Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Essex's Industrial Archaeology. The President writes ...

G Mark R Davies, our President, writes the following in the latest edition of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History Newsletter:

"Last summer our Society was pleased to be able to help with the production of Tony Crosby's new 'Guide to the Industrial Archaeology of Essex'.  This excellent booklet was specially commissioned to coincide with the annual conference of the Association for Industrial Archaeology being held at Writtle, an immediate consequence of which was the realisation that, unlike many counties, Essex has no recognised organisation for those who wish to follow their interest in this aspect of Archaeology. 

"Initial soundings were therefore made about the possible formation of a countywide specialist group for Industrial Archaeology.  These indicated plenty of scope and potential interest for rectifying the omission.  However, with so many archaeological and historical societies already active in the county it was generally thought preferable not to add to their number, but rather to find some other means of achieving the proposed objective. 

"Council has been fully supportive of this initiative put forward by Adrian Corder-Birch and others, and in March he was invited with Tony Crosby and David Morgans to attend our meeting to discuss the matter in more detail.  The solution which we proposed and which has been agreed is effectively for a sub-group of this Society to be formed with an additional committee to deal with matters relating to Industrial Archaeology.  New members who join ESAH with a particular interest in the subject will receive all the normal benefits of full or associate membership, while for existing members it is felt that there will be a significant gain from the Society's interests and activities being developed in this way.

"On Saturday 6 July 2013 a one-day conference is to be held at the Essex Record Office on the theme of 'Essex's Industrial Archaeology.'  It is proposed to take advantage of the occasion to launch the new arrangements at this conference."

Booking details are as follows: 

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