Britain in the Second World War (Men in Reserve; British Cultural Memory; Fighting for Britain). She is currently engaged in editing a book on British male culture in the Second World War and is writing a book on the women of the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry.

Visitors and prospective members warmly welcome
Debbie (publicity Essex HA)