Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Essex Society for Archaeology and History: Newsletter Spring 2013

Members of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History received their thrice-yearly copy of the Newsletter a few weeks ago. This, the Spring 2013, edition, No 169, includes:
 - a letter from the President, which includes reference to the forthcoming Industrial Archaeology conference at the Essex Record Office on 6 July; 
- our online presence, already reported on this site;
- the appeal from the University of Manchester on Scottish migrants, 1603-1762;
- the Plume Lecture, held last November, 2012, about the libraries of the National Trust;
- book reviews; 
- 'Essex Review' reviewed, recalling the long-running journal from 1892 to 1957; 
- 'The Enemies of Books'
- CBA East Group report
- News from the Essex Record Office, celebrating its 75th anniversary this year
- New killer stalks Essex woods: notes on ash die back
- Essex seen from elsewhere
- Notice of the International Medieval Congress, to be held at the University of Leeds, 1-4 July (contact www.leeds.ac.uk/ims/imc/imc2013.html )
- John Macky's account of Essex
- Historic Building Courses: the repair and conservation of flint walling, to be held at Hadstock
- Ale and Hearty: an exhibition on the history of pubs and breweries in Chelmsford, at the Chelmsford Museum, until 15 September 2013

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