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Sunday, 25 March 2018

Newsletter (Spring 2018)

Although the weather has not looked much like Spring, all members of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History received their 24-page Spring 2018 Newsletter (NL185) a fortnight ago. Included in this edition:
- From The President
- Beryl Board Obituary
- New Membership Secretary: Martin Stuchfield
- Halstead Heritage Museum Open
- Chelmsford Museum Redevelopment
- Sir Humphrey Mildmay of Danbury's Missing Diary
- English Greeting Customs
- Richard Symonds: An early collector of Essex historical material
- Symonds Essex Church Notes
- The Rise and Fall of Writtle Brewery 1750-1920
- Another Grangerised Copy of Salmon's History of Essex
- Nicholas Tindal's Work as a Translator
- London's Fourth Airport
- The Society Archives
- Further Concerns at Wimbish
- Insulation Time Bomb for Old Buildings?
- Reducing Fire Risk in Thatched Buildings
- The Concealed Revealed Project
- Orchards East
- Round Mounds Project
- Colchester Archaeological Trust Prepares Peter Froste's Exhibition: Tuesday 27 March to Saturday 28 April 2018
- Yet another Killer Threat: Xylella Fastidiosa
- Reader's Letter
- Events in Essex
- Book Review. Letters from Leigh. Edited by Ann Brooker, Jennifer & Ed Simpson, Pat Wood.
- Books for Sale.  Essex Review.  Essex Full of Profitable Thinges

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