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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Roman Arcade in Colchester Displayed: Note on Previous Excavations

Colchester Archaeological Trust’s one-day display of the Monumental Roman Arcade which acted as the gateway to the Temple of Claudius (on 13 February 2016, at 97 High Street, Colchester) had attracted over 650 members of the public by lunchtime.  The site will be glazed over by its owners, Flying Trade Group plc, opening a cafĂ© on the ground floor site this summer.  The largest Arcade in Britain was originally discovered in the 1930s. Excavations had previously been carried out on the Kent Blaxill site in 1953, published in the Society’s Transactions (New Series, Vol. 25, pp24-61) and on the neighbouring plot at 98-99 High Street in 1964, also published by the Society (Third Series, Vol. 3, pp115-130). 

The illustration is taken from M. R. Hull's report.

Further reading:
Hull, M.R. ‘The South Wing of the Roman ‘Forum’ at Colchester: Recent Discoveries’ (TEAS, n.s. 25, 1955)

Hebditch, Max. ‘Excavations on the South Side of the Temple Precinct at Colchester, 1964’ (TEAS, Third Series 3, 1971)

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