Monday, 15 September 2014

Medieval and Early Modern Essay Prize

Members of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History attended a meeting of BALH last weekend, and picked up the following information. 

Medieval and Early Modern Essay Prize
The British Association for Local History hopes to encourage the publication of articles on medieval and early modern topics in its quarterly refereed journal, The Local Historian. It is therefore holding an annual competition with a prize of £150 for the best essay submitted for potential publication in the journal. Entries may be submitted by anybody but we especially hope to encourage contributions from postgraduates working on Master’s or Doctoral theses.
Any topic from the period (approximately) 600 AD to 1600 will be considered, but it is important that the essay or article should be accessible to a wider readership of local historians. We welcome articles which are general in character while using local examples or case-studies, and articles on sources and their interpretation are also encouraged.
Entries should be a maximum of 7500 words, and should not have been published or offered for publication elsewhere. They may be submitted at any time but the judging by a panel of experts will take place each July. It is expected that the winning entry will be published in the October issue of The Local Historian.

For more information about the British Association for Local History and The Local Historian, please visit our website at balh.co.uk and for more details of the essay competition contact the editor, Dr Alan Crosby (agcrosby@waitrose.com)
Entries should be submitted as an email attachment (which is preferred) or hard copy to
Dr Alan Crosby, Editor (The Local Historian), 77 Wellington Street, Preston PR1 8TQ

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