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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Essex Dove Houses (4)

Recent references to dovecotes in Essex Archaeology and History
   Fingringhoe  35.240, 241–2, 241. Shorter note on ‘A tower at Fingringhoe’ by John McCann, “175 metres south-east of Fingringhoe Hall”. The item includes the illustration from Smith (1931).
   Fyfield  37.161: at Fyfield Hall Barns, “the earliest buildings are a Grade II listed early-mid 16th century dovecote that was converted to a granary in the 17th century”
   Halstead  38.180
   Little Braxted  31.219; 37.103, 107: ‘A medieval detached kitchen at Little Braxted Hall’ by Bond, Walker and Andrews, mentions later use as a dovecote.
   Monument Protection Programme  31.201, 201, 202.
   Newport  38.182–3: mention of later 18th century dovecote at Shortgrove Hall Farm – “were as much ornamental as an actual source of food”
   Saffron Walden  35.161: Dovecote at St Aylotts proved undateable in dendrochronology
   South Weald  38.186
   survey  34.221
   Wenden Lofts  31.201, 201, 202 Within item on ‘Monumental Protection Programme’ are two illustrations of the dovecote at Wendon Lofts “which has exceptional preservation of internal features, including a fine array of wooden nest boxes”.
   West Thurrock  40.55

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