Friday, 5 September 2014

High House Purfleet is next Society Visit

On Wednesday 17 September the Essex Society for Archaeology and History will be visiting High House in Purfleet. 

High House Manorial Farmstead is a Grade II listed historic Essex farmstead in Purfleet, with a large brick built dovecote.  Because of its size and rarity the dovecote has been classified a Scheduled Ancient Monument.  The farmstead was built in the mid 16th century and the house was built of timber in 1552 and rebuilt in brick in the late 17th century.  The oldest original building is the two-storey Coachman's Cottage, which was previously a brewhouse. Stables date from the late 18th / early 19th century, Granary dated between 1874 and 1896, Essex Barn built around 1898.  Romano-British burials have been discovered back nearly 1700 years next to High House.  One notable occupant was Samuel Whitbread of the brewing fame.  Also on the complex is the Royal Opera House scenery and set building workshop.  

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