Monday, 9 October 2017

esah1852.org.uk PENTLOW is Coming

The new website for the Essex Society for Archaeology and History will be officially launched this coming Saturday. 

The Research section of the Society's new website www.esah1852.org.uk will include ...

Publications & Archives Page

Welcome to PENTLOW, the Essex Society for Archaeology and History’s online publications and archives library.  We have been publishing articles large and small of historical and archaeological interest relating to Essex since 1858. From this page you will find an increasing number of articles free of charge online.  Other items may be purchased as hard copy offprints or part volumes, or viewed online at a nominal charge.  PENTLOW is also the name of a small village in the north of the county of Essex so it seems an appropriate name for this archive.

PENTLOW is an acronym for:
P: Place Names Project of Essex
E:  Essex Society for Archaeology and History archive
N: Newsletter archive
T: Transactions of the Society since 1858
L: Links to other archives
O: Occasional Papers
W: Wealth of Resources - which includes links to the Essex Record Office, and other organisations

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